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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fathausen Grasps at Straws… ROCOR Apparatchiki Enable His Defence of Storheim

In the end, they’re indistinguishable, aren’t they? POWER over people… that’s what attracts them… there’s no money to be had, God only knows! You know what to do… starve them BOTH out.


Read this:


As of today, the apparatchiki of the OCA and ROCOR stand together… in defence of the sodomite Isidore Brittain… in defence of the accused paedophile Seraphim Storheim… in defence of Bobby K… in defence of the coverup artist John Erickson… in defence of Raymond Velencia. After all, we had to expect this after Alexander Lebedeff’s unseemly, unprovoked, and ungodly attack on Kristi Koumentakos.

The ROCOR has people who are afraid of its old ghosts… they fear that victims of Sam Greene, Panteleimon Metropoulos, and Gleb Podmoshensky will come forward and beggar them (as well they should). Indeed, Fathausen has NEVER asked forgiveness for his lengthy association with Podmoshensky… he treats it as if it were “normal”. Don’t forget… Fathausen’s dalliance with Podmoshensky came AFTER GP’s suspension and defrocking by the ROCOR Holy Synod.

This is a sad day, today… nevertheless, this isn’t the fruit of a natural growth… it’s the coming together of two sets of scheming clerical bureaucrats… they’re the same under the skin, aren’t they? I’ve always said that the present malaise affects both the OCA and the ROCOR… this proves it, even for the slow learners. Interesting… OCA and ROCOR clergy who have never met me have attacked me… that’s their MO kiddies… they have the right to condemn you without a hearing! Of course, when the accused is a clergyman… see how they all flock together to defend the prerequisites of their “caste”.

Did you notice how none of these clerical paladins, both OCA and ROCOR, stood up publicly and loudly for either Mme Plas or for Eric Iliff? That is, any member of the laity who dares to do as little as to question the clerical apparatchiki is to be defamed and destroyed, if possible. Don’t forget… His Holiness praised Mme Plas and held her up as an exemplar… even though the Parisians and the OCA blackened her name (and the ROCOR bureaucrats did likewise through their silence).

I shall say this, God ALLOWED the Reds to chastise the Church… it had grown fat, ugly, unresponsive, and greedy… sounds a bit like the present apparatchiki of the OCA and ROCOR, no? God will not be mocked…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Albany NY


Video. Zhanna Bichevskaya: “Russian March”

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This video features images drawn from the White Russian Tradition. If Orthodoxy is to stand against godless and grasping Sectarian America (especially the Satanic Mormons and Pentecostalists), Russians of all stripes must all join hands… White and Red together… in a new and powerful Holy United Russia that unites the best of the old Empire and of the Soviet Union. We should honour both the heroes of the Red and White Movements…  both stood against the demonic ideology of the Free Market and “Democracy”.  We should never forget the Great Victory… we should never forget the Ice March… both shall nourish us.

Never forget… Russians are Christians in their blood… American Sectarians are not. s Nami bog! God is with us! If we remember this… we shall be strong. If we grasp the banner of Suvorov and Zhukov, of Kolchak and Chapayev, we are unbeatable…

Glory to the One People! Death to the Tea Party and the oligarchs!


Video. Oleg Gazmanov in Minsk… the People’s Choice!

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We not only have our own folkways, faith, and civilisation… we have our own pop stars, distinct from those of the West. Here’s one of the most well-known, the inimitable Oleg Gazmanov… he’s not only wildly popular, he’s an unshakable patriot. Oleg Mikhailovich isn’t a People’s Artist of Russia for nothing. By the way, the intro goes on for almost a minute… check out the size of the crowd!

Ukrainian Schismatic “Clergy” Forbidden to Serve at Burials in Cemeteries in Kiev

The self-proclaimed so-called “Patriarchate of Kiev” is upset that their “clergy” are forbidden to serve funerals in the local cemeteries in Kiev, and asked the municipal authorities to intervene in the situation. According to the “Patriarchate of Kiev’s” press centre, the management of urban funeral services received a letter from the Chancellor of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP), Archbishop Mitrofan Yurchuk, stating, “Those who pose as priests of the UOC and serve funerals” have appeared in the cemeteries of Kiev. Vladyki Mitrofan’s letter also contained a list of specific individuals, so-called “priests” of the “Patriarchate of Kiev” and stated, “All services and sacraments performed by them are illicit”. The press centre of the UOC-KP said, “Patriarch (sic) Philaret of Kiev sent a letter to Aleksandr Popov, the head of the Kiev City State Administration, asking him to investigate the situation and stop the violations (sic)”.

13 December 2010



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