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Monday, 1 November 2010

OCA Refuses Comment on Mark Maymon’s Request to Jump Ship

It’s a secret! We can’t tell anyone! It’s for the good of the Church! Dreher and Mattingly say so!


I looked at oca.org just now (23.41 EST 1 November 2010), and the lack of any reportage whatsoever on the Mark Maymon situation, given the Internet brouhaha, is damning. It’s been up on Stokoe’s website since 25 October, after all. It wouldn’t require much… “The internet reports concerning Bishop Mark’s coming to the OCA are true, but the details are still being worked out”, or, “The internet reports concerning Bishop Mark’s coming to the OCA are false, the internet rumours aren’t true”. There, that’s all that’s necessary. In short, it’s the same old secrecy. The OCA has an obligation to confirm or deny the internet reports (Vlad Legoida would’ve had a press release within 24 hours). That is, Mark Maymon is coming to the OCA, or, he isn’t. The fact that they refuse to issue anything shows a culture of secrecy far worse than that of Herman Swaiko and a supreme contempt for the faithful.

It’s NEVER boring in Orthodoxy in the USA, is it, kids?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 1 November 2010

Albany NY


GOP Refuses to Face Reality… Issues Promises that it cannot keep

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THIS is the real face of the GOP and the Tea Party… keep this poster in mind tomorrow as you vote. Dear ones, if you vote Republican, you’re voting for the very policies that caused the current economic meltdown. After all, they want to repeal all the new banking regulations, repeal a health care plan that’s identical to one they have as congressmen, and have a moratorium on corporate taxes… think on that before you pull the lever tomorrow…


  • Don’t associate my name with anything you do. You’re extremists, and you’ve hurt the Republican Party much more than the Democrats have.
  • Everyone knows that gays have served honourably in the military since at least the time of Julius Caesar. You don’t have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight.

US Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) (1953-65, 1969-1987)


Read this:


Mr Boehner is on crack. Let’s keep it focused. The USA is NOT a parliamentary democracy like Canada or most of the European countries. If the GOP were to win both houses of Congress tomorrow, it would only be a replay of 1994, it would NOT lead to a “change in government”. Boobish Republican incompetence and refusal to deal led to gridlock in the 90s, allowing William Jefferson Clinton to skate to victory in 1996. The same old fanatic faces are there… it bids well to be a replay of that era, which would lead to a smashing victory by President Obama in 2012. After all, Faithful Old Newt is still with us… and he’s still posing as a moraliser. The fact that the Sectarians support him speaks volumes about their real level of morals (their support of him despite his giving his first wife divorce papers on her sickbed reveals the vacuity of their tut-tutting, doesn’t it?).

President Obama will veto all attempts to “shrink government”, stopping them in their tracks even before they got started. In any case, this is the 21st century, and you cannot eliminate bureaucracy, it’s a necessity in a modern society. The Republicans are lunatic to advocate such, there is no way that one can “shrink” government. I have a proposal for you. The GOP refuses to name their financial backers… that’s fine, it’s “legal”. I’ll tell you another legal thing to do… go out tomorrow, and refuse to vote for them, since they refuse to tell you where their money comes from.

If you vote for the Tea Party or GOP, you actually vote for sorts who advocate a de facto imposition of Radical Sectarianism as the state religion in this country… that’s something that we can avert.


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 1 November 2010

Albany NY

Mark Maymon is NOT Saliba’s Innocent Victim… He Enabled a Thieving Treasurer

BUSTED! Mark Maymon isn’t Saliba‘s victim… he allowed a thief to run amuck. Hey, the SPC Holy Synod removed the Bishop in Kosovo for the very same reason… he had sticky-fingered associates. Saliba wasn’t only within his rights… it was his duty to remove such an incompetent bishop.


Read this, note this quote:

[Saliba] also blamed Bishop Mark for not keeping a close enough watch on church funds after an embezzlement at Toledo‘s St George Orthodox Cathedral. A police report was filed in March charging the cathedral’s treasurer, Charles Cassis of Toledo, with embezzling more than 145,000 dollars (4.48 million Roubles 103,864 Euros 90,277 UK Pounds) over a period of time.

Mark will get on well with Fathausen! You do remember what Tosi said about the missing financial records in the Diocese of NY and Washington (or whatever they’re calling it this week)? “The records simply don’t exist”. If JP foists Mark on the OCA Diocese of the South, do watch out! He’ll let Bobby and Fester rob the store blind, whilst all the konvertsy slobber over their “martyr” bishop.

Also, note that Maymon’s an unrepentant and open rebel… why should we take such on? He REFUSED an assignment! Then, he plays the victim! Only the konvertsy such as Mattingly, Dreher, Honeycutt, and Matthews-Greene are dumb enough to swallow that one (and they’re also SILENT on the paedophile case in Winnipeg… hey, Rod! Wanna supersize that order of crow supreme? Mark Shea and Agent 99 are chortling, I’m sure). The comboxes at Stokoe’s site are full of posturing and self-preening converts, none of whom mentions Mark’s arrogant disobedience and his toleration of financial skulduggery. One of my Arab friends said, “Good riddance to bad rubbish… he pissed on the old crowd from Bishop Michael’s days and kissed the ass of newcomers like that guy in Chicago” (I think my friend meant Reardon, as he went on to say, “He’s nothing but a convert phoney who works for UPS because there’s not enough people in his parish to pay him a proper salary”).

In short, JP screws up again… is that a surprise? Philip Saliba‘s the best ecclesiastical politician in the USA, bar none. Not only is he cleaning house, he’s also telling the world that he thinks that the OCA isn’t long for this world. He’s pulled his students out of SVS… now, he’s allowing a rebellious bishop to go off to the OCA. There’s no love lost between Philip and JP… that’s clear. It’s also clear that Saliba’s positioning the AOCANA in such a way as to minimise the undertow when the OCA goes down. This is IMPORTANT. There’s no bishop in American Orthodoxy more calculating and greasy than Saliba. If he’s written off the OCA, it’s not a fit of pique. Saliba’s the personification of “it ain’t personal, it’s business”, so, if he allows a snotty juvenile rebel to traipse off to JP, it’s clear that he thinks that the OCA’s a “dead man walking”.

The only outside people trying to keep the OCA afloat, oddly enough, are some of the ROCOR apparatchiki… they fear that if the OCA goes and the healthy part joins ROCOR, they might lose their little Ruritanian positions. Ironic, ain’t it… after the bitter Church War in the times of Grabbe and Schmemann, the last people standing by the OCA are the ROCOR stalwarts! Alexander Lebedeff defends ‘em tooth n’ nail. Well… JP better not count on his unswerving support. Lebedeff’s a flexible sort… “A man whose allegiance is due to expedience. ‘Vunce the rockets are up, who cares where they come down. That’s not my department, says Werner von Braun’”. Remember, Lebedeff was a fanatic partisan of Vitaly’s nutter plan of ROCOR parishes in Russia… then, he switched positions 180 degrees to favour reconciliation when it became the new party line.

This is much less than the konvertsy are making of it. What IS important is that Saliba has publicly written off the OCA. That’s the most important American church news of the year.

Orthodoxy’s never boring, is it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 1 November 2010

Albany NY

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