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Monday, 22 November 2010

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin Says that the MP Allows the Use of Condoms through Oikonomia

The Church allows married couples to use condoms and “the Pill”… they’re non-abortive means of contraception, and are, therefore, licit.


Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, Chairman of the MP Synodal Department for Church and Society, in commentary on the statement of Pope Benedict XVI on the admissibility of the use of condoms, said that the MP is permissive in the use of non-abortive contraception. “The Basic Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church differentiates between abortion and non-abortive contraception. In the case of the latter, a priest can use oikonomia in shepherding his flock”, Fr Vsevolod told Interfax-Religion on Monday. However, in his view, it doesn’t mean that the church endorses “in any way the selfish refusal of a couple to have children”. Speaking about the permissibility of the use of condoms for the HIV-infected, which was referred to by the Pope of Rome, Fr Vsevolod urged those who are HIV-Positive to “think seriously about whether they should be sexually active, because the infection may spread through other channels, not only through direct sexual intercourse”.

22 November 2010



Editor’s Note:

There are those who think that the moral theology and social teaching of the Church and of the Catholics are identical. That is not so… the Apostolic Church is much more understanding and freer than the papal confession is. Mind you, we don’t tolerate anarchy; we reject “anything goes” and nihilism. That being said, the Church allows many things forbidden amongst the papists. For instance, we grant church divorces through oikonomia… that is, we put aside the letter of the law for the sake of a person’s salvation. Interestingly, the konvertsy HATE oikonomia, and rail against it at every opportunity. That’s why I believe that konvertsy are a species of Donatist… they truly don’t believe that people can repent (but then they offer blanket “pardons” to insider figures who favour their clique… go figure).

In short, the papists and we stand united against secular humanism… we disagree on many things, major and minor (which will prevent any “union”), but we do agree on what faces us (which will allow us to cooperate). As Mayor Ed Koch put it, “If you agree with me on everything, you’re crazy, or you’re kissing my ass. If you agree with me with what’s in front of us, we can work together”. We agree that secular humanism is bad… that’s what we have in common with the RCs… we disagree on many details of that syllogism, but we do agree on the general outline of the problem and of what we must do jointly to confront it.



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