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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Here’s Confirmation that the Sectarians and the Tea Party aren’t Wrapped Tightly Enough…

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Read this:


Get your mind right! If you still support the Tea Party after this, you’re hopeless. For God’s sake, General Petraeus begged this ignorant scummer not to do this… it would put American troops in harm’s way unnecessarily. “International Burn a Koran Day”… and that WASN’T condemned by the Tea Party. This is truly too much… it’s why I have NO respect whatsoever for Rod Dreher, Terrence Mattingly, and all their loud konvertsy hangers-on. They support the Tea Party and its hatemongering agenda. They both stand condemned by Archbishop Mark Golovkov:

People who speak poorly of Islam can hardly be called Christians. These are people for whom Christianity, even if it was the religion of their fathers, has ceased to be the focal point of their lives and the values they communicate and assert in the public square. In fact, anti-Islamic sentiment is provoked by people who could easily change the vector of their attack and spearhead an assault against Christianity.

Sectarians aren’t Christians, and this episode proves it for all comers, even the slow learners. We should have nothing to do with such slimers and their movements. Oh… I forgot… according to Messrs Neomoianu and Stokoe, America is a shining beacon to the world… “head and shoulders above the rest of the world”. I’ve had it with affluent effluent konvertsy trying to link the Church with laissez faire neoliberal elements. The USA has the stingiest social welfare system amongst the industrialised states (a friend of mine had to have surgery and they received no “sick time”… that’s “freedom” for ya!). Reflect on the fact that the Tea Party wants to CUT that… and Mattingly, Dreher, Paffhsausen, Stokoe, Matthewes-Green, et al all smile idiot grins of approval. It’s not Christian in the least, and I’m NOT going to be “silent” or “nice” about it. Excuse me whilst I hurl! I know that the world is often crank and nasty… but this is too much of a muchness.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Albany NY


A Rally in Kabul Protested the Planned Burning of the Koran by American Sectarians

The US military command in Afghanistan believes that proposed public burning of the Koran by a (Sectarian) group in Florida would jeopardise the lives of American soldiers and undermine all military efforts to stabilise the situation in the region. According to General David Petraeus, such a burning of the scriptures of Islam “is just what the Taliban are waiting for, they’ll use it for propaganda purposes”. He emphasised that such an action might entail “considerable problems not only in Afghanistan, but wherever the USA deals with Islamic communities”. On the same day, hundreds of Afghans took to the streets of Kabul to protest the intention of a (Sectarian) group in Gainesville FL to burn the Koran. The protesters chanted, “Death to America!” “Leaders” at the church stated that their action is to mark the ninth anniversary of the [9/11] terrorist attacks against the United States, which led to the deaths of nearly 3,000 people. A similar rally occurred at the US embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia.

7 September 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

If you needed proof of the rabid nature of the Tea Party… here, it is. No leader of the Tea Party has spoken against this idiocy… maybe, one shall now that it’s attracted attention. However, this is clear. You can stand with the Tea Party or you can stand with Archbishop Mark GolovkovA genuine Christian believer will never mock the religious values of other religions even if this is not his faith, his values, or his God. Any questions?


Lithuanian President Grybauskaitė: Lithuania was an American Puppet State

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Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė (1956- ) tells it like it is… America petulantly stamped its boot on the necks of countries around the world… and the Tea Party wants that to continue (and expand). Think on THAT.


Now, Lithuania, like Europe, faces a choice as to which of two roads it shall choose… shall we aid the folks with lower incomes or shall we not? We should be very well aware of this. Yes, we should also promote business, but that’s a lower priority.

Dalia Grybauskaitė

President of Lithuania

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė said that, in previous years, Lithuania was subservient to US foreign policy. She believes that, today, America remains an important partner of Lithuania as regards security within NATO, but neither the USA nor Russia shall dictate policy decisions to Lithuania. “The USA remains an important partner in security and within NATO, but Lithuania shall not implement foreign policy dictates from either the USA or Russia. Lithuania shall implement its own independent foreign policy”, President Grybauskaitė said in a televised interview. Asked whether she could say that Lithuania was previously a puppet state of the USA, she replied, “In practical terms, I would say yes”.

7 September 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

President Grybauskaitė was elected in a landslide, winning 68 percent of the vote. She’s known as the “Iron Lady” for her blunt speech, she’s a black belt in karate (does it surprise you that she’s on good terms with VVP, who’s a black belt judoka?), and she speaks Russian, English, Polish, and French, besides her native Lithuanian. From 1983 until 1990, she was a member of… the Communist Party of the USSR! Oh, the horror! Oh, the humanity!

The USA had secret CIA-run torture facilities in Lithuania under previous régimes. They were kept secret from Congress and the people. Note well that Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, et al did not (and do not) cavil at this. They defend it, and would do so again in future, if they felt threatened. Think on this… in the past they tortured foreign subjects with impunity; in future, WE might be the targets of such. The Tea Party (and its backers such as Murdoch and the Kochs), do NOT have any problem with torture per se… they showed that by their acceptance of these prisons. God bless the Lithuanians for throwing the nihilistic godless American bastards out.

In any case, President Grybauskaitė’s the daughter of an electrician and shop assistant, and she hasn’t forgotten her roots. That’s in contrast to many American suburbanites, who came from similarly modest beginnings, but who are self-seeking and self-absorbed filth. “Give me lower taxes… if the poor suffer, who cares! They’re not in my neighbourhood. Anyway, if they were any good, they’d work hard and be like me. They’re all lazy…” That’s what the Tea Party believes…

You can stand with President Grybauskaitė or you can stand with the Tea Party… choose well.


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