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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Glenn Beck Fails to Fill Seats at NJ rally… Beck’s Goons Tell RT TV Crew Not to Film it… Tea Party Freedom of Speech in Action!

Editor’s Foreword:

Here’s a cut-and-paste… this news is just too good not to share. I ran a search on Гленн Бекь; it wasn’t on the Russian side at VOR. Click on the URL below, it’ll take you to a page with a three-minute video in English from Russia Today. It’s worth watching so that you can see the empty venue for yourself… they chose a small one so that they could fill it and look good on TV… it backfired! God IS in His Heaven and He has a WICKED sense of humour… Good on God!



Glenn Beck, the Fox News face of the Tea Party movement, failed to mobilise [a crowd] at a New Jersey tour kick-off rally, just a month after his massive Washington DC rally. Attendees, such as Joanne, who refused to give her last name, accused President Obama of stripping hard working Americans of their income. “I don’t care whether you call it a tax. I don’t care what you call the thing where you’re taking my money with. Just don’t take any more of my money”, said Joanne. However, the price to hear Glenn Beck in person wasn’t cheap. Cash-strapped Americans paid up to 75 dollars (2,260 Roubles 55 Euros 48 UK Pounds) per ticket to enter the arena. 125 dollars (3,767 Roubles 91 Euros 79 UK Pounds) would get you into a VIP area where the main attraction was heavily guarded by officers and US Marshals. Sources told RT that Beck received 100,000 dollars (3.014 million Roubles 72,430 Euros 62,920 UK Pounds) for headlining the event. However, the Fox host refused to give interviews. Beck stepped on stage at 19.00, in a stadium that holds 8,500 people. He was supposed to have sold out the venue. Problem was, only roughly 800 people bothered to show to up. Twenty minutes into Beck’s speech, security told RT to stop filming. Although the channel was accredited, officials said Beck’s handlers didn’t want the event documented. Therefore, we broke down our gear, but we hung around to listen as he spoke out against Washington’s reckless foreign policies and domestic priorities. “I don’t want to be the world’s policeman. I’m tired of being the world’s policeman”, Beck said. If we could have spoken to him, we would have advised the tired commentator to take a seat; there certainly were plenty of them.

5 October 2010

Marina Portnaya

Russia Today

As quoted by Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Afterword:

Beck’s handlers didn’t want the event documented.

There it is in a sentence. The Tea Party is AGAINST freedom of speech. It also shows you the truth about the Tea Party. It’s a bunch of unrepresentative kooks paid for wacko billionaire nutters such as the Koch brothers (trust me, their left-wing analogues such as George Soros are just as lunatic). Remember what Barry Goldwater said:

Don’t associate my name with anything you do. You’re extremists, and you’ve hurt the Republican Party much more than the Democrats have. … I’m warning them today; I will fight them every step of the way if they try to dictate their moral convictions to all Americans in the name of “conservatism”.

You can’t call Old Barry a leftie, that’s fer sure! All decent people of all political shades, from the right, left, and centre, should vote AGAINST the Tea Party in this election. Let’s see, there were 800 people present, at 75 bucks a crack, that’s comes up to 60,000 cool ones (1.809 million Roubles 43,458 Euros 37,752 UK Pounds). That means that the event was in the red; it ran a 40,000-dollar (1.205 million Roubles 28,978 Euros 25,168 UK Pounds) deficit insofar as paying off Beck was concerned, let alone the other expenses! Not even the Koch brothers can keep this up… so, there’s hope, kids. Like they say in Texas… “Big Hat, No Cattle”. Beck’s goons shut down the RT crew… all they were doing was filming the event. Let’s repeat it, “Beck’s handlers didn’t want the event documented”. You’ve been WARNED, kiddies… if elected, these bastards would trash freedom of speech in a trice. Don’t forget, they all support the concept of secret prisons abroad to torture suspects (as the Bush CIA did in the Baltics, the Ukraine, and Romania). If they supported the torture of foreigners, it’s only a small step to the torture of dissident Americans.

In your guts, you know they’re nuts! Vote AGAINST the Tea Party in November!



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