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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Russia’s Chief Ded Moroz Expects to be in London at Orthodox Christmas

As for me, I BELIEVE…


Russia‘s chief Ded Moroz, along with his companion Sengurochka (the Snow Maiden), plan to visit Moscow in late December, and he expects to be in London for Orthodox Christmas, to take part in the London Russian Winter Festival. At a press conference in Moscow on Wednesday, Dede told journalists that he’d be busy on New Year’s, and his pre-holiday preparations have already begun. He said, “I’ve toured many cities in Russia, and I’m getting ready to visit Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and France. Everywhere, I meet with my friends, both old and new, and I greet all the authorities. On New Year’s, I’ll be working… I just don’t know where, yet; I can’t say”.

He told us that he greets the New Year 36 times. “I fly around the Earth several times in a circle. My friends wait for me, not only in Russia, but also in Israel and the United States. Then, I’ve got to go to Australia, I’ve got to see Kostya Tszyu’s kids”, Dede said. He will arrive in Moscow in late December, accompanied by Snegurochka. “I’m glad that this holiday event has become a major part of the life of our capital. As far as the exact details of my holiday visit are concerned, I’m not going to let that out, I’ll let you be surprised. Moreover, I have a mystery gift, this year, I’ve prepared some very nice presents gift for one of the Moscow orphanages, and that’s on top of what you’re going to see and hear”, he said.

Dede noted that he would be in Latvia and Lithuania for Catholic Christmas; on Orthodox Christmas, he will be in London’s Trafalgar Square for the London Russian Winter Festival. Russia’s chief Ded Moroz, whose home and workshop is in Veliki Ustyug, marked his birthday on 18 November; on the same day, he launched his New Year’s Eve relay across Russia and Europe.

24 November 2010




24 November 2010. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… “Oh, How the Worm Turns!”

In the centre of this photograph from the 1980s, seated, is Patriarch Pimen Izvekov (1910-90) of Moscow and all the Russias. To the left, standing, is Metropolitan Aleksei Rediger (1929-2008) of Leningrad and Tallinn (later, Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias, 1990-2008). To the right is Metropolitan Philaret Denisenko (1929- ) of Kiev, the head of the MP DECR. Later on, Philaret was defrocked for fraud and money-laundering, in 1995, he became the head of the illegitimate and uncanonical “Patriarchate of Kiev”, a body that is unrecognised by any other real and canonical Local Church.

However, none of that “interesting” stuff was apparent in the 80s…. everyone thought that Denisenko was going to succeed Pimen; indeed, he was locum tenens of the MP after Pimen’s death. Who threw his weight behind Aleksei Rediger and ensured his election? None other than Vladimir Sabodan, now Metropolitan of Kiev and all the Ukraine, First Hierarch of the UOC MP, who marked his 75th birthday yesterday.

The worm did turn after thirty years, didn’t it? Therefore, don’t take verities as being set in stone… especially those concerning Jonas Paffhausen… he may end like Denisenko. At the time of this photo, Denisenko was quite the figure… today, he’s a discredited schismatic… are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Court Orders the Removal of a Plaque in Honour of Uniate Cardinal Iosif Slipy in Kharkov

Anti-Semitic recruitment poster for the  14. Waffen Grenadier Division der SS (Galician Nr 1) “Galizien”… Slipy knew that posters of this sort were up, and he knew of the anti-Semitic policies of the Waffen SS (which he supported)… so, his imprisonment was proper; he was a traitor many times over.


A local court ordered the removal of a memorial plaque in honour of Uniate Cardinal Iosif Slipy in Kharkov after the NGO Великая Русь (Great Russia) filed a suit about it. “The City Council didn’t make a decision on this matter, it was only a third-party invited by the court to give information”, Kharkov City Councilman Aleksei Khoroshkovaty told Interfax. He told us that the plaque was illegally installed in 2008. The present plaque is the second one at the site. The so-called Union of Ukrainian Youth placed the memorial there after unknown parties stole the first one, placed there in 2005 by order of then-Mayor Vladimir Shumilkin. The first plaque, Khoroshkovaty said, violated local codes, the City Council didn’t agree with the text of the inscription and the installation site. The second plaque was unofficial, placed “without prior arrangement” or legal permission. He said, “They placed the plaque on the GAI (traffic police) station in Leninsky Raion, which at one time was a prison, where supposedly the Soviets imprisoned Slipy. This is a distortion of historical events”. According to Interfax, however, Roman Cheremsky, a spokesman for the Union of Ukrainian Youth, sent a telegram to the Ukrainian President and the Minister of Internal Affairs, and filed a statement with the police. “We’ve submitted an application for a criminal investigation and seek prosecution under the laws involving cultural vandalism and destruction of property, we will seek compensation and the return of the plaque to its original site”, Cheremsky said.

Cardinal Iosif Slipy (1892-1984) was a Uniate Catholic bishop. In 1944, after the death of Metropolitan Andrew Sheptitsky, he took over leadership of the UGKTs. In April 1943, he took an active part in forming the Waffen-SS Volunteer Grenadier Division Galizien. Slipy set up a recruiting point at his seminary, and the first draft of volunteers to the Galizien Division included 23 of its graduates. In 1945, Soviet authorities arrested him due to his pro-Nazi and Banderist activities, sentencing him to eight years hard labour in Siberia. In 1963, thanks to intervention from John XXIII Roncalli the Pope of Rome and US President John F Kennedy, the Soviets released Slipy from prison, expelled him to the West, where he took part in Vatican II. After leaving the USSR, he founded the Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome and built the Basilica of Santa Sophia. In 1965, he became a cardinal. In 1992, the Uniates transferred his remains to Lvov and buried them in their Cathedral of St George.

19 November 2010



Editor’s Note:

The Galicians, their rabid RC supporters such as George Weigel, and their amen corner in the GOP all cry crocodile tears over Slipy. Slipy favoured the Nazis and recruited volunteers to fight for Hitler’s cause. He should’ve fled West in 1944… in other words, he was a “martyrdom seeker” of the worst sort, and the church canons condemn that in the strongest possible terms. This is GOOD NEWS. The Yanukovich government doesn’t support the Uniates or the schismatics (both have American backing, by the way); they support the canonical UOC/MP. Things are looking up and this is a healthy sign of it. Now, what we need is a statue of Fr Mikhail Shuvar in Lvov (a Uniate mob maimed him; his death was untimely as a result)… that’d be fitting, and it’d be a proper rebuke to the Uniate scum.


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24 November 2010. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… Here’s Those “Commie Zombies” that a Clerical Gentleman Screams About…

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These are KPU members in Carpatho-Russia who are both Communists and Christian believers. The KPU stood tall for the Church when it was under attack by schismatics and Uniates (both had US support, by the way). You can stand with the KPU, or you can stand for “democracy” and the “free market”… am I wrong in pointing up that the Ukraine wrecked its economy by following bogus Western advice? It’s why the Ukrainian per capita GDP is now only 40 percent that of Russia’s.

The Commie Zombies or Sarah Palin… it’s no choice, is it?


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