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Thursday, 2 December 2010

PM Putin says that Russia is Tolerant towards Gays and Lesbians, but Supports the Traditional Family Too

Larry King (1933- ) with Vladimir Putin (1952- ), on an earlier broadcast


According to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Russia doesn’t have any special laws criminalising members of sexual minorities, but he said that the state must address the demographic crisis. “Same-sex marriages, as you know, don’t produce offspring. Therefore, we’re quite tolerant towards sexual minorities, but, at the same time, we believe that the state should give special support to childbirth, maternity, to childhood care, to health [measures for mothers and children]”, Vladimir Vladimirovich said in an interview with the host of CNN’s Larry King Live. He noted that that Russia and Europe face similar, and acute, population problems. “We are taking serious steps to reverse this situation, and we are starting to do so. We have, perhaps, one of the best rates in change [in fertility rates] in Europe. We have, for the first time in 10-15 years, a steady trend in increasing fertility, and, this year, we’ve even seen some increase in population in some parts of the country”, Vladimir Vladimirovich said. He emphasised that Russian law doesn’t have any specific restrictions targeting sexual minorities, so, there isn’t a ban on their service in the Forces. “In the Soviet Union, [homosexuality] was a criminal offence under the rubric of sodomy, but the current legislation mandates no criminal liability [for homosexuality], no bans are in place”, Vladimir Vladimirovich said.

2 December 2010



Editor’s Note:

Let’s keep this one short n’ sweet. Paffhausen had a hissy fit and ranted that he would pull out OCA chaplains from the US forces if “don’t ask, don’t tell” was abrogated. Well… homosexual soldiers don’t bother V V Putin… they don’t bother His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev… they don’t bother Captain Chuck Baxter, who’s the newest Orthodox chaplain in the Canadian Forces. Oh… they DO bother John McCain, who insulted Mr Gates and Admiral Mullen… way to go, John! Remember, McCain was a shill for Georgia during the ’08 aggression against South Ossetia. This is of the same piece of mouldy flea-bitten cloth. As for JP, a Greek friend said, “That’s juvenile, if he pulled out his support for the chaplains, they’d all go under the GOA”.

You can have VVP and His Nibs… or you can have the Surfer… it’s up to you.



Further News Links on Storheim Affair… it has Hit the International Media

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Here are some foreign-language links for all you journalists out there:






This case has splashed across the newspapers of the world… it’s time for Fathausen’s scurvy HOOMie crew to go. Paffhausen delenda est.


A Most Strange Document Issues Forth from Syosset

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“Lemme tell ya… don’t go throwing that OCA rubbish under my lid! I’m a decent n’ upright trash can, and I got standards! Y’hear me?”


Read this:


This is a very odd time to issue such a “pastoral letter”, as the 40th anniversary of the granting of the Tomos of Autocephaly by the MP was on 10 April. In fact, it’s nothing more than “feel-good” hot air… and I think that the real reason for it is to rally the konvertsy troops before the court hearing in Winnipeg. This document recapitulated nothing from history, named no past figures, viewed the defunct Chambésy EP Centre as operational (the cutoff of funds by the Greek government shuttered it), and puffed up the so-called “Episcopal Assembly” (which is nothing but an EP charade).

In all honesty, there’s nothing to get one’s teeth into in the whole document. It’s sheer GIGO… the worst ever put out by Syosset. It’s not even dated! It’s embarrassing in the extreme. Is Fathausen around the bend? This document certainly makes him look so. Pass me the jug… we all need a GOOD snort… crazy world, ain’t it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 2 December 2010

Albany NY

There is Going to be a Divorce…

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One wonders why the konvertsy, as a group, go in for rightwing wingnut extremism. Certainly, the leaders of the Church have spoken many times in condemnation of the Free Market, of laissez faire capitalism, and of plain sinful greed. Perhaps, it’s because most Anglo-Saxon converts refuse to learn one of the Orthodox languages and read the ordinary press in the Orthodox homelands. The bishops often speak in the media, and journalists cover the doings of the Church in such popular outlets as MK and KP… it’s not like America, where the Church operates in secret, away from the light, refusing to tell the truth unless forced to by the courts.

The Tea Party operates much as Orthodoxy in America does. It refuses to name its sugar daddy backers… oh, yes, their legal mouthpiece Roberts called campaign funding regulation “unconstitutional”… what utter rot. These people PREFER the darkness and the shadows… should it surprise us that the konvertsy and the Tea Party find one another congenial? The Tea Party excoriates those who want openness and regulation in the political and economic arena, whilst the konvertsy slam those who question the high-handed actions of their favoured hierarchs and clerics. Both the Tea Party and the konvertsy call their opponents “socialists”.

Nevertheless, the Church does NOT condemn Social Democracy… it does condemn Neoliberalism (US “conservatism”), and the current WikiLeaks affair makes me hate Neoliberalism even more. Through it, the “conservatives” want to exacerbate tensions so that their arms industry pals make huge profits. Through it, they want to continue the endless Bush War and expand it. Through it, they want to undermine President Obama, so that they can take money from unemployed families and transfer it to the richest and most idle families in the country. That’s Tea Party redistribution, for ya!

That is why I hate everything that John Whiteford, Anthony Nelson, Mark Stokoe, Terrence Mattingly, and Jonas Paffhausen stand for in the political/economic area… they stand for EVIL. It’s moot to search for the source of this… it suffices to know that these people do not share the Mind of the Church. A friend of mine sent me the following:

There are so many “John Whitefords” in the Church now (here in North America, at least), it has gotten to be the norm in certain so-called “Orthodox” quarters. What these fools don’t realise is that there is evidence that the Nazarenes (the early Jewish Church in Jerusalem headed by James the Just) entered into a unified movement with the Zealots and others to resist the very type of (Roman) Imperialism that these “Orthodox Rednecks” defend! The Nazarenes and the Zealots would be considered “Socialists” by modern standards, revolutionary, fervent, and concerned with the well-being of the “have-nots” in 1st century Palestine. Clowns like JW are “Romans”, and their worldview and value systems prove that beyond a doubt. This Nazarene ain’t having it, and I will fight them every chance I get…

the Nazarene

Which side are you on? Do you follow His Holiness or do you follow Messrs Whiteford, Nelson, Mattingly, et al? Do you stand by Frank Schaeffer when the konvertsy attack him, or, do you stand aside and say, “It’s not my affair, they’re not attacking me”. I’m glad for some of the upsetting events in the larger society in the past six months… it’s smoked out the wingnuts in the Church.

You see, I’ve come to realise that most of the former Sectarians and Episkies in the Church didn’t give up their heresy… they merely changed their rituale… which is a piffle. John Whiteford wants you to believe Rush Limbaugh… Chad Hatfield takes an honorary degree from the TEC seminary that he graduated from… JP protects Isidore Brittain… Freddie Matthews-Green thinks that there’s no difference between Orthodox and Uniates… Rod Dreher attacked paedophiles amongst the RCs, but plays defence for paedophiles in the OCA… what more do you need?

I would hope that these people would abandon their delusions… but I fear that they shall not… and that they will move out of us just as easily as they moved amongst us. Actually, the sooner it happens, the better off we all shall be. This isn’t “nice”… it isn’t “politic”… but “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. Orthodoxy in America is at a fork in the road… we shall not all choose identically, and it’s lunatic to assume otherwise. I’m going to stand for the Church… the Real Church of Russia and Greece, of Serbia and Romania, not the imagined church of some self-centred Episcopalian’s reading.

There is going to be a divorce… the only question left is, “Shall it be amicable or otherwise?” I fear that all of us know the answer to that.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 2 December 2010

Albany NY

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