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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Elder Zosima Sokur: “Be in a hurry to do good deeds… life is so short!”

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Here’s a vid on Solovki… the chant’s pretty good…

Editor’s Foreword:

With all the news coming out on the sleazoids amongst the clergy, let’s look at the “good guys” too… they’re the ones who keep the Church alive and sweet. The last real elders we had in Russian Orthodoxy in America were Archimandrite Vladimir Sukhobok and Fr Michael Pomazansky (the great refuter of Schmemann… I find it interesting that this major figure has no OrthoWiki page… that proves this website’s acrid konvertsy orientation) (both men died in 1988, by the way). Priest friends abroad inform that there is only one elder in America today (none of the OCA or AOCANA poseurs even come close)… Archimandrite Ephraim of Philotheou, whose monastic roots are on the Mountain. There are NO elders in Western Europe, nor have there ever been in our days.

Here’s a spread on one of the truly holy ones of our time… Fr Zosima, pray for us sinners, especially this one!




The late Schema-Archimandrite Zosima Sokur (1944-2002) was one of the elders of the early days of the late 20th Century Orthodox revival in Russia. When he died, all of his spiritual children were bereft and sad.



Here’s what I wrote about Elder Zosima:

He was so YOUNG when he died… he was only 58! Of course, when one is 56… OUCH. Life is SO fragile, isn’t it? The Good Lord has given me good health… maybe little else, but good health is a precious gift, and I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.



“[Ukrainian President] Vladimir Yanukovich was converted by the clairvoyant elder Zosima, who then married him to his long-term partner”.

An MP priest



Be in a hurry to do good deeds… life is so short. May your guardian angel be with all of you…

Schema-Archimandrite Zosima Sokur



Here’s a link to good stuff on Elder Zosima:


No, Virginia, not all the clergy are Feraponts… not all are cut from the same bolt of sleazy cloth as Lebedeff and Garklavs are. There ARE holy men walking amongst us…

Would all of you say a prayer and light a candle for Nicky’s cousin Denise (Dionisia)? She truly needs it, dear ones. I weep… I’ve come to love her so… shall we have to say goodbye so soon?



My Sincere Thanks to All of You Who Extended Greetings on My Angel Day… May God Bless! Бог благословит!

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Great Martyr St Varvara

Vladimir Tretyakov



My sincere thanks to all of you who offered me “congratulations” on my angel day. It’s difficult at times… there are those who don’t want the light of truth shone on their doings, or on the doings of other sleazy clergy. Yet… you guys keep me going.

Here’s a sample of what I got (anonymous, of course)… there’s no way you can figure out the authors (that’s for Paffhausen’s eunuchs who regularly read me):

S praznikom and many happy returns! I guess you have seen the underground Church of St Barbara in Romania. Just in case, check this:



As we say among the Greeks: Chronia polla!  Many returns!


Happy Name Day! Enjoy it; be merry!


From the kontakion for St Barbara ( fourth tone):

O noble champion, following God who is reverently praised in Trinity, you abandoned the temples of idols.  Struggling amid suffering, O Barbara, you were not overwhelmed by the threats of the tyrants, O brave One, even singing aloud, “I worship the Trinity, the one Godhead”.

Could have written about you, Vara, I swear!


Gee! I totally forgot to greet you. Apologies, and Happy St. Barbara’s! And next year, all united under the MP!


I’m going to “keep on, keeping on”… we need to state “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God”… Our Lord Christ expects that of us.


Bart Torpedoes the Tea Party… He Agrees with KMG! We Have an OBLIGATION to the Poor!

Chinese representation of the Nativity of Christ


2010 Patriarchal Encyclical for the Nativity of Christ

17 December 2010

Prot. No. 1338


By the Mercy of God, Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch

To the Plenitude of the Church; Grace, Peace, and Mercy, from the Saviour Christ Born in Bethlehem:

Beloved brother concelebrants and blessed children in the Lord,

Within the sombre atmosphere that recently prevails throughout the world with the diverse affliction of the financial, social, moral and especially spiritual crisis, which has created increasing frustration, bitterness, confusion, anxiety, disappointment, and fear among many people with regard to the future, the voice of the Church sounds sweet:

Come, O faithful, let us raise our minds to things divine and behold the heavenly condescension that has appeared to us from above in Bethlehem …

Hymn from the 6th Hour, Christmas

The unshakeable belief of Christians is that God does not simply or indifferently observe from above the journey of humanity, which He has personally created according to His image and likeness. This is why the incarnation of His only-begotten Son and Word was from the very beginning His “good will”, His original intention. His “pre-eternal will” was precisely to assume in His person, in an act of extreme love, the human nature that He created in order to render it “a participant of divine nature” (2 Peter 1.4). Indeed, God willed this prior to the “fall” of Adam and Eve, even before their very creation! Following the “fall” of Adam and Eve, the “pre-eternal will” of the Incarnation embraced the Cross, the Sacred Passion, the Life-giving Death, the Descent into Hades, and the Resurrection after three days. In this way, the sin that infiltrated human nature, thereby infecting everything, and the death that surreptitiously penetrated life, were completely and definitively dispelled, whilst humanity was able to enjoy the fullness of the Paternal and eternal heritage.

However, the divine condescension of Christmas is not restricted to things related to eternity. It also includes things related to our earthly journey. Christ came into the world in order to spread the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven and to initiate us into this Kingdom. Yet, He also came in order to help and heal human weakness. He miraculously and repeatedly fed the multitudes who listened to His word; He cleansed lepers; He supported paralytics; He granted light to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and speech to the dumb; He delivered the demonised of impure spirits, resurrected the dead, supported the rights of the oppressed and abandoned; He condemned illegal wealth, heartlessness to the poor, hypocrisy, and “hubris” in human relations; He offered Himself as an example of voluntary self-emptying sacrifice for the sake of others!

Perhaps, this dimension of the message of divine incarnation should be particularly emphasised this year. Many of our friends and colleagues are experiencing terrible trials from the current crisis. There are countless numbers of unemployed, nouveau poor, homeless, young people with “cropped” dreams. Nevertheless, Bethlehem is translated as a “House of Bread!” Therefore, as faithful Christians, we owe all of our troubled brothers and sisters not only the “essential bread”, that is to say, Christ, who lies in swaddling clothes in the simple manger of Bethlehem, but also the daily tangible bread of survival and all that “pertains to the bodily needs” (James 2.16). Now is the time for a practical application of the Gospel message with a dignified sense of responsibility! Now is the time for a clear and exact implementation of the words of the Apostle, “Show me your faith with works!” (James 2.18) Now is the time and the opportunity for us “to raise our minds to things divine” to the height of the royal virtue of Love, which brings us closer to God.

This is what we proclaim to all the children of the Ecumenical Patriarchate from this sacred and martyric See, the Church of the Poor of Christ, and we invoke upon all of you the divine condescension and the boundless mercy, as well as the peace and grace of the Only-Begotten Son and Word of God, who for our sake was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary. To Him belong the glory, power, honour, and worship, with the Father and the Spirit, unto the ages of ages.


At the Phanar, Holy Christmas 2010

Your fervent intercessor before God,

Bartholomew of Constantinople

Editor’s Note:

Let’s see… His Holiness has spoken on the economy… now, Bartholomew speaks… and they are in total agreement! We are to follow Christ… to help the poor… to help those beaten down by the oligarchs… to see that the sick have access to health care. That’s our Christian DUTY… it’s our OBLIGATION before Almighty God.

If you wish to follow godless and mercenary filth such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin, I can’t stop you. However, I SHALL oppose you with every fibre of my being… I shall not allow you to drag Our Lord Christ through the muck by associating His Holy Name with the greedy and grasping ideology of the Republican Party.

It’s time to choose up sides! You can stand with His Holiness Patriarch Kirill… you can stand with His Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew… or you can stand with the running dog lackeys of Mammon such as Limbaugh, Palin, and Beck… you cannot mix the two, it’s impossible.

What concord hath Christ with Belial?

Indeed, what concord hath Christianity with filthy lucre and the love of earthly power? Yes… like the case of Palin’s sock-puppet Joe Miller… he’s obviously lost the election, but he’s trying to steal it in the courts. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? No Christian can back a movement that includes such people as Mr Miller… and Newt Gingrinch, who served divorce papers on his wife as she lay on her sickbed.

Let’s follow our Patriarchs… they’re seconded by all the responsible voices in the Church! Why would you want to follow the Tea Party? Only questionable people like Jonas Paffhausen support it. Let’s all get our minds right and work for a fair and just society… it’s what Our Lord Christ taught, and it’s why the respectable of this world crucified Him!

Let’s glorify Him! Let’s do His work… let’s be Good Samaritans… let’s be repentant Publicans… not proud Pharisees. After all, “Christian” isn’t just a label on your jeans…


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