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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

23 November 2010. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… Paffhausen and Peterson Serve with “Suspended” Cleric

Let’s keep this focused and to the point. The guy on the left is Isidore Brittain, who was Nikolai Soraich’s sidekick in Alaska, who’s supposedly “suspended” from serving as a clergyman. A little bird told me that Izzy was suspended for naughty doings in re Paul Sidebottom. You remember that case? It ended with a typical Karlgut settlement… “we admit no wrongdoing”, a secret agreement, and a gag order on Mr Sidebottom. Supposedly, there were changes made in the OCA policy on ordination… by the way… JP was at my parish the weekend before the new rules were to take effect and ordained Piggy Iggy’s son to the diaconate. Of course… it’s just a coincidence.

How does a “suspended” cleric serve in a parish? Well, it’s like this, kids. The priest who’s rector at this parish in Oregon is Stephen Soot… I’m told that he’s Izzy’s godfather. More than one source tells me that he’s one of those squiffy HOOMies. Soot has allowed Izzy to serve at his parish for over a year… all without any formal lifting of the suspension… do you remember JP telling you that “everything had changed?” Indeed, it has… it’s MORE secretive.

By the way… this is NEWS… I’m not taking down this photo… it’s “fair use” under the copyright laws. Can’t somebody tell the magistrate in Winnipeg about how JP serves with clerics who were supposedly suspended for fooling around? I think that they’d LOVE to hear about it!



Paffhausen Spits on Church… Says We Must Adjust Our Teaching on Birth Control to Be Identical to that of Papists

An (anonymous) friend sent me the following:

I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you to know that Paffhausen disagrees with the MP about birth control. He says we have the same standards as the RCs… X listened to him speaking and was appalled, shocked and appalled…

This is inexcusable… JP is thrusting a knife into the Church’s back through such asinine statements. It’s why the papists think that they can ram papal supremacy down our throats. It also explains Fathausen’s indefatigable defence of the semi-Uniate New Skete nutters.

Let’s keep it simple… Paffhausen loves the TEC… Paffhausen loves the papists… Paffhausen loves meeting with the First Profit of the Mormons, and avoids meeting with a bishop of the Confessor UOC MP. Do you see the same pattern that I do?

Paffhausen delenda est.

Hang on to your money and don’t send any to SVS and Syosset. It’s the only language that they understand, I’m afraid. Times ARE getting “interesting”, aren’t they? I, for one, am not happy at this turn of events, but we must deal with what’s in front of us, shouldn’t we? Shall you take my hand? Things ARE getting rather Jabberwockian, aren’t they?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Albany NY

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