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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Romanticism of the Tea Party… Interesting Sound Bites… But is it any Way to Govern a Modern Society?

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THIS is the cause of the current economic depression… the Tea Party wants to continue tax cuts for the rich, eliminate social spending, continue foreign wars, and discriminate against American Muslims… any questions? Remember… “Only the little people pay taxes”… gotta pay those country club dues!


There has been much noise in the mainstream media about the unstoppable nature of the so-called Tea Party movement. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we have seen to date is the success of a well-financed bloc in primary elections. One must note that the Tea Party has not won a single general election.

Firstly, the Tea Party is not a generalised and well-spread body. Rather, it’s primarily composed of white small-state Sectarians (with some social conservative Catholics in the Northeast). Much was made by inexperienced journalists of Carl Pallodino’s victory in the New York State primary for the GOP nomination for Governor. In New York, the party enrolment figures are skewed according to region, that is, below Orange County (the New York MSA), the majority of voters are Democrats; whilst upstate New York (the rest of the state) is primarily Republican, save for Albany County (which is still run by a reliable Democratic machine). Furthermore, upstate only accounts for some 25 percent of the population, so Pallodino’s 68-32 win over Lazio was no indicator for the general election. Andrew Cuomo has a smoothly running machine downstate, and he’ll eat Pallodino alive. This is going to be one of the major defeats of the Tea Party in November.

I can’t stress this too highly. The Tea Party has won NO contested general election against the Democrats. Shall they do so? Certainly… in smaller states with Sectarian majorities. President Obama still has the support of Jews, Muslims, and Catholics. If one were to separate Sectarians from Protestants, one would see that Legit Proddies (Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists, Mennonites, Quakers, that is, any Reformation group) would show a dynamic similar to that of Catholics (as they are sociologically similar). Only one group (American Radical Sectarians) has decisively rejected President Obama… it is large enough to skew the figures downward. This will probably cause all other groups in America to coalesce and come together against the “born-agains”. To be honest, most people who aren’t “Evangelicals”, Mormons, JWs, Pentecostalists, or those of like ilk, are tired of the constant proselytising and harassment from these religious huckster slimers.

What is more, the Tea Party lacks any coherent ideology, plan, or goals. It’s all rather airy-fairy and notional. “We’re going to make government leaner”. That’s impossible… the USA isn’t an agrarian community of large extended families. NO! It’s atomised and urbanised, a collection of individuals who often live far from other family members. In short, social programmes are utterly necessary… they can’t be eliminated from the budget, no matter how much a Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin huffs n’ puffs. What are you going to cut? Unemployment compensation? Disability payments? Government medical aid programmes? What? Not only are they not specific… they refuse to say what they would replace such with.

On top of that, apologists for the so-called “conservative” movement are crowing about how many of the jobs aren’t going to come back. Why? They’ve been “outsourced”… that is, American investors find a Third World dictatorship willing to be their muscle, and they move manufacturing abroad to evade US labour and safety laws. Why, we should tax such profits at 90 percent. THAT would send a message! Their arguments are thin in the extreme, it comes down to, “Jesús and María are only dumb spics… it doesn’t matter if the local el Jefe’s bullyboys brutalise them… they weren’t grateful enough for what we gave them, the bastards”. They don’t even care to disguise their greed and nastiness. What makes it even more disgusting is how such sorts cover their sordid enterprise with religious verbiage. I can see why people conclude that religion is a fraud, clergy are grifters, and religious people are violent and grasping hypocrites.

We don’t stand up and say, “NO!” We don’t stand and say, “Don’t blaspheme the Name of God so!” What is worst of all, we don’t comfort the brutalised, we don’t seek justice for all… we bomb children using expensive robot aircraft… we napalm wedding feasts… we scream about non-existent mosques and refuse to aid real churches destroyed on 9/11… that’s what they call “Christianity”. That’s the “Christianity” of the Tea Party.

We have a REAL choice in November. Don’t waste it…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Albany NY


Stokoe Fibs About the Bulgarians…

“Admit No Evil” became a cleric of the Orthodox Church… remember, one MUST lie… it’s “for the good of the Church”.


Read this…


This did NOT happen last week. It happened over two weeks ago… Stokoe is wrong on the facts, yet again. The information I have is that at least two parishes, which are full of New Bulgarians, are ready to jump. Melchisedek Pleska isn’t a Bulgarian… nor does he speak Bulgarian, so, one has to take anything from him with a great deal of scepticism. He can’t even speak with some of his parishioners… indeed, the very people who are thinking of jumping are tired of having jumped-up American converts telling them what to do. If I recall correctly, Melchisedek Pleska had a close relationship with the questionable “elder” Sophrony Sakharov in England (grounded people knew him as Fr So-Phoney)… that’s another reason to doubt his account. This was nothing but warm words to pour into Paffhausen’s ears. In any case, Paffhausen simply shuts out those who tell him what he doesn’t want to hear, so… this was a fairy tale meant to calm down Paffhausen. I believe that this is nothing but New Age “affirmation”. Orthodoxy no longer rules the OCA… New Age Positivism does, and the sooner we realise that, the better off we shall be. We needn’t like it or support it… but we must take cognisance of it.

Here’s an example of such rot on Stokoe’s website from that jumped-up fraud Herbel:

This is because some sectors of Orthodoxy display a collective expression of betrayal trauma, where one does not refuse the abuser anything for fear of retribution. In fact, betrayal trauma theory posits that a sufferer of abuse deals with the cognitive dissonance between what an authority figure should do and what he or she does by bonding with that abusive authority figure. In this way, a sufferer of betrayal trauma comes to see the abusive behaviour as normal, even good.


This is pseudo-intellectual rubbish… note well that Stokoe thinks well of it. “Betrayal trauma”… no decent or substantial person would use such a weasel word… it has NO intrinsic meaning whatsoever. This means that Herbel doesn’t believe in Christ, he believes in psychology (no matter what he says, this betrays his secularist inner core). All in all, none of the above augurs well for the OCA. Events will NOT happen overnight… I have no idea of the timeframe involved. The OCA is going down… as is the ROCOR, as well.

That is, the reality in Russian Orthodoxy in the North American diaspora is changing… to what, I have no idea (all that is certain is that NO Russian Orthodox will go under Archontonis… it’s the Centre or schism). This was obvious to me when President Putin came to New York and refused to meet with Herman Swaiko. It was reinforced when Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov forbade OCA clergy from serving at Metropolitan Laurus’ funeral. It was confirmed as positive when neither President Medvedev nor Prime Minister Putin officially met with JP when he came to Russia (only a low-level pro-American RF Gosduma flunky met with him)… neither did President Medvedev pay a formal official courtesy call upon JP when he was in the USA (Mr Medvedev did call on the ROCOR hierarchy). This means that Moscow, despite its public statements to the contrary, no longer recognises the OCA as a fully autocephalous Church. Of course, all know that the reality in the ROCOR changed when the reconciliation of 17 May took place.

We stand before the tottering statue of Dzerzhinsky… when shall it fall? No reasonable person has any idea. I certainly don’t. Do remember this… on 1 August 1991, no one had any notion that the USSR would be prostrate by 1 September and that the old tricolour would fly over the Kremlin.

Do note that JP simply refuses to deal with any person, situation, or fact that he views as “disagreeable”… that’s “no way to run an airline”; it’s no way to stop the progress of an advancing rot and decay.

God help us all. I do daresay it’s “interesting times”… and the Chinese are right… they ARE a curse.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Albany NY

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