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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Republican Grinches Steal from the Unemployed to Give to the Rich

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They did “eated your cookie”, dear. They still want even more… that’s why we can never “compromise” with the evil that the Republican Party advocates. You can have Christ or you can have Mammon… and the GOP is the latter. Any questions?


Read this:


Let’s keep this short and to the point. The Republican Party claims that it’s against unemployment extension because there’s no apparent funding for it. Then, why do they advocate giveaway tax breaks for the rich without the requisite cuts in “defence” and corporate welfare? Methinks I smell hypocrisy.

For instance, if the tax breaks for the rich were to expire, Rush Limbaugh would pay an additional 2.5 million dollars in taxes on an income of 58 million. Poor baby! That’s what’s necessary to help the unemployed. Mr Limbaugh, and all those who support his rants, should know that the rest of us are getting wise to the fact that the wealthy were the one segment of our populace that not only didn’t suffer during the present depression, they did even better than before. Therefore, in my view, we should return to New Deal tax rates for them… they’ll still be rich, they’ll still be much better off than the rest of us. We shouldn’t “compromise” with the Republicans… not only do they refuse to compromise themselves, what they advocate is objectively evil, in any case.

Note well that Orthodox konvertsy support slime like Rush Limbaugh et al. They even tell us that’s what the Church teaches. Actually, I think that His Nibs has other ideas, thank God. He teaches that Free Market Capitalism is fraudulent… and he’s right! Get your mind right, konvertsy… and remove that link to Rush Limbaugh, Mr Whiteford… Limbaugh is a money-grubbing Christ-denying atheist, worse than any secularist is. How could you?

You can support the godless oligarchs (and their mouthpieces like Rush Limbaugh) or you can support the allocation of our resources to help those hurt by the oligarchs’ machinations… they’re mutually contradictory. I know where I stand…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 5 December 2010

Albany NY


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