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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Memorial Service in Kaliningrad to Pray For those Killed in “Kristallnacht”

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Never forget… never forgive. All of the victims had faces… they all had names… they weren’t soulless automata. Why didn’t the West protest? It’s because they shared the Nazi belief that the West was superior to all other human cultures… a belief that they hold to this day (you can see it in Anglo-Saxon konvertsy to Orthodoxy). There was no difference between Kristallnacht and the American bombing of Belgrade on Orthodox Easter… think on that.


On Tuesday evening, the Jewish Community of Kaliningrad invites the public to attend a memorial service to commemorate a tragic date, the 72nd anniversary of “Kristallnacht” in Königsberg. “The memorial service will be in the centre of Kaliningrad on Oktyabrskaya Street, which was where the main synagogue of Königsberg was located in the last century. It was destroyed during the Second World War”, Rabbi David Shvedik, the head of the local Jewish community, told Interfax. Members of the local Jewish community and people from the city and oblast of Kaliningrad will light candles, read prayers, and lay flowers at the wall of an old building, where there is a memorial plaque dedicated to these tragic events. Across Germany, on the night of 9 to 10 November 1938, a wave of Nazi pogroms erupted, which resulted in the destruction of Jewish synagogues, homes, and shops, killing more than 90 people, injuring hundreds more, and over 3,500 Jews were arrested. In the story of the tragic events that laid the foundation for the genocide of European Jewry, this night became known as “Kristallnacht”, for after the pogrom, the streets of German cities were littered with shards of broken glass. In 1938, today’s Kaliningrad Oblast was part of East Prussia; therefore, it was German territory. Kaliningrad is the only place in Russia where the events of the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom took place.

9 November 2010




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