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Saturday, 6 November 2010

It’s Back! 7 November is a Holiday Again!

Monument to the crew of the stratostat Osoaviakhim-1, which crashed on 30 January 1934 after reaching an altitude of 22,000 metres (72,000 feet); its crew (Pavel Fedoseyenko, Andrei Vasenko, and Ilya Usyskin) perished, and their remains were buried in the Kremlin Wall after a state funeral.


Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.

The collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.

Vladimir Putin


7 November is a holiday in Russia again. Some Americans, especially neocon Republicans and Wilsonian Democrats are aghast. They needn’t worry. Prime Minister Putin knows what he’s about. Yes… there was the GULag… the agony of collectivisation… the oppressive weight of an omnipresent police apparatus. There was also the literacy campaign, the extension of healthcare throughout the countryside, the heroism of the crew of Osoaviakhim-1, the Great Victory over Fascism, the launching of Sputnik, and Yuri Gagarin’s flight into outer space.

In short, it wasn’t a Terrestrial Heaven, but it wasn’t Hell on Earth, either. I agree with Prime Minister Putin, we must absorb the lessons of the Soviet period, build upon its successes, and reject what was wrong. I think that there was rather more of the former than the latter. The history of the world since 1991 has revealed to us that the greatest contribution of the USSR to world peace was its restraint of the United States, as the USA did not dare to attack countries that had the protection of the Soviet Union. Just look at the post-1991 record… America is the most arrogant, hubristic, hedonistic, and godless society on the face of the planet. Reflect well on the fact that the Tea Party/GOP/neocon element embraces this juvenile bullying of other countries, and considers it good.

Here is what Gennady Zyuganov, the contemporary leader of the KPRF, had to say about the regeneration of Russia:

There’s no doubt that we can avert the disintegration of Russia only by bringing together all forces, by uniting the efforts of all healthy social elements, all responsible politicians, and ordinary citizens heartsick at the suffering of their tormented motherland. However, such a union is impossible without the active participation of Russian believers, without a compelling and authoritative Word from the Orthodox Church.

That’s why Russophobic elements in the media try to drive a wedge between Russian patriots! That’s why some of them call the current Communist leadership “caveman atheists in the style of Gubelman and Yaroslavsky”. Don’t listen to them, for we have the most profound respect for the spiritual treasures of Orthodoxy! I sincerely admire the podvig of the Assembly of the Russian New Martyrs, who showed their devotion to their native faith through the shedding of their own blood during the years of the repression. I condemn unreservedly the unreasoning theomachy of the government’s persecution of the Church.

Brothers! We no longer have the right to waste our energies in fruitless internecine political and ideological discord; we shouldn’t allow slippery and crafty foreigners, who are nothing but enemies of our ancestral verities, impose dissension amongst us. “Be faithful unto death, and I will give thee the crown of life” is the call of the Bible. Indeed, only our selfless devotion to Russia can become the basis of its future revival.

The Celebration of Red October is back… and Russia is better for it. After all, we shouldn’t consign 75 years of a history full of real achievement to the dustbin merely because childish Americans stamp their feet and demand that we do it. Russian history is all of our past… including those parts that capitalistic foreigners don’t like.

The Soviet Union lived in our past…

The Soviet Union lives on in our historical memory…

The Soviet Union shall live in the future confederation on the post-Soviet space

What does the Tea Party offer? It offers the world nothing but a selfish and godless “American Dream” of mindless consumerism and greedy capitalism, with the Americans as colonialist overlords and the rest of world as nigger slaves. Its pseudo-religious smug Sectarian maundering makes it worse than outright atheism, I’m afraid. VVP made a symbolic gesture last year that showed his evaluation of the American system… he gave Gennady Zyuganov a copy of the first Soviet edition of the Communist Manifesto as a birthday gift. Vladimir Vladimirovich said, “Marx and Engels examined these problems and spoke about cyclical crises, they started the analysis of the issue that we know today as globalisation”. He added that no one had yet found an “antidote” to these problems.

Wall Street or the Kremlin Wall… it’s up to you. As for me, a happy 7 November holiday to all of us who believe that there’s better way than dollars, country clubs, and oppression of our fellows…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 6 November 2010

Albany NY


6 November 2010. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Somebody Meant This to be Taken SERIOUSLY

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Editor’s Foreword:

This is a straight cut-and-paste, with sole exception of correcting “Region” to “Oblast”… This is the sort of crapola put out by American-financed “dissidents” in Russia. Pretty sorry stuff, no? Reflect well that the Tea Party/GOP supports such dilettantes and wants to waste your taxes in supporting them. Don’t listen to their rubbishy talk of “budget cuts”… that only affects social spending that they don’t like.



FSB TERRORISM: FSB extends ban on profession to dissident religious cloakroom attendants

In early November 2010, the Russian terrorist gang of the FSB (KGB) issued an order to fire a resident of a small Siberian town of Rezh in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Natalia Shcherbakova, because she belongs to the US-based Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who do not worship the Chief Russian pope of the FSB-controlled Moscow State Orthodox Church headed by the FSB Patriarch General named Gundyayev. The dissent believer is working as a cloakroom attendant in an urban school #10. In June 2010, the director of the school asked her to resign voluntarily. He admits that he has no claims to the cloakroom attendant, but members of the terrorist gang of the FSB had a “talk” with him and demanded her dismissal for her dissent religious belief. Another employee of this school, also a Jehovah’s Witness, was forced to resign earlier this year under an order from the FSB.

5 November 2010

Department of Monitoring

Kavkaz Centre


Uncanonical Schismatic Pro-American Ukrainian Prelate to Visit Bloomingdale IL on 13 November

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Philaret Denisenko (1929- ), the self-styled and self-appointed “Patriarch of Kiev and all the Ukraine”… no one in legit world Orthodoxy recognises this renegade uncanonical phoney… he’s been anathematised by the MP, after all. Is JP and/or Stokoe going to meet with him? Perspirin’ minds wanna know!


Philaret Denisenko is visiting the USA; he’s going to be in Bloomingdale IL on 13 November. One wonders if JP or Mark Stokoe is going to show up (or, is JP going to send Mark Maymon as his running-dog-lackey?)! After all, JP refused to meet with a bishop of the canonical UOC (MP) in New York; JP “had” to attend a neocon/Tea Party soirée so he could have a photo op with the First Profit of the Mormons. As Denisenko is a flunky of the CIA and an uncanonical poseur… one can see where I’m going, no? I’ll bet that JP and Stokoe are just lusting to be in the same room as Denisenko… just as they avoided a cleric of the confessor UOC MP.

Here’s the URL for the article:


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 6 November 2010

Albany NY

“It is Critical for us to Focus on Pastoral Responses”: Lying Apologia from Fathausen in re Storheim Issued on oca.org

“The records simply don’t exist”… “This is not an admission of guilt”… “It is critical for us to focus on pastoral responsibility”… aren’t you tired of the same old bullshit?


Jonas Paffhausen is lying through his teeth… and someone should inform the Winnipeg investigating magistrate.

Read this:


This is pious lying from stem to stern. Fathausen wrote a letter on official OCA stationary last year in July promising an investigation… an investigation that didn’t materialise until the Canadian court opened a criminal case on the matter. I can prove this to the investigating magistrate, if necessary (Your Worship, don’t worry… you have it in your hands already… good-hearted and honest parties have seen to that). All loudmouthed konvertsy and autocephalist fanatics can suck wind… I have no need legally to release anything to you (or to tell you exactly what kind of material I possess). I do have such a duty to the magistrate, if they ask me… and if an e-mail purporting to be such appears in my inbox (or a snail-mail in my mailbox), I’ll ask Cappy and Mel at Pokrov.org to vet it… so, don’t try any happy horseshit with me (after all, Piggy Iggy and Karlgut are involved, two pieces of work if there ever were such).

Paffhausen is a lying sack of shit. He’s a Diomid Dzyuban, a Philaret Denisenko, a Valentin Rusantsov, a Gleb Podmoshensky (note well that JP refuses to come clean on his relationship with this sodomite bastard), and we need to treat him accordingly. Note well that the konvertsy such as Mark Stokoe are circling the wagons around him. Did you note that JP refuses to issue an official confirmation or denial of the press/internet reports of the reception of Mark Maymon by the OCA?

Paffhausen… watch out… there are materials already in the hands of the Winnipeg magistrate that prove your latest statement to be a lying and evasive attempt to mislead the investigation. There are those who have the goods on you, and they’re not afraid to stand up. Don’t forget kids… Paffhausen INVITED the sodomite Feodosy Lazor to concelebrate with him on Memorial Day at St Tikhon’s this year… and he also made a special trip to Naples FL to kiss Bobby K’s big toe and has continued Bobby in his paid position at an OCA parish.

This can mean only one thing… Fathausen is afraid that the Winnipeg magistrate is not going to see things his way… ergo, the phoney OCA “internal investigation”. If you want the Full Monty on the Storheim case, don’t listen to the liars at oca.org, here’s a website where they tell the truth about Storheim (and, in general, about abusive clergy in the Orthodox milieu):


Cappy and Mel have taken more than their share of shit from the goodthinkers in the Church, as they’re spoken out without equivocation on the nasty doings of clerical abusers. Do you want the full banana on Storheim? Ask Cappy and Mel… they’ll give ya chapter and verse… the whole megillah.

This present press release doesn’t anger me. I’m far past anger, at this point. It’s become tiresome and repetitive. “We’re not to blame. We accept no guilt or responsibility”. How much of the “widow’s mite” has gone to payola in confidential court settlements? You do notice that Alexander Lebedeff didn’t ask that question of JP or any other OCA cleric. This present abomination simply bores me… it’s another lying missive designed to cover over clerical misadventure.

Let’s keep this simple. Fathausen had a chance last July to open an “internal investigation”. He did not. He only did so after a criminal case was opened (although there has been no formal charges filed against Storheim yet). Remember what his stooge Tosi said when financial records went missing… “The records simply don’t exist”. That is, they whitewashed the whole affair (and Mark Stokoe and the entire MC smiled idiot grins of approval)… Piggy Iggy is still the Dean of Upstate New York and Bobby K still has a paying position in an OCA parish. Isn’t it grand to see such “forgiveness” and “compassion?”

Let God see and judge. Excuse me, I’ve got to hurl… it’s too much of a muchness.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 6 November 2010

Albany NY

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