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Friday, 26 November 2010

Fathausen Issues Lawyerly Evasion on oca.org… Refuses to Give Detail on Arrest

If you believe Fathausen on this one, you deserve everything that you’re gonna get… do pack some Vaseline… you’re gonna need it…


Read this:


Note well that no background information is provided in this article, and that no factual detail is given on Seraphim Storheim’s arrest… such as the day and time that he turned himself in to the police, the exact charges against Storheim, and the amount of surety posted, none of which would prejudice his case. They give us no solid information at all, kids, as per usual. In short, it’s the customary Syosset/SVS/New Skete mantra of deny, deny, deny, all over again. Send them no money… starve them out.

Let’s keep this focused… Fathausen knew about this a year ago and refused to investigate this… he said so in a letter on OCA official stationary. Paffhausen, Peterson, Wood, Mollard, Burdikoff, Karlgut, Kondratick, Fester, Garklavs, Erickson, Behr, and all the rest of their greasy little cabal all knew of the paedophilia and sodomy that ate (and eats) at the heart of the OCA. However, the pack of konvertsy who defend Fathausen tooth-and-nail… Terrence Mattingly, Patrick Reardon, Rod Dreher, and Frederica Matthewes-Green… are the worst of the lot. They know that JP is the spiritual son of the sodomite Gleb Podmoshensky, but that doesn’t bother them.

They are trying to bury this… I don’t think that anyone believes them anymore. It’s gotten to be pathetic… a bunch of perverts and their enablers have seized control of the Church… If you have any doubt about the charges or the facts, contact Cappy and Mel at:


Keep in mind that Paffhausen and his cabal despise you so thoroughly that they don’t even tell you the official charges that Storheim faces. Again, send them no money… otherwise, you make yourself complicit in their enabling of paedophilia. This is too much, really…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 26 November 2010

Albany NY


Canada: Orthodox Church Leader is Charged With Sexual Assault

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The archbishop for Canada of the Orthodox Church in America was charged with two counts of sexual assault, the police in Winnipeg, Manitoba, said on Thursday. The allegations against the archbishop, Kenneth William Storheim, who is known as Archbishop Seraphim within the church, date back 30 years, according to a statement issued last month by the church. The police declined to give any details about the charges, citing a publication ban.

25 November 2010

Ian Austen

The New York Times


Editor’s Note:

Note well the SILENCE from oca.org and Mark Stokoe… where are they? They’re like a deer “caught in the headlights”. Watch for Fathausen to put on a smarmy expression and chide us for being “judgemental”. He knew all about this… he knew it from the top… everyone in both the OCA and ROCOR apparat knew of this. We had no right to know anything… our clerical “betters” “knew better”, dontcha know.

I would say to Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev, “You were had, Vladyki, big time. Peterson is one of the leading lights in the homosexual cabal at the top of the OCA, and he snookered you into legitimating them. Peterson knew all about Storheim for years and was part of the coverup. They used you, sir; I’m sorry for that”.

Fathausen must go and the OCA must die… NOW.


Hilarion Alfeyev is Smoking Crack… He Really Believes that There’s Going to be a Meeting Between the Pope of Rome and His Holiness

This is nothing but HOT AIR from the Boy Wonder… it has NO substance and NO backing from His Nibs.


A meeting of Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias and the Pope of Rome is closer every day, according to Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, the head of the MP Department of External Church Relations. He said in answering questions from journalists in Moscow on Thursday, “Every day, we move one day to a meeting between the pope and the patriarch. We’re not ready to name a date time, nor are we conducting specific work on preparations for the meeting, but, of course, we’re get closer to it. This is a calendar and astronomical fact”. He thinks that the MP is working on its relationship with the Catholic confession, which is “improving the general climate and achieving a higher level of understanding”.

25 November 2010




Cock-a-doodle-doo! The Boy Blunder inserts his foot in his mouth again and issues forth some more pure and unadulterated GIGO! His Nibs just got done saying that there are insurmountable obstacles between the Church and the papists. The Blunder likes shooting his mouth off to journalists… it shows that KMG was wise in gutting the DECR and taking good people such as Bishop Mark Golovkov and Fr Vsevolod Chaplin out of the Wonder’s grasp. Boobish Vatican sources such as AsiaNews and Zenit listen to this strutting and ambitious popinjay and actually take him seriously. In the present instance, it’s clear that nothing’s changed… he’s just schmoozing up to his buddies in the Western press. They think that he’s going to be the next patriarch! Let me remind them that everybody in the 70s thought that Nikodim Rotov was a shoo-in for the funny white hat, but he croaked in front of the Pope of Rome. In the 80s, the common wisdom was that Philaret Denisenko was the next patriarch… he was even locum tenens after Pimen’s death. Well… Aleksei Rediger got the shiny new bicycle (the patriarchate)… and Denisenko got the soggy cardboard box (an anathema)! Just you watch… history shall repeat itself. EVERYBODY hates Alfeyev and his obvious and acrid ambition… if I were gonna bet on it, Cookie the Bookie has the best odds on Archbishop Mark Golovkov… there’s a man to watch!


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