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Monday, 6 December 2010

Hieromonk Makary Marques, a Graduate of Holy Trinity Seminary (ROCOR) in Jordanville NY, Believes that Freedom of Speech is Greater In Russia than in the USA

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Here’s what it’s all about… Roberts and his lackey Supreme Court attempted to hand the election to the Republicans by “deregulating” campaign contributions… money over free speech… that’s the world of the Tea Party. Any questions?


Russian citizens have more freedom of expression than do Americans, according to Hieromonk Makary Marques, an instructor at the Ivanovo-Voznesensky Seminary, who was a computer programmer in the USA, and who graduated from Holy Trinity Seminary (ROCOR) in Jordanville NY. “For anyone who remembers the Soviet times, the words stick in one’s throat if one begins to even think of talking about the lack of freedom of expression there. I had to live in the USA, and our freedom of expression in Russia is significantly higher than it is in America, even though there is a 200-year-old democratic tradition there”, Fr Makary said in an interview with Interfax-Religion. In his view, this is illustrated by “the fact that, today, anyone can publish whatever they desire on the Internet, and print whatever they want”.

Speaking about the controversy over logging in the Khimki Forest, Fr Makary noticed that in the USA, “there a great many such conflicts, too many to count on the fingers of your hands”, and even if such conflicts increase, it doesn’t cause basic dysfunction, “because people learn to defend their interests, they become more active, informed, educated, and street-savvy. For instance, in the Khimki Forest dispute, I saw our children’s innocence, their naïveté in trying to resolve the conflict in a normal democratic manner”, Fr Makary said. He is convinced that “Russia is a nation with its own destiny, and it also has a global spiritual role to play. Therefore, we need to endure as a nation”.

6 December 2010



Editor’s Note:

This should be a wakeup call for all Orthodox who have been seduced by the siren-song of the Tea Party. The Tea Party’s pledge to criminalise abortion should not fool you… it’s NOT the same as the Church’s Pro-Life position, at all. Rather, it’s a fascist boot of repression… it’s the same boot that they aim at the faces of the unemployed, the undocumented alien worker, the permanent “temporary” employee, and the “uninsured”. One of these things is not like the other… you can have the Church (Christ) or you can have the Tea Party (Mammon)! You CAN’T have both… it’s like being both alive and dead at the same time… IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. DO choose well…



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