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Friday, 26 November 2010

Canada: Orthodox Church Leader is Charged With Sexual Assault

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The archbishop for Canada of the Orthodox Church in America was charged with two counts of sexual assault, the police in Winnipeg, Manitoba, said on Thursday. The allegations against the archbishop, Kenneth William Storheim, who is known as Archbishop Seraphim within the church, date back 30 years, according to a statement issued last month by the church. The police declined to give any details about the charges, citing a publication ban.

25 November 2010

Ian Austen

The New York Times


Editor’s Note:

Note well the SILENCE from oca.org and Mark Stokoe… where are they? They’re like a deer “caught in the headlights”. Watch for Fathausen to put on a smarmy expression and chide us for being “judgemental”. He knew all about this… he knew it from the top… everyone in both the OCA and ROCOR apparat knew of this. We had no right to know anything… our clerical “betters” “knew better”, dontcha know.

I would say to Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev, “You were had, Vladyki, big time. Peterson is one of the leading lights in the homosexual cabal at the top of the OCA, and he snookered you into legitimating them. Peterson knew all about Storheim for years and was part of the coverup. They used you, sir; I’m sorry for that”.

Fathausen must go and the OCA must die… NOW.



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