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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Vechnaya Pamyat Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin!

Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin (1938-2010), former RF Prime Minister (1992-98), Ambassador to the Ukraine (2001-09)


Хотели как лучше, а получилось как всегда.

We wanted the best, but it turned out as it always does.

Viktor Chernomyrdin


He did the right thing at the right time…

Aleksandr Boroda, the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FEOR), expressed condolences on the part of Jewish citizens of Russia to the sons of former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, on his passing. “Your father earned a special place in the memory of all Russian citizens, of all nationalities and faiths, as one of the first independent politicians of a free Russia, who was one of the pioneers in founding a civil society in our country”, according to the message of condolences issued by the press service of the FEOR. Mr Boroda went on to point up that the Jewish community in Russia always felt a sense of gratitude to Viktor Stepanovich, saying, “We will not forget how he has consistently fought for the preservation of the historical uniqueness of Russia as a multiethnic and multi-religious state, to create the conditions necessary for real religious freedom”. Moreover, he noted that Mr Chernomyrdin, throughout his public and political career, “strongly opposed chauvinism and xenophobia”, realising that “the only possible way to build a truly free society in Russia was to defeat such deleterious tendencies. The memory of Viktor Stepanovich as a strong and caring person remains in my heart and in the hearts of all Russian Jews”.

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias thought that the greatest contribution that Viktor Chernomyrdin made as Prime Minister was that he guided the Russian Federation intact through the cataclysmic events of the 1990s. “Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin became a leader at the highest levels of Russian political life at a most difficult time, when it was open to question as to whether we would be able to sustain the unity of our country”, His Holiness said Wednesday in an interview with reporters. He recalled that his acquaintance with Viktor Stepanovich deepened in the dramatic days of “blood-stained ‘93”. He said, “By virtue of being prime minister, he enabled me to be in direct contact with the authorities and with other political forces in Russia at that time, as I was doing my part to avert civil conflict. In Viktor Stepanovich, I saw a man who deeply felt the tragedy that engulfed Russia. There was no money in the country, all our economic regulators had collapsed; in these circumstances, the management of the Russian financial system was incredibly difficult. What role Viktor Stepanovich played, different people evaluate in their own ways, but I believe that the fact that Russia even exists, despite the cataclysmic events of the nineties… that was his greatest contribution”.

According to the patriarch’s press service, in later years, he had the chance to talk with Mr Chernomyrdin on problems such as the consequences of the NATO aggression against Serbia, and “diplomatic relations concerning the Ukraine”. “I must say that he was a patriot but he was a man who, at the same time, was open to and able to talk to people who didn’t share his views, he seemed to be empathetic with everybody, even though he seemed to speak a language all his own. Already, some of his colourful expressions have entered into our colloquial culture”, His Holiness added. “Just yesterday, I sent a blessing for him with a man who was going to visit Viktor Stepanovich; but, today, we will pray for him, we will ask the Lord to forgive his sins and take him into His Heavenly Kingdom. There is no such thing as an irreplaceable man, but God often sends those who meet the needs of the time. I think that new times demand people of a different bent, and the part that Viktor Stepanovich played in history is that he did the right thing at the right time”, Patriarch Kirill concluded.

The ceremonies in connection with the death of former RF Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin will be held in Moscow on 4-5 November. From 16.00 MSK 4 November to 09.45 MSK 5 November, Viktor Stepanovich will lie in state at the Reception Hall on Sparrow Hills (42 Kosygin Street). At 10.00 MSK 5 November, there will be a civil funeral with the participation of government officials and leading figures from social, political, and cultural circles, the RF Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday. The funeral service for Viktor Chernomyrdin will begin in the Assumption Church in Novodevichy Monastery at 11.00 MSK 5 November, and the burial will be at 12.00 MSK at the Novodevichy Cemetery.

3 November 2010





Editor’s Note:

Russia has recovered from the pandemonium of the unnecessary chaos imposed by the privatisation crisis of the early ‘90s. There are two legacies of that period amongst the Russian people. Firstly, now, Russians hate Americans for insisting on the whirlwind change to a market economy. If you were to ask most Russians, they would prefer a less capitalist system. That leads to the second point. Russian people have a saying, “We knew that the communists were lying to us about communism, but we didn’t know that they were telling us the truth about capitalism”. Russian people want no part of Tea Party-style lunacy… they have seen the true face of entrepreneurial capitalism (and have felt the bite of its merciless teeth).

Viktor Stepanovich kept Russia together at a time when the USA was waging economic war on Russia (and invading the rodina with nasty Sectarian “missionaries”); he kept the state intact. For that, he deserves praise from every Russian patriot. He DESERVES a state funeral… and when the photos become available, they’re going up. This man is WORTHY of praise… for had the wrong man been at the helm, the American plan to dismember the homeland would have borne fruit… and American consumerist godlessness would be afoot in the land today. Thank God, that didn’t happen. Yes… Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin was one of those who held back the American hedonist interlopers.


Вечная ему Память!



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