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Monday, 27 September 2010

Diocese of Odessa of the UOC MP Up in Arms at Plans to Construct a Uniate Cathedral in the City

Do you see this? It’s a photo of a Galician Uniate priest serving with the Waffen SS in World War II. That’s why most true blue Orthodox people in the Ukraine don’t want the Uniates around… they were Nazi collaborators in the past and American bum-kissers in the present. They take the West’s shilling… never forget that.


Sources in the Diocese of Odessa of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church/Moscow Patriarchate tell us that there’s no rationale for the construction of a Uniate Catholic cathedral in their city, labelling it an aggressive and political provocation. “It’s clear that there’s no need for the construction of a Uniate Catholic church in Odessa, not at all. Odessa’s an Orthodox city”, Archpriest Andrei Novikov, the secretary of the diocese, said on Monday in an interview with Interfax-Religion. In his view, the intention of those building this facility is proselytism; they want to trick Orthodox believers into converting to Uniatism. “In Odessa, Uniate Catholics are a very insignificant minority. Amongst whom are the Uniate preachers going to gather a flock? Of course, it’ll be at the expense of the Orthodox community of Odessa; they’ll use various stratagems and gimmicks to seduce people into the Unia”, he emphasised.

Fr Andrei told us that deputies, intellectuals, and the general public, especially, the simple people of Odessa, sent numerous appeals to the diocesan administration, as they didn’t wish to see “a cathedral of a confession with a tarnished reputation, that collaborated with the Nazi occupation regime, and blessed SS troops and the fighters of the so-called ‘Ukrainian Insurgent Army’, better known as the Banderovtsy (“Followers of Bandera”) {Roman Bandera, a Galician Uniate Nazi collaborationist thug: editor}” in the historical centre of Odessa. He also expressed his amazement at the unceasing attempts of the Uniates to inflate the number of their adherents in Odessa. “Let’s be frank, all the data about a large number of Uniate Catholics in Odessa is taken out of thin air”, he said.

To back his case, Fr Andrei referred not only to numerous eyewitness accounts, but also to his personal experience. He said, “In fact, the route that I have to use to go to services passes the (Uniate) building. Normally, it’s closed. On feastdays, there are only a very few people, often, Polish Catholic nuns are sent to pad out the crowd. Was I ever surprised when I read an online interview with the ‘chancellor’ of the Uniate Catholic ‘diocese’ brazenly claiming that 300-400 people normally attend services in that same building!” In his view, “This outrageous lie was uttered in the media by a man who purports to be a priest; once again, it shows us that the Uniate Catholics don’t intend to abandon the old and trusted Jesuit motto, ‘The end justifies the means’”. He also asked us some questions, “What about these so-called Uniate human rights experts? Where were they when the Uniate Catholics looted the western dioceses of the MP? Why were they silent, these defenders of human rights and freedom of today, when, in Lvov, thousands of Orthodox believers from the canonical Church had to pray outdoors, forbidden to obtain even a small parcel of land for the construction of an Orthodox cathedral?”

27 September 2010



Editor’s Note:

This should be a wakeup call for all of us. All of those who schmooze up to Uniates and kiss their bums should be identified, named, and held up to shame. That means Jonas Paffhausen… that means Vanya Behr and Lyonyo Kishkovsky… that means the whole scurvy establishment at New Skete… that means Frederica Matthewes-Greene (is her son a Uniate deacon? If so, that’s a double shame!) and Patrick Reardon… and it means Andrei Psaryov and Vassa Larina. The Uniates are the enemies of Christ’s Holy Church, their actions in the Ukraine confirm that. They’re a special case… Catholics and Protestants are what they are… they’re no threat to simple Orthodox believers… they’re decent people, in the main, as I said, they’re what they are, it’s obvious that they’re not Orthodox (they’re in the hands of God, which can’t be a bad thing). Uniates are ultramontane and fanatical papists who use the outer semblance of our ritual to seduce unthinking Orthodox believers into the papal confession. Don’t go to Freddie Matthewes-Green’s lectures… don’t buy Reardon’s books… don’t go to any event at SVS… don’t go to New Skete. You can support the Unia or you can support Christ… you must choose one or the other, you can’t back both. Think long and hard… ponder the fact that Paffhausen brazenly kissed the bums of the Uniates by his participation in the so-called Lumen Gentium conference. Then, do what you must… but don’t break off relations with a parish unless a Renovationist priest literally throws you out. You can bear some inconvenience for Christ’s sake… some of us have faced rather more… and are still here to tell the tale!



Time is Running Out to Teach the US a Real Lesson

The Tea Party is lusting to bomb Iran and to dismantle the social welfare safety net. Billions for bombs… nothing for the sick… “Die, you bastards! If you were any good, you’d have the money to pay off the insurance company. Don’t disturb my golf game!” Vote AGAINST the Tea Party in November.


Ever since the US lost control of Iran in 1979, it has been looking for revenge. Thus, they leave no stone unturned, no lie is considered too ignominious. Recent US administrations have tried to paint Iran as a threat to “world peace”. So far, only the governments of some notorious client states, supported by a venal press, have given credence to the newest pack of lies to come out of Washington. Because the US is unable to take on a well-armed and well-organised nation like Iran on its own, it needs all the foreign support it can lay its hands on. Even so, as long as a US commander is in charge of overall operations, you can be sure it will end in miserable failure.

The US has become such a pathetic military failure it even welcomes token manpower contributions from states like Macedonia or Latvia! Since few of the US “allies” in its senseless wars against Iraq and Afghanistan remain impervious to the eroding effects upon their internal political stability, even the most modest contributor will eventually come to regret their decision to help the US. In Germany, participation in the ill-fated Afghan adventure caused deep rifts in the Bundestag. Even such a loyal sidekick as Britain is feeling the harmful fallout of getting itself into the Afghan roach motel (where roaches check in, but do not check out)… so much for the benefits and rewards of a “special relationship” with Washington. Not only do US policies erode the stability of their loyal clients (“allies” in US diplomatic parlance), they leave a trail of destruction across the face of the globe. Just ask the Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Vietnamese, Koreans, Somalis, Colombians, Nicaraguans, Cubans, and Serbs. Germans born in the 1930s could tell you hair-raising stories of how their cities were razed in a deliberate US (and British) effort to destroy an important part of Europe’s cultural legacy, thus rivalling the handiwork of the Nazis themselves. US leaders like Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama and Mrs Clinton, the woman he chose to be his consigliere, are now threatening Iran with the same treatment.

What is wrong with the US? Why is it so hard for people over there to accept that not everyone in the world wants to be like them? Why is it so hard for them to understand that the meagre trappings of the US lifestyle can hardly be attractive to people who are used to decent food, decent music, and decent cinema? Not every girl wants to be like Heidi Montag or Paris Hilton. What’s the difference between them anyway? Certainly, if people want to be different, this isn’t a reason to turn their countries into parking lots. The real reason why the US government is hell-bent on destroying Iran isn’t its nuclear programme. The real reason is that the US was kicked out of Iran in 1979. In the US view of the world, one doesn’t deny them access to any point on the globe. That’s why the US has waged economic war on Cuba since 1959, that’s why the US had a problem with Gadhafi, until he let them back in, that’s why the US has been trying to destroy North Korea. It has nothing to do with nuclear issues, human rights, or whatever. Lately, the pitch of the clamouring coming out of Washington (echoing hysterical sounds emanating from Israel) has risen, claiming that Iran is on the verge of becoming a nuclear power. US government propaganda is trying to get across the idea that the time to act and to block evil Iranian plans is running out fast. Veiled and not so veiled threats against the government and the people of Iran are the order of the day. In reply, one must say that the Iranian government exhibits admirable restraint, scrupulously avoiding Washington’s mafia tone. Simply put, the Iranian answer to the avalanche of threats boils down to a simple but clear warning… “Leave us in peace, or you’ll come to regret it”. In order to bring down the issue to its essentials, it might be best to resort to the schoolyard or neighbourhood analogy that US political leaders are so fond of.

Just imagine that the world is a schoolyard where the supervisor (the UN) is a toothless, mindless, and weak caffeine addict. He doesn’t pay attention to what’s happening in the yard. As it happens, a big, sun-tanned, muscular, brainless brute (the US) is bullying the kids in the yard. This guy spends all his after school hours working out in the local gym to develop his muscles, but he does not really know how to use them. His way of dominating the other kids is by intimidation and picking fights only with the smallest and weakest kids, beating them to a pulp as a terrifying example. So far, except for the little Japanese kid and his German buddy, no kid has been able to score some really well placed blows against this school bully. Sorry, I almost forgot to mention the plucky Vietnamese kid. He certainly gave the brainless brute a tough time. Lately, the bully has been feeling kind of insecure. Does all the working out in the gym still pay off? The school issued him some warnings that his grades are unacceptable and that he should pay more intention to his school career. Frustrated and humiliated, the bully is now looking for another fight. After all, that is the only thing he believes he’s good at. He’s worried because, recently, the Chinese kid seems to be going through a sudden growth spurt. In fact, the Chinese is looking to become at least as strong as the bully is, but strangely, his behaviour is impeccable. Everybody else seems to like him. At least, they’re all trying to become friends. It’s probably because he brings candy every day, the bully reflects darkly.

Ah, there is that obnoxious Iranian midget! The bully just hates his guts because the midget has never allowed himself to be drawn into a brawl. He keeps smiling every time the bully threatened him and called him names in order to provoke him. He’s a smart little fellow indeed! However, this time, the bully will make sure the Iranian doesn’t get away. He is just impatient to beat the crap out of him. Boy, that will give him so much satisfaction. But, lo and behold, the Iranian kid has secretly been working out as well. Not developing his muscles, as the bully believes, but working on sophisticated self-defence techniques, karate, and that sort of stuff. The bully is stupid enough to believe the little Iranian can’t do him any harm, but the Iranian politely keeps telling the bully not to go too far. It looks like the bully will be taught a lesson. Finally! It will be the first lesson of his life and one he will not likely forget. If the Iranian fails, he will probably receive some help from his Chinese friend. It’s a good thing there are Chinese and Iranians around. Without them, we’d certainly all be at the mercy of the schoolyard bully. Somebody, PLEASE, teach this brute a lesson. Time is running out!

24 September 2010

Hans Vogel



A View from Moscow by Valentin Zorin… The End of an Empire

We’re here to HELP you…


One of the most important countries of Latin America, Mexico, is celebrating a historical date that marks the start of its history. Two hundred years ago, this Latin American country overthrew Spanish colonial rule and an independent state of Mexico appeared on the map. However, the festive pealing of the bells didn’t squelch the ambitions of Mexico’s powerful northern neighbour. Soon after the firing died away in the Mexican War of Independence, the eighth President of the United States, James Monroe, initiated a doctrine that guided Washington over the nearly two centuries that followed. According to a resolution passed by the US Congress in December 1823, “The United States takes on sole responsibility for maintaining order in the Western Hemisphere, and other countries cannot interfere in the affairs of Latin America”. This policy became known as the “Monroe Doctrine”. The US backed these words with military force. In 1846, American troops invaded Mexico, beginning a brief, but bloody, US-Mexican War, which resulted in Mexico losing vast territories now included in the American state such as New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and part of California. Most American school textbooks gloss over this chapter in US history. Moreover, there was no mention of it in Washington’s greetings on the 200th anniversary of the Mexican state. However, covering up historical facts with a veil of silence doesn’t change history.

In an effort to enhance the Monroe Doctrine, in 1898 the United States attacked a weakened Spain and annexed Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. For nearly two centuries, Washington regarded Latin America as its “backyard”. These so-called “champions of democracy” on the banks of the Potomac backed local gauleiters as bosses in the Latin American countries, who were some of the world’s cruellest dictators. Among them was François Duvalier, nicknamed Papa Doc, and his Tonton Macoute bullyboys in Haiti, Batista in Cuba, and Pinochet in Chile. About bloody Nicaraguan dictator General Anastasio Somoza García, President Roosevelt uttered a well-known cynical phrase, “Of course, Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch”.

Washington never came to terms with what it sees as major foreign policy failures. One of the most serious of these failures was the popular uprising in Cuba that toppled the American puppet Batista, establishing a régime independent of the USA. The US made dozens of assassination attempts against Fidel Castro, and the brutal blockade of “the Island of Freedom” persists, after nearly half a century. The people’s revolution in Cuba plunged the US establishment into a panic. It was the first sign of a new era, as Nicaragua, Chile, and behind them, one after the other, Latin American countries began to break out from under the repression of American colonialism. Today, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez heads what we might call an “anti-American alliance of sovereignties” south of the US border. Brazil rejected American hegemony, and is now one of the “young economic tigers”. Argentina, Mexico, and Ecuador are actively pursuing increased economic and political strength.

The notorious American “political machine” in the early years of the United Nations, which allowed Washington to railroad any resolution onto the submissive majority, with the aid of obedient delegates from the Latin American countries, has ceased to exist. Today, it no longer has a meek majority from its “backyard” anymore; the so-called Monroe Doctrine is only a relic on display in a museum, for the American empire in Latin America is irretrievably gone. At the end of the day, Washington didn’t suffer its gravest strategic fiasco on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates or in the Vietnamese jungle, although those were important too, it happened when it lost its long-established capability of dominating the countries south of its borders. As Mexico celebrated its Independence Day, the countries of that crushed colonial empire chimed in to share in the celebrations.

23 September 2010

Valentin Zorin

Voice of Russia World Service



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