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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Vladimir Oblast SKP Files Charges Under Two Articles of the Criminal Code in the St Andrei Bogolyubsky Convent Child Abuse Case

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And that goes “double” for those who cover up for the guilty…


The Office of the SKP in Vladimir Oblast opened a criminal case under the article on false imprisonment in connection with the alleged abuse of girls who were residents at the shelter at St Andrei Bogolyubsky Convent, according to Vladimir Markin, RF Commissioner for Human Rights. “In order to ensure full and objective verification of the applicant’s arguments and to ascertain all the circumstances [of the alleged abuse], a criminal case under [was opened under] Article 127 (unlawful deprivation of liberty)”, Mr Markin told Interfax on Wednesday.

He reminded us that, in early October 2010, girls residing at the shelter at the St Andrei Bogolyubsky Convent in Vladimir Oblast reported the difficult conditions there; in particular, it was a possible violation of their rights. “Under current criminal procedure law, only the opening of a criminal case allows us to order special studies, impact assessments, and other investigations”, he said. Mr Markin went on to tell us that investigators have already started forensic examinations; in particular, they are looking at the medical records of one of the underage girls at the shelter. “Also, the investigators shall determine the conditions in the shelter and the school at the convent, the motives for the punishments inflicted, and give a legal assessment of the actions of those responsible for the children’s welfare”, he said.

Pavel Astakhov, the Representative for Child Welfare in the Office of the RF President, endorsed the decision of the procurator to institute criminal proceedings in the investigation of the alleged child abuse at St Andrei Bogolubsky Convent, where there were reports of children being beaten. He reported the opening of two criminal cases, under Article 117 (torture) and Article 127 Part 2 (unlawful deprivation of liberty). “In this case, I believe the decision is reasonable, because there are more options available to us in opening a preliminary investigation into a criminal case”, Mr Astakhov said to Interfax on Wednesday.

He told us that, when one opens a criminal case, it becomes possible to conduct investigations, and appoint specialists to conduct studies to obtain expert opinion, to conduct interrogations, survey the crime scene, and confront the accused, that is, everything necessary in a criminal proceeding as provided by criminal procedure law. “We must look at the evidence to determine whether to press charges on the suspects, to make an examination relating to the establishment to verify the circumstances of the beatings. That will enable us to reach a decision to file charges and bring the suspects to trial, or, to terminate the criminal proceedings”, Mr Astakhov emphasised.

He said that the investigation shall take at least two months, and, during this time, investigatory agencies will try to find answers for the all questions posed by this case, to see whether the incidents stated in the declaration are factual, to confirm that the offences actually took place, and to define the circle of suspects. If the statements are proven, the perpetrators of these acts shall face criminal indictment. “We shall continue our own independent investigation; the Patriarchate is cooperating with us, along with the procurator and the UVD {“Directorate of Internal Affairs”, the upper echelons of the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affair, that is, the Police Ministry): editor}. We all share the same interest in establishing the truth in this case”, Mr Astakhov emphatically said.

27 October 2010




Editor’s Note:

THIS is what the defenders of crank clergy and bishops deserve… they won’t get it, I’m afraid, and I’m going to be called “hateful” for posting it… I’ll say this… I’d spring the trap with no emotion, and I’d sleep well that evening too.


I often say that Russians are no better than Americans are; the difference in the honesty between the MP and its American cousins (OCA/ROCOR) is that it must work in the spotlight of media, public, and government attention, whereas the OCA/ROCOR do not. In this case, a personal representative of President Medvedev is overseeing the case, and he makes it clear that the MVD, MP, and SKP are all involved as well. That would be like having a personal representative from the Rt Hon Stephen Harper overseeing the child abuse case in Manitoba, with close cooperation from the RCMP, the Department of Justice, and the Orthodox Church. If that were the case, you’d see such “respectable clergy” as JP, Alexander Lebedeff, Lyonyo Kishkovsky, and other unnamed (but well-known) clergy singing a quite different tune from what they’re singing now.

I shall not be “nice”… I shall not be “kind”… I shall not be silent “for the good of the Church”. As sad as the case in Russia is, it shall have some resolution… some of the guilty shall “swing” (metaphorically) for their evil. Here… I’m not so sure. JP, in particular, is an “enabler” of the guilty (don’t forget that one of his first actions was to make a hajj to Naples FL and kiss Bobby’s big toe for the entire world to see)… and the konvertsy grovel at his feet and ask for more (“Thank you, sir, may I please have another?”) .

We have a cesspit to clean out. Gleb Podmoshensky… Samuel/Benedict Green… Panteleimon Metropoulos… Pierre l’Huillier… Feodosy Lazor… plus those still in office, I fear. Alexander Lebedeff tells us that we’re wicked if we sue the Church for damages… Alexei Karlgut pressured people to sign confidential settlements… “We admit no guilt”. Excuse me, I’ve gotta hurl… this is too much. Those of you who have followed the latest round of comments in Stokoe’s comboxes know what I’m saying when I say, “Knock it off, kids… you don’t have the first notion of what you’re talking about”. Philip Saliba did the right thing… he put a muzzle on the konvertsy… they know some arcane old canon from the fourth century, but they don’t know who Michael Shaheen was, or John Martin, for that matter, or, what they did. The kids in Russia are going to get some justice… I’m not so sure about Manitoba. I’d tell the court to talk to Cappy and Mel at Pokrov… they’d be able to point up how the OCA lawyers are lying through their teeth… they have the goods. God help us… when covering up for child abuse is called “good”… it speaks volumes about us, no? I can stand before God and say that I wasn’t silent… what about YOU?



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