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Friday, 12 November 2010

International Network for the Illicit Sale of Kidneys Uncovered In Kosovo

Interpol exposed the activities of an international network for the illegal sale of kidneys by a clinic in Kosovo, a BBC television report said on Friday. According to prosecutors in the EU, the members of the gang, which included five Kosovar Albanians, an Israeli, and a Turk, in 2008, transported people from Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkey to clinics in Kosovo to remove kidneys for transplantation. Most of the victims of the gang were people “living in extreme poverty”. In Kosovo, they promised 14,500 euros (612,567 Roubles 19,858 USD 12,310 UK Pounds) for a kidney, then, the organs were sold at prices ranging from 80,000 to 100,000 euros (3.38-4.225 million Roubles 109,559-136,949 USD 67,916-84,895 UK Pounds). One of the accused had previously held “a high post in the Ministry of Health of Kosovo”. The Israeli stands accused of “recruiting and transporting victims and the Turk is accused of undertaking operations in a private clinic in Kosovo for the purpose of organ harvesting. In 2008, the clinic was closed on suspicion of conducting illegal operations. Interpol issued warrants for their arrest on charges of organ smuggling, organising a criminal group in charge of illegal medical activity, and abuse of office. All the accused are now on the run, according to Interfax.

12 November 2010

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