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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Stokoe Gets Internet Will o’ the Wisp Award from Uniate Poseur in Texas

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Most of the konvertsy flapdoodle on the internet is nothing but smoke n’ mirrors… much ado signifying nothing. The same goes for Josephus Flavius’ ginned-up award… there’s only one award that counts… readership… and you’ve gotta WORK for that, kids.


I was looking at Stokoe’s comboxes, and I saw the following… I removed the name of the poster; my intent is to ridicule the vacuous “award”, not the individual who gushingly posted it. Take a look:

Congratulations, Mark, on winning “The Best Church News Blog” by the 2010 Eastern Christian New Media Awards. You have worked tirelessly, my friend, and I know I speak for many of us when I say that you richly deserve it.

This is an internet travesty; it was created by a Uniate in Texas who calls himself “Josephus Flavius” on a website called Byzantine Texas. It’s nothing but a phoney little number ginned up by an individual and his like-minded confederates. I got something in my inbox about this howler, and I ignored it. After all, I don’t need phoney awards… I have more readership than Josephus does… and more than Mark Stokoe does, for that matter. Do take a look at the graphs (none were available for Josephus’ site because it got so few hits):

6-month readership trend for this site


6-month readership trend for Stokoe’s site


In short, I have 12 percent more domestic readers (not hits… not page-views) than Mr Stokoe… and total readership can’t be compared, as Mr Stokoe keeps his site stats concealed. Do note how Stokoe’s stats are trending downward, and his site is 60 percent off its peak six months ago. A look at my graph tells the tale, and no word from me is necessary. I think that if you want to see how my site is doing… go ahead! Here’s the URL:


Cookie the Bookie is offerin’ good odds on my entry in the Trifecta… wanna try your luck?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Albany NY


Fathausen Wants Bobby K Reinstated… Will this Spark Off a Romanian Exit?

JP wants Bobby back… that means Herman’s next… it’s the SAME as it was before the Sobor…


Read this:


JP is thinking of restoring Bobby to the priesthood on the request of HERMAN SWAIKO. It certainly puts a new spin on “everything has changed”, hasn’t it? Note well that JP is sympathetic to the reinstatement of a proven thief, records destroyer, and credit card fraudster. By God, the destruction of Church financial records and the improper use of Church plastic are FEDERAL offences. Fathausen covers for this lying little weasel… and Nathaniel Popp hates Bobby with a number-one purple passion. If you want the Romanians to jump ship, reinstate Bobby… Nathaniel Popp will leave, and virtually all the Romanian parishes will leave with him (no doubt, there are autocephalist fanatics such as Alexander Nemoianu who will remain and bow at the feet of their idol Paffhausen).

Anyone who speaks for the reinstatement of Bobby K is a rebel against Christ and His Church… full stop. It’s no coincidence that Michael Dahulich, the new Bishop of New York, is supporting JP… Dahulich is originally from ACROD, which means that his ultimate loyalty is to Bart Archontonis. This is a sign that not only is there going to be an attempt to whitewash Bobby K, but Herman Swaiko and Feodosy Lazor are probably also slated for rehabilitation, and there may be an attempt to whitewash Ray Velencia and John Erickson as well.

Now, JP has shown his true face to the faithful of the OCA. He holds you in utter contempt. He lies to you… he breaks his own word… he wants to reinstate known thieves. I wonder if Nashotah House knows that Paffhausen favours the reinstatement of a proven thief and fraudster? I predict that Mr Munday of that institution will do nothing if he’s told of this… after all, the Episcopal Church is well-versed in hiding clerical wrong-doing. You will hear nothing but strained apologias from the konvertsy… especially Owen the Ochlophobist, “John” of ad Orientam, Chris Orr, and Patrick Reardon.

This is beyond words… I am not going to waste your time. If you support Fathausen after this… you’re beyond redemption. Someone should tell the Winnipeg magistrate of this… “Your Worship… show this organisation no mercy… it covers up abuse and suicides… it throws the mantle of the Church over known thieves and grifters. Do what you must, and do NOT spare them one iota of what’s coming to them. Do it to vindicate the memory of Eric Iliff, Your Worship… you will receive honour from God and man if you do so”.

Let God see and judge…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Albany NY

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