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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

JP Accuses His Critics of Rumour-Mongering… Izzat So?

“This IS relevant to the investigation… we DO need to know who’s telling the truth here…”


I’m not going to bore you with a long and repetitious list of Fathausen’s nefarious doings. Let’s concentrate on two main items. I’d say to the magistrate in Winnipeg, “Press Paffhausen to the mat on these… he did make public statements concerning them. They’ll tell you the character of his trustworthiness”. In 2009, JP gave a speech at St Tikhon’s Humanitarian University (PSTGU) in Moscow. Firstly, he boasted about how the OCA was going to bring in a group in Guatemala. I’d advise the Winnipeg magistrate to interrogate JP on this. You see, the reception of this group fell through. It failed because Benjamin Peterson demanded that the group sign over its property to the OCA. In fact, Your Worship, you could ask him about the Orthodox Catholic Church of Guatemala… you’d find that he would probably lie to you and not tell you about Peterson’s involvement. By the way, this group DOESN’T have a half-million members… it’s closer to 50,000. Besides that, there’s been no appreciable coverage of this group in the general religious press. Much of Orthodoxy is a mere internet will o’ the wisp.

Secondly, JP made another claim at PSTGU… that the only people left at Syosset from the administration of Herman Swaiko were some clerical staff and a house-cleaner. This was a total and absolute lie. You see, standing next to him, was Fr Leonid Kishkovsky, who’d been the head of the OCA Department of External Church Relations for over thirty years (he’s responsible for the “foreign policy” of the OCA). Besides this, JP also brought back many figures from Herman’s junta. John Matusiak returned as head of communications, Valerie Ringa, a long-time SVS apparatchik became treasurer (after a supposed “national” search), and Alexander Garklavs, another old hand from Herman’s time, was chancellor. This isn’t to mention such shady figures as Alexei Karlgut and Igor Burdikoff. Your Worship, talk to Cappy and Mel about these stalwarts… I guarantee that the story they’ll tell you is neither boring nor idle (no doubt, they’ve filled you in, already… but if they haven’t…). Oh, yes… do ask JP about Robert Kondratick, and do ask him why he didn’t press charges against RSK for credit card fraud and extortion. Do press JP about Ray Velencia… he was the centrepiece in a court-case concerning the spilling of pastoral confidences… it ended in a “confidential settlement”. Soon, Velencia is going to be assigned to the OCA Cathedral in Washington DC, with no disciplinary action taken against him whatsoever. Fathausen did claim at PSTGU that the OCA was going to bring in a group in Guatemala. He also claimed that he did a thorough house-cleaning and booted out all of Herman’s people. Neither of these items are “rumour”. If they’re proven false, then, JP’s whole edifice collapses. I think that we can see that Paffhausen’s situation is not only shaky; it’s untenable.

Two last items… do ask Paffhausen about the 250K payoff to Kondratick… and do ask Kondratick’s defender James Silver what monastery he’s affiliated with… you see, he claims to be a monk, and Orthodox practise demands that monks and nuns live in monasteries. I think you’ll find his story “interesting”. I don’t know what to say after viewing that mendacious little video on Seraphim Storheim… one of my friends, a priest abroad, said:

What utter propaganda! They must be desperate! It’s almost like a confession of guilt.

That’s a good place to end this. Don’t get angry… don’t get violent. Simply don’t send them any money… that’ll hasten their end. In the meantime, we’re in for some “memorable times” (look for Lebedeff and Gan to attempt to funnel ROCOR money to their OCA buddies)… God, do help us.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Albany NY


Joe Miller’s Case Thrown Out by Alaska Supreme Court… Miller Refuses to do the Honourable Thing and Concede

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Joe Miller… just another sock-puppet for Sarah Palin


Read this…


Note this:

“The State characterises the standard urged by Miller as the ‘perfection standard’, and we agree that such a standard would tend to disenfranchise many Alaskans on the basis of ‘technical errors’”, the court decided.

Joe Miller refuses to take the path of a Christian gentleman… that is, concede graciously, and apologise to Senator Murkowski. He brings dishonour to West Point by his lawyerly parsing and posturing… a true officer would “face the music”, stand at attention, do what he had to do, and do it with dignity and probity. He’s a punk, a putz, a loser, and a wussie. He does have an “excuse”… Sarah Palin used Joe Miller as a weapon to attack Lisa Murkowski.

That’s who’s behind it all… why, Sweet Wittle Miss Sarah… that’s who. It proves, even for the slowest learners, that she’s a vindictive and petty trollop. She cares nothing for honour, integrity, or character. All that matters is that she wants to hurt Lisa Murkowski as badly as she can.

However, Sarah Palin is just a typical Republican. If you dig behind it all, you find out that all these loudmouth Republicants are from states that get more back in federal funds than they send out in federal taxes. They posture about “shrinking the federal government”, yet, if the feds were “shrunk”, their states would lose their juicy subsidies from more civilised states such as Massachusetts, New York, and California… and lose their competitive “edge”. That’s hypocrisy… that’s MENDACITY.

These “rugged individualists” are nothing but hustling Welfare Queens wearing cheap costume jewellery and a dress a size too small. Instead of being Pillars of the Community, they’re willing and cheap whores for the oligarchs, with god-awful scent and makeup applied with a spackle knife. If their states were to lose their handouts from the feds, they would collapse into irrelevance. Ergo, to keep the fed gravy train coming, these Solons lease themselves out to the highest bidder… and they’re not inexpensive! Do ask Tom DeLay about that!

I hope that the GOP nominates Mizz Sarah in 2012… she’s such a nasty piece of work that the Democrats would have a victory on the scale of Billl Clinton’s in ’96. Incidentally, both Joe Miller and Sarah Palin are Sectarians, not Legit Christians… this tells you something about them, doesn’t it? I’ll confide that I find “born-agains” to be rather dreary mean sorts… and they’re horridly vicious to boot. Such people are the cause of much atheism and unbelief… people reasonably conclude that if these people are “Christians”, they want no part of “Christianity”.

Mr Miller… concede with grace and dignity… then, you may salvage some respect. Otherwise, you’re Sarah’s little boy toy and you deserve nothing but derisive contempt, and you’re a disgrace to the uniform that you once wore. Sarah Palin Twitters “man-up”… well, Mr Miller, show her how a true man deals with defeat… or have you bought into her trite little song n’ dance? We’ll see Mr Miller’s true worth, won’t we?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Albany NY

This is Utter and Unmitigated BS… It’s an Attempt to Lie to His Holiness Regarding Seraphim Storheim

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Editor’s Foreword:

The video that originally went with this post was withdrawn, then reposted on You Tube again. It’s posted in another location on this site now. Here’s the new URL for the pro-Seraphim vid (they didn’t change it in the least, they just took it down, and, then, reposted it… strange, no?):




I have never seen such a document that was more crowded with infamous falsehood and distortion. Scoundrels and piss-ants.

Cordell Hull (1871-1955)

US Secretary of State (1933-44)


I’ll be writing a longer piece later, but I think that you must be aware of the lengths that Paffhausen’s power-hungry eunuchs are going to in order to preserve their tattered power. This video is utter and absolute mendacity from end to end. You have noted Paffhausen’s bleat that anyone who criticises him is a “rumourmonger”… I would say in reply, “Very well… then, prove that you had NO relationship with Gleb Podmoshensky after his defrocking or that you fired Eric Tosi after he said, ‘The records simply don’t exist'”. As JP can’t prove either stipulation… what is said of him is not rumour… it’s fact.

We’re in for the worst stretch, I fear. Nevertheless, take heart… it’s not like the 70s and 80s… then, the apparat had an exclusive stranglehold on informational media and anyone who dissented was labelled “mentally ill” and marginalised. Note well that they tried using the latter tactic on Tikhon Fitzgerald. One needn’t agree with him to understand that Syosset’s attempts to paint him as mad were ludicrous, to say the least. It shall NOT be pleasant in the short term… shall you take my hand?


PM Putin Opened a New Monument at Poklonnaya Gora and Met with Nino Burdzhanadze, a Leader of the Georgian Opposition

Nino Burdzhanadze (1964- ) and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (1952- ) stand together at the dedication of the new memorial at Poklonnaya Gora.


Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is convinced that the future of Georgian-Russian relations is a good, that it will be a neighbourly and true partnership. “I’m sure no one could deceive and embitter the Russian and Georgian peoples, thus breaking the traditional strong human spiritual bonds connecting us, hence, in future, I see a good, neighbourly, equal, and true partnership existing between Russia and Georgia. We are sincerely striving to make this happen”, Vladimir Vladimirovich said, in a speech at the formal dedication of the monument We Were United in the Fight against Fascism at the Poklonnaya Gora Memorial Complex.

Mr Putin recalled that, exactly one year ago, many TV channels broadcast horrific footage of the Saakashvili junta’s destruction of the Kutaisi Memorial to Military Glory. “This shameful act of state vandalism caused a negative response and sharp indignation throughout the world, above all, in Georgia, because people despise those who try to destroy history, the more so when some try to deny the memory of their own heroes, to turn away from their own history, from age-old traditions of friendship and mutual support”, he said with some emphasis.

On 19 December 2009, the Georgian régime blew up the Kutaisi Memorial to Military Glory, a monument honouring the Soviet soldiers who fought in the Second Great Patriotic War. Prime Minister Putin, along with the Union of Georgians in Russia, as well as a number of other public organisations, proposed that a replica of the Kutaisi memorial be built at the Poklonnaya Gora Memorial Complex, and it was decided to do so. A competition was held to select a design, and the board chose a sculptural ensemble entitled The Reichstag.

“The monument at Poklonnaya Gora is not only our tribute to the immortal feats of our ancestors, but also it’s evidence of our common will, of our determination to cherish the truth about our heroes who defended it against cynicism, barbarism, and lies, who stood together against nationalism, xenophobia, and extremism, no matter what superficially attractive slogans were used”, Vladimir Vladimirovich said. According to the prime minister, the new monument is a symbol of the unity of peoples of different nationalities and faiths, “who survived the most terrible conflict in the history of humanity, it’s a reminder that we were truly united in the struggle against fascism. Today, we bow our heads before the memory of those who paid the ultimate price for the victory… their lives”.

Mr Putin said that the common work to create this monument fostered dialogue between ordinary citizens from both countries. He expressed appreciation to all who took part in the planning of the monument, as well as those who contributed funds for its construction. “Heartfelt assistance came not only from Russians and Georgians, but also from other peoples of the CIS and from a dozen other states. Once again, we saw the attitude of our peoples towards our common history, our shared values; no one can not belittle or bring down the spiritual and moral legacy of the heroes of World War II, for the vast majority, that’s still a sacred thing”, he said. He added, “We won the Victory in the Great Patriotic War not only by force of arms, above all, it was due to our unity of faith, and to the courage and purpose shown by our many peoples”.

The dedication ceremony at Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow was also attended by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, Vladimir Dolgov, the chairman of the Moscow City Council of War and Labour Veterans, Mikhail Khubutia, the president of the Union of Georgians in Russia, Nino Burzhanadze, the leader of the United Georgia, and Zurab Nogaideli, the leader of the Movement for Fair Georgia. As he stated at the dedication ceremony, Mayor Sobyanin said that the monument symbolises the unity of the peoples and, at the same time, is a rebuke to Saakashvili’s vandalism. “This monument has two parts… the first takes us back to May 1945, when we hoisted the Victory Banner over the Reichstag, and the second reminds us of the barbaric event of a year ago in Kutaisi, when the Memorial of Glory was blown up”, Mayor Sobyanin said. In his opinion, the monument is a meditation, a symbol of a shared history, where different peoples, united by a common idea, performed feats of great bravery, and those who try to erase this memory “are doomed to a swift oblivion”.

Vladimir Dolgov, the chairman of the Moscow City Council of War and Labour Veterans, agreed with the mayor’s sentiments, describing the destruction of the Memorial in Kutaisi as a “vile attempt to erase from the history of the nations the defeat of fascism, an important and glorious page. I am confident that the people and history will bring into disrepute those who vandalised the Memorial of Military Glory”. In turn, Mikhail Khubutia, the President of the Union of Georgians in Russia, thanked the Russian authorities for their reconstruction of the monument and preservation of historical truth. He noted that the Russian and Georgian peoples have centuries-old ties of friendship. “No one shall interrupt this relationship”, he said. Mr Khubutia stressed that relatives of Aleksei Beresta, Nikolai Yegorov, and Meliton Kantaria {the Red Army soldiers who placed the Victory Banner on the roof of the Reichstag: editor} attended the dedication ceremony, as part of the monument depicts the hoisting of the Victory Banner over the Reichstag. “This new memorial will serve not only as a tribute to our forefathers, it will also deepen the friendship of future generations of Russians and Georgians”, according to Mr Khubutia.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with Nino Burdzhanadze, the leader of the Georgian opposition movement United Georgia. She had participated in the formal dedication of the monument We Were United in the Fight against Fascism, along with Mr Putin, at the Poklonnaya Gora Memorial Complex in Moscow. This monument was erected in response to the destruction of the Kutaisi Memorial to Military Glory in Georgia by the Saakashvili junta.

Vladimir Vladimirovich hoped that his visitor from Georgia liked the new monument in Moscow. He remembered that she had taken part in the selection process, helping to choose the current design from the many proposals on offer. “I think that this turned out to be a very good pick”, Mr Putin said. He emphasised that he very much hoped that the opening of the monument “would become a good symbolic move on the way of searching for a mutually beneficial decision normalising bilateral intergovernmental relations”. At present, Russia and Georgia has no diplomatic relations. Tbilisi broke off relations after Moscow recognised the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Ms Burdzhanadze thanked the prime minister “for explicitly stating the importance of bilateral, normal, and full relations between Russia and Georgia. It’s very important. Of course, we desire that the building of this monument would usher in an era of normal ties taking into account the due interest of both peoples, relations that would, in principle, benefit both the Georgian and Russian peoples, because, it goes without saying that abnormal relations are not conducive to good neighbourly relations, nor do they resolve the problems that still exist in our relationship”.

21 December 2010




Editor’s Note:

The worm is certainly turning… the Latvian President comes hat-in-hand to Moscow… Nino Burdzhanadze stands alongside VVP… President Lukashenko faced down and dispersed a CIA-led mob of provocateurs… the GOP stooge Yushchenko was toppled by the populist Viktor Yanukovich… the CIA torture facility was tossed out of Lithuania… need I go on? In short, the inane neoliberal Republican policy on the territory of the former Soviet Union is torn to shreds, and in rather short order, too.

None of this was reported in the lapdog American press… certainly not by Fox News… or by CNN either! One can now see why the Estonian neo-Nazis are having a hissy fit. They feel alone… they feel isolated… so, they struck out at an innocent Russian NGO with a spotless record of transparency and honesty.

This is GOOD news… it means that the GOP opium dream of world hegemony is falling apart… if it ever had real existence in the first place. America’s claim to be the “sole superpower” was nothing but boastful hot air, and airy-fairy “conservative” deficits funded on tick picked up by the Chinese, Japanese, and Russians funded it. Americans are spoilt brats who throw tantrums if they’re not told that they’re the best and brightest (especially the Tea Party supporters of Sarah Palin… a dreary little news reader with no more substance than candy floss)… and, now, their fecklessness is coming home to roost… and the chickens are VERY heavy, indeed.

Don’t open a bottle yet, though… Americans (especially Republicans) are particularly vicious when they’re vexed and crossed. A good example would be Francis Foster in the comboxes on Stokoe’s website… he offered no evidence for his specious accusations against Russia… I offer you photos and URLs to the originals… one of these is NOT the other, is it? Another is John Whiteford, who calls people “commie zombies” if they don’t suit him… Mr Whiteford, I’m PROUD to be one of the “commie zombies”… don’t mess with us!

Things are looking up at present…


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