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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Income Gap Rising in the USA… Vote AGAINST the Tea Party in November

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THIS is what will happen if you vote in the Tea Party… everything that your ancestors fought for will be taken away… without the slightest compunction or pity. Remember THAT in November…


Read this:


Note this:

The income gap between the richest and poorest Americans grew last year to its largest margin ever, a stark divide as Democrats and Republicans spar over whether to extend Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy. The top-earning 20 percent of Americans, those making more than 100,000 dollars (3.045 million Roubles 73,640 Euros 63,210 UK Pounds) each year, received 49.4 percent of all income generated in the U.S., compared with the 3.4 percent made by the bottom 20 percent of earners, those who fell below the poverty line, according to the new figures. That ratio of 14.5-to-1 was an increase from 13.6 in 2008, and was nearly double a low of 7.69 in 1968. At the top, the wealthiest 5 percent of Americans, who earn more than 180,000 dollars (5.481 million Roubles 132,552 Euros 113,778 UK Pounds), added slightly to their annual incomes last year, the data shows. Families at the 50,000 dollars (1.573 million Roubles 36,820 Euros 31,605 UK Pounds) median level slipped lower.

“Income inequality is rising, and if we took into account tax data, it would be even more. More than other countries, we have a very unequal income distribution where compensation goes to the top in a winner-takes-all economy”, said Timothy Smeeding, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor who specialises in [research on] poverty.

Look at who funds the Tea Party… it’s not a grassroots organisation. It gets its money from rich sugar daddies such as the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch sees to it that the corporate media keeps them spotlighted. Let’s step back and look at facts. Surveys indicate that only 18 percent of the electorate supports the Tea Party agenda. Only 6 percent has gone to ANY kind of Tea Party event, national, state, or local. Last of all, only 2 percent of the voters are Tea Party activists.


The Bolsheviki were a small minority too… but they seized power and held it for 75 years. Be aware that the Tea Party is trying to use divide et impera on ordinary Americans. Do you recall how their first campaign was against Mexican immigrants? The leadership of the Republican Party had to smack them down as it was alienating Spanish-speaking voters in swing states. Then, they went against Muslims… that fizzled too. Who’s next? Gays? Blacks? Chinese?

The rich INCREASED their share of the wealth during the present Depression… and they contumaciously refuse to bear their share of the costs of the crisis. Not only that, they refuse to allow tax cuts for the hard-pressed middle segment… not unless we give them MORE. The gap between rich and poor doubled from 1968 to now. I was alive in 1968; I was fourteen years old. People weren’t poorly off then; true, there were no gardeners or nannies in suburbia, but most families were able to support themselves on one income. No one was overly rich, but no one was overly poor, either (there were exceptions on either end, of course, but the rich or the poverty-stricken weren’t as conspicuous then).

Look at today… if you don’t have two incomes coming in, you’re scrod. I observe that the lot of ordinary folk has deteriorated since the election of Ronald Reagan. Reflect well on the fact that most of the jobs shed in this depression aren’t coming back under the current state of affairs… they’ve been sent abroad to countries where the local El Jefe kicks all dissenters in the head, and pockets payoffs from American “businessmen”. The only way to bring these jobs back is to defeat the Tea Party.

The Tea Party SMILES at the increasing gap in wealth between the classes. The Tea Party APPROVES of this gap. To finance their next stock option, the Tea Party is coming after your job NEXT.

Grounded Orthodox Christians have something to think about… most of the konvertsy LOVE the Tea Party. JP does! He preferred to meet with the First Profit of the Mormons rather than with a bishop of the confessing UOC MP. I ask all grounded ethnic Orthodox out there… “Are these people of us?” Think it over… look at the graves of our ancestors before you make up your mind. Maybe they were like one of my dedes… a union man… who stood up when he had to. Russian Orthodox people stood tall when the times were tough and the chips were down. Let me tell ya… we have a proud history… don’t spit on it by voting for the Tea Party.

We don’t have a “perfect choice” this year. However, if you want a good life for your kids… if you want at least some justice in life… you know what NOT to do…


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Albany NY


Continuing Protests in Bucharest

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In Bucharest, on Tuesday, a union organised protest continued, bringing thousands into the streets, leading to further clashes between demonstrators and the cops. As reported by the Romanian Agency Mediafaks, about 8,000 trades unionists from transport, heavy industry, PTT, and other concerns marched through the streets of the capital chanting, “Thieves! Thieves!” they also shouted slogans calling for the resignation of President Traian Băsescu and the government of Emil Boc. The police rushed them, some of the demonstrators had bruises, scratches, and torn clothing because of the clashes. PM Boc urged union leaders to begin negotiations, but they refused. For his part, President Băsescu met with the trades union leaders who organised a demonstration outside the presidential residence Cotroceni Palace (the presidential residence) last week. At that time, they pelted the courtyard of the presidential residence with eggs and plastic bottles, which outraged the head of state, as the police accompanying his motorcade refused to intervene. After this incident, Interior Minister Vasile Blaga resigned, along with a number of senior gendarmerie and police officials, ITAR-TASS reported.

Last week, Romanian trades unions began mass protests against government austerity policies. They demanded that the government abandon the IMF-recommended anti-crisis programme, which had the purported aim of saving the Romanian economy, which PM Boc recognised was in the deepest crisis it has experienced in the last sixty years. The IMF, EU, and World Bank promised to loan 20 billion euros (827.098 billion Roubles 27.178 billion USD 17.182 billion UK Pounds) for the payment of salaries to state employees, if the government reduced state spending. Authorities raised taxes, lowered wages and pensions, curtailed a number of social programmes and subsidies, and made hundreds of thousands of people redundant.

28 September 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Please mark down that the USA refuses to carry through what it demands other states do… for instance, the USA would have to stop its foreign wars and raise taxes on the rich. Oh, the humanity!

We live in a robber-baron state that has gone rogue. The rich get richer and refuse to share… and they call themselves CHRISTIANS! I can see why people conclude that Christianity is a sham and why they embrace atheism.

We have been silent… WHY?


American President Obama Keeps an Icon of the Mother of God in His Wallet

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The Mother of God “Helper of Christians”… THIS is what President Obama carries in his wallet… betcha that Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, or Joe Miller don’t have such in their wallets (and don’t forget that Glenn Beck is a Christian apostate)… who’s the CHRISTIAN now?


US First Lady Michelle Obama said that her husband, who is Protestant by faith, always keeps an icon of the Mother of God “Helper of Christians” in his wallet. She told us of her visit to the Mother House of the Salesian Order in the Spanish city of Ronda, Sedmitsa.ru reported, quoting Catholic World News. Under the title “Helper of Christians”, the Holy Mother is venerated as the patroness of the Salesian Order in the Catholic Church; this image is particularly revered by Catholics in China and Australia. Pius VII, Pope of Rome, established a feastday in honour of this miraculous image, as he recognised it after his release from imprisonment, which he suffered on the orders of Napoleon.

28 September 2010



Editor’s Note:

Betcha this won’t get any play in the Tea Party media… there is none so blind as those who WILL not to see


Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev Denies Rumours of a Breakthrough in the Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”… is it the forecourts of Hell or is it a “theological dialogue?” Hmm… I think that I’ll take my chances with the former!


Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, the head of the MP Department for External Church Relations, refuted media rumours that an alleged breakthrough in the Orthodox-Catholic dialogue occurred at the meeting of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue in Vienna last week. In the words of a statement released by Vladyki Hilarion, “Contrary to press reports, there was no ‘breakthrough’. All our time was devoted to a discussion of the role of the Bishop of Rome in the first millennium. On this subject, the Coordinating Committee of the Commission had previously produced a document that we discussed last year in Cyprus. A rough version of this document was ‘leaked’ to the media, which published it”. According to a piece posted on the official MP website, the participants thought that they could finish discussion on this document at the Vienna meeting. Metropolitan Hilarion’s statement went on to say, “However, nothing happened. It took us much time to discuss the status of the text. From the very beginning, the Orthodox members at the meeting insisted that the Commission could not formally issue the ‘Cretan’ document (revised later in Cyprus), nor could its members sign it. From our point of view, this document requires considerable revision, but even after such review, it would still only have the status of a ‘working document’, that is, merely auxiliary material (instrumentum laboris), which can be used in the preparation of following documents, but in itself, it wouldn’t have any official status”.

Metropolitan Hilarion noted that the document prepared in Crete was “strictly historical in nature”, and, in reference to the role of the Bishop of Rome, has almost no mention of the bishops of other Local Churches of the first millennium, which creates a misconception about the distribution of power in the ancient Church. In addition, he added, the document didn’t clearly and precisely state that the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome in the first millennium didn’t extend to the East. Metropolitan Hilarion hoped that the finalised text would remedy these lacunae. He went on to say that, after a lengthy discussion, the Commission decided that it should rework this document, and that the next plenary meeting of the Commission, which is due in two years time, shall make a final decision on its status. By that time, another new draft document will be under consideration, covering the same material, but only from a theological point of view.

Vladyki Hilarion said, “For the Orthodox parties, it’s obvious that, in the first millennium, the jurisdiction of the Roman bishop resided solely in the West, whereas the East was divided between the four Patriarchates of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem. In any case, the bishop of Rome had no direct jurisdiction over the East, despite the fact that, in some cases, eastern bishops appealed to him as an arbiter in theological disputes. Such actions didn’t give rise to any systematic treatment or development, nor can we read this in any way as implying that the Bishop of Rome was seen by the East as the possessor of supreme authority throughout the Universal Church”. He hoped that the Catholic side would agree with this position at subsequent meetings of the Commission, which, in his view, is confirmed by abundant historical evidence.

27 September 2010



Editor’s Note:

I must note that there is no such creature as the “Eastern Church”. There are three main abusers of this term. Firstly, there are papists (including Uniates), who imply by this that we’re really part of their Church of Rome and we should kowtow in front of their universal pope forthwith. Well… I won’t be nasty… just, don’t hold your breath, please. It’s not only undignified, it’s unhealthy. Orthodoxy rejects papal supremacy, and that’s the end of it… I wish that these airy-fairy “dialogues” would end… then, Catholic and Orthodox people could have good human relations… we could laugh and cry together, and work together on common projects of good will. Unity? That’s never going to be…

Secondly, Anglicans hurl it about as part of their “Branch Theory”. Needless, to say, both the Catholics and we agree that’s just moonshine and hot air. If I remember rightly, what KMG and Benny had to say on this fatuous nonsense was bloody near identical. Hell, we should form a tag team to put down this particular piece of nonsense. Would we be the “faces” or the “heels” in the match (those who know anything about big time ‘rasslin know what I’m talking about)? Are you picturing what I’m picturing? Benny would have Rowan in a submission hold, whilst KMG would distract the ref so that Fr Vsevolod could sneak in and bash ‘im with a chair! Wish it could happen…

Thirdly, there are Renovationist Orthodox, these are of two sorts. The first is the SVS crowd (this includes New Skete)… they’re typical modernist pukes… they don’t believe in Satan, they believe that scholars have the right to revise the text of Scripture, and they believe that half of the saints really didn’t exist, and that the remainder who did were clinically insane. The second are the konvertsy… many are ex-Episkies. That is, they never abandoned their Branch Theory nonsense, so, they peddle it as “Orthodox”… you see this in sorts such as Stephen Freeman, Frederica Matthews-Greene, Jonas Paffhausen, Chad Hatfield, Joseph Honeycutt, and Patrick Reardon, amongst others. That is to say, they’re only Orthodox in the most formal sense, they’re still Episkies inside, and shall be until they die.

Any Orthodox Christian with an ounce of tserkovnost rejects this nasty and false notion. I’d like to warn you of something that you might find on Renovationist Orthodox (or Catholic) websites. It’s usually found on the side, near the links, and whatnot. It’s labelled “Eastern Christian New Media Award”. This is a worthless little nothing put out by a Uniate individual with the user name of “Josephus Flavius” (he doesn’t have the guts to sign his legal name) who runs a website called Byzantine Texas. That is, he puts it up to a vote of his like-minded friends, so, they congratulate one another. It LOOKS impressive (it has an icon of the Annunciation on it)… but it’s nothing but an internet will o’ the wisp.

It takes all kinds…


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