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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Further Information… Seraphim Storheim Accused of Buggering Two Young Boys

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It’s time to burn out the cancer, turn out all the crank clergy, and unite our Russian Orthodox Church in the Americas… God wills it!


Read this…


Paffhausen must resign… immediately. He knew of this. Melanie and Cappy have been trying to get this squared away for a VERY long time. Paffhausen and Garklavs have been nothing but obstructionists. In short… Paffhausen must go. Garklavs must go. Burdikoff must go. Bobby K must give up his OCA job and Fester must go for having protected him. The people with the full monty on this are Cappy and Melanie at Pokrov.org. If you wish further righteous info, contact them at:


I shall NOT soften my words… people such as Owen, Reardon, “John”, Herbel, and “Gavriil” owe the entire Orthodox world an apology for supporting these noisome bastards and their protection of the victimisers of children. This is disgusting. I’m not perfect… I’ve got sins on my plate; yes, sir, plenty of ’em. But, I’ve never engaged in perverted doings with minors… most people consider that the lowest that a human being can sink to. It’s time to leave, JP… make way for somebody who’ll clean out this cesspit with an iron broom. “Forgiveness” as “John” put it… excuse me whilst I hurl. If this doesn’t tell you it’s time for us to go home, nothing shall. Why must we live through such? Must we pay for Schmemann’s heresy and hubris to the last utter farthing?

God do help us all and have mercy…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

A friend wrote me the following:

WHY? Why does God allow these perverts to hurt innocent children? It’s much worse when it’s clergy, someone you’re supposed to be able to trust. What possible good in the bigger picture could come from innocent children being raped, and the daily suffering they must endure for the rest of their lives? Fuck those therapists who say you might not be able to control what happened, but you can control your response… string those perverts up, put them away for good.

There were several responses, all in the same vein. Everyone feels identically on this matter. Paffhausen must go. Do you remember how Rod Dreher made a big noise about the RC sex scandals? Rod… apologise to all Catholics, and resign your position with that Institute… you’re a lying shill unworthy of any respect or confidence. This also applies to Mattingly, Reardon, Matthewes-Greene, the whole lot of ’em. They KNEW, but were silent “for the good of the Church”. No eviller phrase ever existed, kids.

The OCA apparat is Satan’s simulacrum of the Church. It’s time to go home. Mother Church waits for us… it’s time to stop playing childish games.


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