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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Is Seraphim Sigrist in Moscow?

An MP priest with connections at the Centre wrote me something interesting:

The Patriarch eyed Alaska from next door… Bishop Seraphim Sigrist is in Moscow… is the Centre planning to dismantle the OCA? Shall it take the healthy parts in Alaska and Canada? No doubt, it will let the Romanians and Bulgarians go. The healthy Russian elements in the US would go to the ROCOR. Will it dismiss the weirdo fantasising Episcopalian Schmemann crowd as uncanonical (as they are) and fob them off on Antioch? Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Firstly, I ran a search on oca.org and patriarchia.ru on “Seraphim Sigrist”… there was material posted, but nothing concerning a present trip to the Centre. Secondly, I looked at Interfax and RIA-Novosti to see if His Nibs was still out of town. Indeed, His Holiness is still in Sakhalin. Besides that, the Wonder is in Vienna, at a Dixie Fry with the Papists (Ryabykh is holding the fort for him at the Centre). In short, there is NOTHING to go on… all that one can say is that Sigrist was spotted in Moscow, and his visit got no billing on oca.org or on the MP website.

No shouting by the konvertsy and HOOMies can conceal the fact that their precious little “Metropolitan of all America and Canada” is utterly secretive and contemptuous of the faithful. Herman Swaiko looks like a choirboy in comparison. Things are unravelling rapidly, but I’m using “rapidly” in historic terms… the OCA isn’t going to fold next week (it could, but there are no objective indicators that it shall). We are in for an “interesting” year or two. I fear that things are going to get far worse before they improve, and smug children such as Orr, Owen, Herbel, “Gavriil”, and “John” are going to get a harsh lesson in reality (and poseurs such as Mattingly, Dreher, and Matthews-Greene shall stand exposed as frauds). God willing, none of these green-as-grass young ‘uns will lose the Faith as a result. I can testify from personal experience that such trials are very severe, indeed. They aren’t pleasant in the least…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

My original informant sent me the following clarification:

Seraphim was at the ordination of the Sardinian deacon to the priesthood at Hilarion’s church last weekend.  It was noted on the net (sedmitza.ru).

So… Sigrist DID go to Moscow, and oca.org didn’t deign to tell you! Don’t you feel so SPECIAL? Don’t you like how JP keeps you INFORMED? Reflect on this… the konvertsy and HOOMies defend this lying and secretive SOB to the MAX… that speaks volumes, none of it good. Do remember… JP has always lied about his connection with the sodomite Podmoshensky and about the whole Russky Palomnik episode. The more I see of them, the more that I become convinced that the konvertsy and HOOMies are evil, malevolent, and nasty children… just as the teabaggers are (and such sorts usually support the Tea Party… a point to ponder, no?). There’s a bit more on this road to go before the end… may God have mercy on us.



Death Panels Already Exist… They’re Called HMOs…

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“Pull the plug on him! The HMO CEO has to jet to Biarritz… and jaunt over to Palm Beach… we have to cover the cost somehow…”


Read this:


Note this paragraph in particular:

“The six-month anniversary of ObamaCare will be a lonely one for President Obama and congressional Democrats”, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said Wednesday. “The president’s plan was unpopular when it was passed in March, and, today, the wholesale takeover of the American health care system is undeniably radioactive”.

Mr Steele is a bald-faced liar and shill for the HMOs. There was no “wholesale takeover of the American health care system”… rather, HMOs were forced to cover children with existing conditions and no HMO can set lifetime limits on health spending for particular individuals. One-third of the public believes that the new law sets up “death panels”… that is emphatically NOT true. Death panels already exist… in the HMOs! People are routinely denied treatment; after all, HMO executives deserve seven-figure salaries and fat bonuses. THAT is what Mr Steele is defending.

If you were to ask hospital billing managers what system they would prefer, they almost unanimously favour a single-payer scheme. It would simplify matters considerably, and allow much savings in administrative costs. It would be a great factor in controlling health care expenditures. However, the GOP (and the Tea Party) is opposed to this… a system that is in place in all other advanced industrial economies.

It’s sad to realise that 40 percent of the American public is opposed to extending benefits to the currently uninsured, due to the ceaseless propaganda of the HMOs repeated by the GOP and Tea Party. If we were to end the pointless war in Afghanistan (no foreign power has EVER conquered it), and bring home ALL the troops from Iraq (neither is vital to US interests), we would have enough to cover this endeavour… and be able to make major cuts in the federal budget (indeed, a sum five times that spent on health care). That would be great for John Q Public… it would not be good for Halliburton or Lockheed Martin (or the politicians of both parties who enable them).

Ask yourself why the Tea Party opposes a system of health care financing that works in every other advanced society (no, it isn’t perfect… it has bumps and wheezes, to be sure… but everyone is covered). They’re protecting the HMO fat cats… don’t be fooled by their rhetoric. At present, the USA leads the world in its spending on warfare… more than the rest of the world combined (Why? No one is threatening the American heartland). The GOP and the Tea Party smile at this (and oppose health care to the uninsured to finance these wars). You know what to do…

Vote AGAINST the Tea Party in November…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

A friend sent me the following:

It’s absolutely true. But in America, we elect politicians as if they’re running for pastor. We focus on… Do they go to Sunday services? Are they Bible believers? He hasn’t smoked pot, has he!?!? Is he “pure”?  etc, etc, etc. So, a cussing and fornicating agnostic who might know how to really turn things around won’t  stand a chance. So, maybe the Tea Party’s here to stay! PALIN IN ‘012!

That’s why Barry Goldwater warned us about the religious right. Do remember what he said… the Republican Party had been hijacked by “a bunch of kooks”. Also, remember that he said, “A soldier doesn’t need to be straight, he needs to shoot straight”. This obsession with moralising has only been around since Jimmy Carter introduced it in the late ’70s… that was the “death of politics as we know it”… think on that.


Divided We Party

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THIS is what will happen if the crackbrained notions of the Tea Party become law… if you think that the depression has been bad so far… you’ve seen NOTHING yet.


Editor’s Foreword:

It’s very interesting to see the parallels in the political situation in the USA and Greece… in both cases, the people are fed up with the same old faces… the GOP shouldn’t be smug, most ordinary folk want them gone as much as they want the Democrats gone.



In the year since PASOK returned to power, Greece has become another country, as there have been major changes in its labour and social security systems, its economy is under the stewardship of foreign creditors, and Greeks are contemplating an uncertain future and a present much worse than the recent past. Yet, those most responsible for getting Greece into this mess, the politicians, appear to be the ones most oblivious to the changes and the need for further change. Of course, the people have taken note. A recent poll found that a full 60 percent of respondents believe that neither PASOK nor New Democracy (who have alternated in power since 1974) is capable of governing the country. Only 27 percent of those polled consider PASOK the most capable of governing, while a mere 7 percent think ND could do a better job. Support for the smaller opposition parties is also weak, as all are deeply divided and devoid of ideas.

These figures reflect the deep dissatisfaction that people feel with both the way in which Greece has been governed since the restoration of democracy in 1974, and the way in which the political parties are dealing with the situation. The time is ripe for new political forces and we’ve already witnessed some rumblings of change within our fossilised political system… most notably with former Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis leaving New Democracy shortly after losing the race to lead the party to Antonis Samaras. The leftist Synaspismos continues to subdivide, with the departure of its reformist wing now forming the core of the Democratic Left party. These, however, are minor fissures, as the two main parties remain stuck in their ways.

The government operates as if it has no need for broad consensus; the opposition opposes everything, even measures or policies that it was in favour of when in office. At present, PASOK, with its parliamentary majority, has New Democracy on the defensive, dominating parliamentary inquiries into the Siemens bribery scandal (in which former officials from both parties were implicated), the Vatopedi Monastery land swap (in which ND ministers allegedly helped the monks get the better of the state), the damage caused to pension funds by their investment in structured bonds, and the deceptive bookkeeping that hid the true extent of Greece’s debt and deficit. New Democracy, on the other hand, voted against the memorandum that the government agreed to with the International Monetary Fund and the European Union, not because ND wouldn’t want the 110 billion Euro (4.578 trillion Roubles 147.394 billion USD 94.185 billion UK Pounds) rescue fund, but, very cynically, it hopes to pick up votes from public dissatisfaction at the fact that Greece is now under foreign stewardship.

This isn’t the consensus that a country undergoing such a revolution needs. Nor have we seen the emergence of any new political force that would inspire with its vision, with new ideas. This can be explained partly by the fact that the current parties get huge state subsidies (a total of 68.2 million Euros (2.84 billion Roubles 91.384 million USD 58.394 million UK Pounds) in 2009 and 52.7 million (2.195 billion Roubles 70.615 USD 45.123 million UK Pounds) in 2010), which gives them organisational and media clout that no upstart can hope for. This power allows the parties to sell influence to business and media interests… leading to events such as the Siemens scandal… and to peddle political favours, such as state contracts for their friends and state jobs for their voters. Therefore, even though people are disillusioned with the political parties, they don’t collapse; they have a life of their own.

The local and regional elections in November will be our political system’s first great test since we entered the era of our dependence on the IMF and our EU partners. They will show how much leeway the government and opposition parties have to keep operating as they have until now. Will people vote according to their party allegiance or will they break ranks and vote for candidates who’ve gained their trust, irrespective of their party? If change can’t come from the top, it’ll come from the bottom. Moreover, if we were to strip the parties of their state subsidies, then, change would come from both the bottom and the top.

22 September 2010

H Kaθhmepinh/ekathimerini.com


Editor’s Afterword:

The two situations are analogous… in both countries, the public wants a realignment of political forces radically different from the one that brought on the current depression. As for the so-called Tea Party… it’s nothing but stale old GOP nostrums in a new package. Don’t forget, those notions sparked off the current economic meltdown. Supposedly, the USA is going to shed all of its manufacturing and earn its living by services and high tech… RIGHT. The real reason for “downsizing” and “outsourcing” is that American oligarchs want to set up shop in obliging Third World locations where the local bully boys will keep the labour force in line, terrorised, and quiescent. Then, they will bring the profits home to the USA, and lay off all their inconvenient American workers. This is the scenario supported by the Tea Party… if you’re a wage-earner, you’re stupid if you vote for them.

We need a new political party, socially-conservative, championing a mixed socialist-private enterprise economy, with the requisite social welfare mechanisms found in all other advanced countries. The USA is the only G-20 country where being ill can bankrupt you utterly, and where, if you lose your job as a single person (as opposed to a family), you can lose everything you worked for all your life… and, then, the “conservatives” will call you improvident for not “saving for a rainy day”. Reflect on the fact that Sectarians believe, “If you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat”… that is, if you’re not actually working, you’ve no right to sick pay or relief. This is the ethos of the Tea Party. Like the Greeks, we have some soul searching to do. The present political parties no longer represent us…


It’s Been an Asylum at Work, Lately…

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I NEED MY COFFEE… INTRAVENOUSLY… OR ELSE… I told ya I wasn’t fully human until that first cup o’ Joe in the morning…


Dear friends…

It’s been a CRAZY time at work for me, lately. The quarterly tax reports are due, and it’s been an asylum. Tomorrow will be my eighth straight work day without a break… that’s why I’ve not been posting as much. To put it mildly…


So, say a prayer for this TIRED old hardened sinner, if you will…

In another hour, it’s off to work I go again… God willing, I’ll have a “weekend” this week…

Keep the faith, kids…


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