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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

In Leaving the C of E, Bishop Andrew Burnham Said that it was a Like an Out-of-Touch Coffee Shop Chain Losing Custom

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Bishop Andrew Burnham, one of the five bishops of the Church of England (C of E) who has announced his conversion to Catholicism, compared contemporary Anglicanism with a coffee shop chain that loses custom due to the mismatch of its offerings with its stated menu. “If the coffee shop chain Costa Coffee offered you a different menu every time [you entered], but you couldn’t figure out what they were offering, it would shut down… In the C of E, we now have so many different ‘products’ that you simply don’t know what you’re getting”, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph quoted Rev Burnham as saying. According to Bishop Andrew, today, believers who attend Anglican parishes don’t know what to expect at services, as some hold to traditional worship, whilst others appoint female clergy. “The Church of England decided that everybody could have their own opinion about what should be done. That’s a sign that the Church forgot where it came from”, he added.

In turn, another C of E hierarch who has turned towards Rome, Bishop Keith Newton, said that his disagreement with the C of E was more serious than merely the question of female ordination. As Rev Newton noted, recently, the C of E has adopted a liberal approach to such moral issues as the blessing of same-sex couples and abortion. Bishop Keith said, “You don’t’ know for sure what the C of E stands for”. Over the past five days, conservative Anglican bishops have announced their conversion to Catholicism because of their opposition to liberal reforms in the C of E, such as female ordination. As a result, the Catholic church in England and Wales announced that it welcomed the decision of the bishops, whilst the head of the Anglican Communion, the Most Rev Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, expressed regrets at what he saw as a schism in the Church of England.

10 November 2010



Editor’s Note:

This puts a new “spin” on Paffhausen’s escapade at Nashotah House (NH). NH is a seminary of the TEC, that is, it’s part of the Anglican Communion. It doesn’t matter what individual people at NH “believe”… that’s a Proddie assumption, reeking of the Branch Theory and the “invisible church”. What’s important is, “With whom are they in communion with?” NH is in communion with the TEC, and through the TEC, with the Anglican Communion. That is, when JP accepted a degree from NH, and Chad Hatfield spoke at their convocation, they accepted an Anglican institution as being coeval to an Orthodox one.

In short, they gave implicit approval to NH and its communion. Full stop. This is strange in the extreme, as both JP and Hatfield are former Episkies, and, furthermore, Hatfield is a former graduate of NH. When one adds in the fact that Ms Jefferts-Schori horned in on the funeral of the mother of Bishop Tikhon Mollard of the OCA, and NEVER apologised for that deed, the actions of these clerics becomes indefensible. The TEC blesses same-sex unions and has a squiffy pro-life position. By accepting awards from NH, Hatfield and JP signalled to the world that these positions are acceptable to the OCA. It doesn’t matter what the individuals at NH “believe”… they are in communion with the TEC, ergo, they are part of the TEC, and hold what the TEC holds. Likewise, if the OCA has any sort of dealing with NH, it is dealing with the TEC in all its fullness.

I wonder what the five bishops who “swum the Tiber” would say of Paffhausen’s and Hatfield’s dalliance with these sorts… I somehow think that the response wouldn’t be positive in the least!



Miller Tries to Fuck Alaska Natives… Shows Racism of the Tea Party and GOP

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The people have spoken… but it wasn’t pleasing to the Tea Party! It wasn’t what they wanted… so, they’ll use legal legerdemain where ordinary politics failed. It sure tells you about their “populism”, doesn’t it? They’re for the “people” alright… white suburban people… to refine it further, they’re for Sectarian Nativists… all others can suck wind in the Tea Party’s book.


Read this:


Joe Miller is trying to steal the election, just as George Bush did in 2000. It shows you something about contemporary Republicans. I agree with Frank Schaeffer… the GOP has sunk into the pit; it’s no longer the party of Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater, or Dwight D Eisenhower. Now, it’s nothing but a pack of self-serving opportunists, who use sleazy lawyers and low legalisms to steal elections. Richard Nixon could have challenged the results in Illinois in 1960… he chose not to, saying that it would harm the country. Mr Nixon was a true patriot and a man to admire for doing this. Yes… he had faults. Yet, when the time came to choose between personal ambition and the good of the country, Richard Milhous Nixon stood tall and did the right thing. It’s why he resigned the presidency… he could have fought Congress and won (just as William Jefferson Clinton did), but he chose to “wear the horns”. Why? He didn’t wish to hurt the country he loved. When one sees the dire results that flowed from the Clinton imbroglio, one can see the selfless wisdom in Mr Nixon’s actions, and admire him for doing what was right, rather than what was expedient.

Joe Miller is an utter piece of shit. He should have made a dignified concession, just as Richard Nixon did. Instead, he’s gumming up the legal system with lawsuits; it’s an undisguised and naked grab at power. I’ll betcha that Sarah Palin is behind this. Her ambition knows no bounds and she lacks any shred of patriotism or duty. However, it shows us the bad blood between Ms Palin and the Alaska Natives. As several of my Native friends have pointed up to me, Natives aren’t a demonstrative lot… they don’t make scenes… they don’t carry protest signs. Instead, they simply get together privately, thrash things out amongst themselves, and come to a common decision. Rural Alaska isn’t the kind of place where people can “strike out on one’s own”. Everyone needs to cooperate for sheer survival. That is, the modern GOP/Tea Party appeal to greediness and self-centredness doesn’t fly there.

The main lesson is that the Tea Partiers have no scruples, limits, or shame… just the same as the other Republicans. In addition, they share the racism of the main GOP. Don’t forget… the Republicans ousted the Democrats as the party of choice amongst white southerners by championing arch-segregationists such as Strom Thurmond. This racism is why they are going to be defeated in 2012. We beat them this year… we denied them the supermajorities they needed to abrogate the Democratic programme. Next time around, it’s for keeps… and the Tea Party will pay for its open and unashamed hatred of blacks and the Spanish-speaking… after all, they have votes, too.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Albany NY

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