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Friday, 12 November 2010

Miller Campaign Continues Nasty Attitude Counting Ballots… That’s the Tea Party For Ya!

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Joe Miller (1967- ), Sarah Palin’s handpicked candidate for the US Senate in Alaska. He’s the face of the Tea Party. Don’t be fooled… evil is never ugly and obvious… it’s “nice”, pedestrian, and banal… it’s why we must be vigilant. Just look at Mormons and Pentecostalists…


Read this:


Here’s some further info:

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Miller hoped to win the Senate seat by means of a federal lawsuit which he filed on 9 November. In the lawsuit, Miller v. Campbell, Miller asked the federal court to throw out all write-in ballots that did not correctly spell Murkowski’s name. He also asked for an immediate cessation of the counting of the write-ins, but this request was denied. Votes which are being challenged by Miller’s team are being kept in separate boxes as evidence for the the lawsuit.


This should prove, even for the slow learners, that the Tea Party is nothing but a feral and nasty pack of corporate buccaneer-backed opportunists. Joe Miller should concede with dignity. Why hasn’t he? There are two reasons. One is that he’s a “Christian”; actually, he’s nothing of the sort, he’s an Americanist Sectarian, which means that he lacks any true Christian notions of justice and chivalry. Sectarians aren’t Christians… we shouldn’t expect them to hold a Christian point of view. Sectarianism is nothing but a religious apologia for “American Democracy” of the most radical sort, therefore, to expect any actual conservative and legitimatist behaviour from them is fruitless.

Secondly, it’s nothing but Sarah Palin continuing her bootless feud with the Murkowski family. Do you need proof that Ms Palin is twisted and without scruples? Do look at the nasty tantruming of the Miller campaign… and reflect on the fact he’s nothing but a sock puppet for Sarah Palin. Don’t forget, she’s a Pentecostalist, an American version of the Khlysty… that is, she’s a virulent bezpopovtsy of the worst sort, a person with no links to Classical Christianity at all. Never let religiosity and religious rhetoric fool you… Sectarianism and Christianity are total strangers to one another (and do note that some of the most fanatic teabaggers are Mormons, Pentecostalists, and “Evangelicals”… Sectarians all).

Shame on all Orthodox Christians who supported, and who voted for, Tea Party candidates. You voted against Christ… there’s no other way of putting it. This also goes for the clerical gentleman who has a link to Rush Limbaugh on his website. As the Tea Party is deeply sectarian, it’s anti-Christ to the core. As Deacon Andrei Kuraev put it so well, Orthodoxy is fine music made in the conservatoire, [Evangelical] Protestantism is low music made in the honky-tonk bars. Don’t ever mistake religiosity for Christianity… your life DOES depend upon it.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 12 November 2010

Albany NY


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