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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1 December 2010. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… His Holiness Shows His Opinion of Socialism…

The meeting of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev (1946- ) with Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada (1937- ), the Chairman of the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba, in Moscow


Two of the most anti-Social Democratic priests in our Church in the USA are John Whiteford and Anthony Nelson. Both of these men have an unfounded hatred of “socialism”. I would advise them to study this photograph. His Holiness has no problem with socialists; indeed, he has no problem with communists (he has met with Gennady Andreyevich on more than one occasion, and he gave a high Church award to Fidel Castro Ruz).

Note well that Messrs Whiteford and Nelson have no problems with the position of Senator McConnell holding the widow’s mite cheques of the unemployed hostage to approval of a tax cut for the megarich… a stance that sentences thousands to penury during this holiday season. I think that the evidence of the above photograph is clear. In addition, His Holiness has condemned both the Free Market and Neoliberalism (US “conservatism”) many times, using the strongest possible language.

You may stand with His Holiness, and support him in approving Social Democracy (what Messrs Whiteford and Nelson label “socialism”), or, you can stand with Messrs Whiteford and Nelson, and approve of their cheerleading for the enrichment of the Oligarch Class at the expense of the weakest members of our society. Think very carefully before deciding…


Editor’s Afterword:

I asked  my staritsa a direct question, can I name John Whiteford in my critique of his stance in favour of oligarchic plutocracy? Her answer was:

His stance is public… not private… you may name him, but not excoriate him.

I think that’s fair… John Whiteford and Anthony Nelson have allied themselves to an evil movement, that does not made them evil men. Of course, Rush Limbaugh, Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Joe Miller, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell ARE evil people… they are willing and eager shills for the oligarchs and voluntarily take their shilling. Shame on these priests for joining hands with such scum. May God show His mercy to them and lead them away from such prelest.



Russian Winter Festival Christmas Village Opens on Revolution Square In Central Moscow

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Puppet Theatre at previous Christmas Village


RIA-Novosti video on previous Winter Festival… narration in Russian, but the visuals are righteous.


The Fourth Annual Русская зима (Russian Winter) Crafts Festival will begin in Moscow on Revolution Square on Wednesday at 17.00, a spokesman from the prefecture of the Central Administrative District told Interfax. “On the square, a stylised Christmas Village will have a shopping arcade with retailers selling folk crafts, folk artisans and craftsmen, and outlets for confectionery and Christmas toys, about 100 shops in all”, the spokesman told us. The theme of this year’s festival will be “Russian Winter Records”, and every Saturday of the festival, there will be a new record set on the Square. On 11 December 11, for example, a 100-kilo (220-pound) candy rabbit will be presented to the public.

The spokesman went on to say, “Previous festivals were memorable to both Muscovites and tourists because of the folk attractions such as Russian slides, carousels, swimming in Epiphany ice holes, ice shows, beautiful folklore rituals, as well as the opportunity to buy bargain, yet beautiful, Christmas gifts made by Russian craftsmen”. The Christmas Village will be open daily from 1 December to 19 January, 09.00 to 21.00. This last Russian Winter Festival presented an ice bell two metres (6.5 feet) tall, a “very strong rouble” with a diameter of 1.5 metres (4.75 feet) (it weighed 150 kilos (330 pounds), and folk craftsmen set several other records.

1 December 2010



1 December 2010. MORE You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… Somebody Meant This to be Taken SERIOUSLY

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Take that Stokoe and Matusiak! The objective facts trump a “beauty contest” any day of the week! If they’re so good, why is their readership only 60 percent of their peak?


Read this:


More comedy! They’re all congratulating themselves… it’s time to ring up Cookie the Bookie to find out the Full Monty, to see which horse we should back at the next meet. Let’s use objective figures from an outside source, so, let’s look at my site as seen by Qunatcast:

Monthly Readership

Weekly Readership

Daily Readership


“Readership” isn’t “hits”, “cookies”, “page views”, or “visits”, all of which signify slightly different things. What has helped my site grow is my reportage of Russian and Orthodox news. The first uptick came in March ’08, with the death of Archbishop Laurus. Then, there was another surge during the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia in August. Finally, for 2008, there was yet another flurry at the time of the death of Patriarch Aleksei Rediger in December. There was a lull in ’09, when I was recovering from an injury, but it picked up again in that December with the news of the death of Patriarch Pavle of Serbia. As of today, my site is attracting more readership than ocanews.org (Stokoe’s site) is doing, and it is attracting 60 percent of the readership of oca.org (not bad for a personal website).

Let’s look at the other two entrants in the race:

Monthly Readership ocanews.org (Stokoe)

Monthly Readership oca.org (OCA)


Mirabile dictu! It looks as though both ocanews.org and oca.org have LOST readership! Both are at 60 percent of their peak figures… that is, people have abandoned them. YOWZA! Looks like Terrence Mattingly doesn’t know his dzopa from a hole in the ground, to speak charitably (it rather looks like he’s like the main character in the rude, yet expressive, saying from Oz, “He’s as useful as a one-legged man in a arse-kicking contest”).

Both of these sites have floundered, are floundering, and shall continue to flounder ineffectually and bootlessly. Did either one of them tell you about the law firm in Halifax that’s ready to represent any of Seraphim Storheim’s victims? Nope… but you could read it here, with the documentation to back it up. Oh… did you notice that Stokoe or Matusiak don’t give you objective figures from an outside source? I wonder why…

What a buncha maroons. Don’t argue with ’em, it’s a waste of breath and your God-given time. It’s time to go home and stop all the fooling around. Oh, yes, Cookie the Bookie tells ya to keep your money in your wallet… the result isn’t in doubt.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Albany NY

GOP Grinches Cudgel the Helpless at the Behest of their Oligarch Backers

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“‘Stop in the Name of Christ?’ Why? How many divisions does he have, and how big is his GDP? We won’t stop stomping the unemployed and poor until you kiss the bums of the rich and give them everything that they want (and stop paying those lazy bastards on the dole)“.


Read this:


What utter malarkey and BS… the voters rejected the GOP agenda by not voting for the Republican supermajorities necessary to override President Obama’s vetoes. Full stop. What happened is that the Republicans can only obstruct… they can’t do anything positive. President Obama doesn’t have to veto anything… Harry Reid will see to that.

I’ll tell you what Mitch McConnell is doing… he’s cudgelling the most vulnerable Americans… and his rich backers not only don’t scruple at that, they urge him on! This tells you volumes about the American Suburban Affluent Effluent. They don’t give a damn just so long as they don’t have to feel the effects of the Depression that they engendered through the Bush tax cuts and the Bush warmongering. Then, they dress it all up in “patriotism” and “religiosity”… it turns the stomach of any decent person.

Do not mistake me, the situation is not easy… neither side is fully within the Church’s teachings… both sides have “dirty hands” and kompromat. On the one hand, the right wing is anti-abortion, but it’s not Pro-Life in the best sense of the term; for they’re Mammon worshippers, Sectarians, warmongers, and racists. On the other, the left is for the continued legal status of abortion, but they’re in favour of regulating the fat cats, stopping the wars, aiding the poor and middle class, and they’re (in the main) against the Sectarian agenda. Firstly, abortion is not going to be criminalised, despite the noise from teabaggers and other extremists. Only 50 percent of Americans have any sort of connection with a religious group of any kind… the other 50 percent are secularists (if you don’t go to church at all, you’re a secularist). The consensus is that abortion should be regulated, but kept legal, and that’s that.

Secondly, this election was the high-water mark of the Tea Party. People are going to remember the heartless cruelty of the GOP… they’ll recall how the baggers kicked the helpless during the holiday season at the command of their fatcat backers. What utter duplicity, perfidy, and deceitfulness… as they loudly proclaim their “Christian values”. Let me tell you, such smarmy falseness is the main cause of atheism out there. To think that there are Orthodox clergy who approve of this wicked charade. One is Jonas Paffhausen… when I look at his actions and statements, I’ve concluded that he never converted in his heart of hearts. He is only Orthodox formally… his soul is Sectarian to the core. This is not only true of Fathausen; it’s true of most konvertsy.

When you link to Rush Limbaugh, you bring your boot down, full force, on the faces of the prostrate unemployed. If you join hands with Sectarians for any reason, you swing a club at the face of His Holiness. If you support Sarah Palin, you support those who wish to spread American Godless Consumerism throughout the world. Actions have consequences… therefore, I find that I cannot support the Republican Party in any way, shape, or form… they have declared themselves in favour of Mammon, Endless Warfare, and Sectarianism. I would remind my readers that His Holiness is not alone in condemning the fraudulence of the “Free Market”… Benedict XVI Ratzinger agrees with him on this, as do most other Christian leaders. Mark it down well that only Sectarians and renegade right wing Orthodox and RCs favour the Tea Party agenda… our leaders have spoken, and they condemn the Tea Party’s materialist programme 100 percent.

Get your mind right. No Orthodox Christian, Roman Catholic, or legitimate Christian can support this evil movement. Mr McConnell… repent! God has a special cold place in hell for you, if you don’t… to beat the helpless is bad enough, but to beat them to further enrich those who already have more than a sufficiency is demonic. This is too much of a muchness. As I said, I no longer support the Republican Party, and I see why Frank Schaeffer, C C Goldwater, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Wick Allison, and Christopher Buckley have done likewise. The Republican Party has become the cat’s paw of the super-rich and Sectarian nutters… one can only ruefully agree with the late Senator Barry Goldwater:

Do not associate my name with anything you do. You are extremists, and you’ve hurt the Republican Party much more than the Democrats have.

If you agree with the Tea Party… you place yourself outside of the Church’s ambit deliberately and with full malice aforethought. Here’s the choice… “You are your brother’s keeper”, or, “I worked for this, it’s mine”… the two attitudes are antipodes apart.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Albany NY

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