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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

If You Believe that the MP and EP Made a Pact Concerning the Diaspora… You Believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and the Zapruder Film Too!

There is much uninformed gossip floating around the konvertsy element that the EP and MP made a pact concerning the diaspora when Bart went to Russia recently. Anyone who believes that needs a VERY long stay in a rest home. I translated the Russian press reportage on the event, and I can tell you that KMG treated Bart like an inferior, like a suppliant, like an impecunious client. When His Nibs went to Optina Pustyn, one of the holiest sites in Russia, he left Bart in Moscow cooling his heels for two days. Vladimir Vladimirovich didn’t meet with Bart at all… Dmitri Anatolyevich only gave him a minor audience. NO major pronouncement came out of the meeting in Peredelkino. The only “major” figure who appeared with Bart was Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, and that was probably because Yuri Mikhailovich was fishing for support himself (let’s face it, he was in trouble then… his dismissal in September wasn’t sudden). No other major state or ecclesial figure was seen around Bart… the Old Master (Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov) and the Unsinkable Satrap (Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov) weren’t, for instance. The Wonder tried rescuing Bart’s bacon when they went to Valaam, but I noticed that the main patriarchal website didn’t have extensive photo galleries, the only reportage was that done by the Wonder’s people. For instance, the so-called centre in Chambésy is shut down due to the Greek government cutting off all funds. There is NO planning being done for the notional “Pan-Orthodox Council”… Kevin Allen was dribbling on about less than nothing. There’s NO money, and the MP isn’t paying up for such oddball nonsense. As for Bart moving to New York… that’s pure moonshine. Firstly, it would mean giving up the Greek claims to Constantinople and to Agia Sofia… that ain’t gonna happen in a million years. Secondly, as long as there is ONE Greek left in Istanbul, the Phanar isn’t moving. In any case, Bart is moving heaven and earth to reopen Halki… why should he do that if he’s moving to New York? Thirdly, if Bart was moving to New York, there would be signs of preparation that they couldn’t hide, and there’s no such thing as a “Greek secret”… there’d be all sorts of stories floating around the tables at Baba Yiorgis’ in Astoria! Only a self-centred Americanist autocephalist convert is dumb enough to believe this, truly!

The reason why the folks in Guatemala went off to the EP is clear. Benjamin Peterson screwed up big time. He demanded that they sign over their property to the OCA, and it was “no way, José”. The Guatemalans have the internet and they, no doubt, found out more than they wanted to know, especially after Peterson tried putting the bite on them (I heard he was rather crass about it, too). JP was boasting at PSTGU about Guatemala… this makes him look stupid beyond all words. The folks at the Centre aren’t going to fail to notice his boasts, and they won’t forget what they led to. This situation makes it look like the EP and the MP made an “agreement”… but this was completely independent of any EP/MP canoodling. As for any notional EP/MP agreement on Eastern Europe, look at these:



It’s clear that Bart is up to old tricks. He’s agreed to nothing, and he’s looking to cause trouble where he can. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature, and it’s not wise to mess with Mother Russia, especially when she’s propping up the Phanariotes. There’s no agreement… it’s the same old, same old… Bart’s trying to pull a fast one and the jerks at SVS (especially those lying spinmeisters Smirensky and Erickson) are pushing the EP line for some reason. The konvertsy are stupid enough to fall for it, mainly because they have no facility in a real Orthodox language, so they don’t know what the press in the homelands is saying. This is so DUMB… it’s like believing that the Jabberwocky lives, and that his house is right next door to Baba Yaga’s! It does take all kinds, I know that… but must they be so dense? What a buncha maroons!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Albany NY


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