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Thursday, 16 December 2010

20 US States Declare for Atheism: Attempt made by Republicans to Perpetuate HMO Death Panels Instead of a Proper Single-Payer Health Plan

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Here’s the true face of the Tea Party… the true face of Sectarianism… the true face of the “Free” Market… the true face of Globalisation… and the true face of the “Conservatism”… yes, sir, it’s the face of Ol’ Scratch. All Orthodox who support the GOP should be ashamed of supporting such evil. After all, didn’t Newt Gingrich serve divorce papers on his wife when she was deathly ill with cancer? Great moralism, huh?


Read this:


Firstly, this means that thirty states SUPPORT single-payer health care and oppose the HMO death panels preferred by the GOP… that’s 60 percent of the total. It’s generally not well-known, but the loudmouth Republican states are also those that receive MORE money back from the feds than they pay in taxes. For instance, New York and Massachusetts only get back about 80 percent of what they pay in taxes. Who benefits from the fed’s largess? Why, it’s loudmouth Republican states like Texas, Utah, and Mississippi! They suck on the federal tit more than anyone else does, they get back more than they pay in, and, then, they have the goddamned gall to proclaim that the federal government is bloated and out of control! If these states lost their subsidies from New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, and California, they’d collapse into irrelevance.

It’s ironic isn’t it? The loudmouth teabaggers can only exist on subsidies from the so-called nasty “liberals”… that’s because they don’t have a positive programme, all that they have is a licentious and obscene plan of destruction. You see, according to them, all that we have to do to have an ideal society is to “deregulate” everything and be “business-friendly”. Don’t forget… Enron, WorldCom, and Silverado all came from “business-friendly” GOP states. How many thousands of people had their savings destroyed? That doesn’t matter to the baggers! It’s just the “invisible hand of the market”. It doesn’t matter that Neil Bush and Kenneth Lay escaped justice… that’s too bad.

It’s time to stand tall for the weakest amongst us and expose the Republican scummers as the atheist money-worshippers that they are. I don’t care how often Pat Robertson or Franklin Graham lisp their “prayers”… it doesn’t change the basic reality that they’re not Christians… they’re Sectarians who bow low in front of Almighty Mammon, and we forget that at our peril.

I can also say this… if you see someone on the ‘net (either on a forum or on a blog) claiming that the Tea Party is consonant with Orthodox teaching, they’re chock fulla beans and spouting absolute pure 100 percent hooey. It’s baloney from stem to stern… His Holiness has made it clear that socialism is in line with the Church’s teachings (unlike what you hear from John Whiteford, Anthony Nelson, Jonas Paffhausen, and Terrence Mattingly). The Church does NOT condemn social democracy, and all those in the Church who attack it have to get their minds right. In particular, the Tea Party effort to attack health care reform is evil… they defend HMOs who drop people because they contract a serious illness… that’s what happened to Georgie Ann Geyer. They defend HMOs refusing to pay for operations… like the HMO that told a relative of a friend of mine that they wouldn’t pay for an operation to correct two holes in their heart unless they got a stroke.

It’s simple… the Tea Party/GOP/neocons worship money, full stop. If you support the GOP, you spit on Christ and His Church, and you spit on such archpastors as His Holiness Patriarch Kirill, His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew, and His Holiness Patriarch Irinej… all of whom who have spoke in favour of “health care justice”. If Messrs Whiteford and Nelson continue to support the satanic HMOs and their obscene profits… expect to see me on the other side of the barricades, doing my best to defeat their cause.

For too long, the “conservative” scummers have seized the tiller of the Church here in the USA… it’s time to take it back! After all… Our Lord Christ wasn’t a plutocrat! Didn’t He expel the merchants from the temple with a cat o’ nine tails? I seem to recall that He said, “You have turned my Father’s House into a den of thieves!” The clerical bureaucrats should take note of that, no? I also seem to recall that He was tacked up to a cross to die a painful death for upsetting the “respectable” of this world, wasn’t He?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 16 December 2010

Albany NY


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