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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Joe Miller’s Case Thrown Out by Alaska Supreme Court… Miller Refuses to do the Honourable Thing and Concede

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Joe Miller… just another sock-puppet for Sarah Palin


Read this…


Note this:

“The State characterises the standard urged by Miller as the ‘perfection standard’, and we agree that such a standard would tend to disenfranchise many Alaskans on the basis of ‘technical errors’”, the court decided.

Joe Miller refuses to take the path of a Christian gentleman… that is, concede graciously, and apologise to Senator Murkowski. He brings dishonour to West Point by his lawyerly parsing and posturing… a true officer would “face the music”, stand at attention, do what he had to do, and do it with dignity and probity. He’s a punk, a putz, a loser, and a wussie. He does have an “excuse”… Sarah Palin used Joe Miller as a weapon to attack Lisa Murkowski.

That’s who’s behind it all… why, Sweet Wittle Miss Sarah… that’s who. It proves, even for the slowest learners, that she’s a vindictive and petty trollop. She cares nothing for honour, integrity, or character. All that matters is that she wants to hurt Lisa Murkowski as badly as she can.

However, Sarah Palin is just a typical Republican. If you dig behind it all, you find out that all these loudmouth Republicants are from states that get more back in federal funds than they send out in federal taxes. They posture about “shrinking the federal government”, yet, if the feds were “shrunk”, their states would lose their juicy subsidies from more civilised states such as Massachusetts, New York, and California… and lose their competitive “edge”. That’s hypocrisy… that’s MENDACITY.

These “rugged individualists” are nothing but hustling Welfare Queens wearing cheap costume jewellery and a dress a size too small. Instead of being Pillars of the Community, they’re willing and cheap whores for the oligarchs, with god-awful scent and makeup applied with a spackle knife. If their states were to lose their handouts from the feds, they would collapse into irrelevance. Ergo, to keep the fed gravy train coming, these Solons lease themselves out to the highest bidder… and they’re not inexpensive! Do ask Tom DeLay about that!

I hope that the GOP nominates Mizz Sarah in 2012… she’s such a nasty piece of work that the Democrats would have a victory on the scale of Billl Clinton’s in ’96. Incidentally, both Joe Miller and Sarah Palin are Sectarians, not Legit Christians… this tells you something about them, doesn’t it? I’ll confide that I find “born-agains” to be rather dreary mean sorts… and they’re horridly vicious to boot. Such people are the cause of much atheism and unbelief… people reasonably conclude that if these people are “Christians”, they want no part of “Christianity”.

Mr Miller… concede with grace and dignity… then, you may salvage some respect. Otherwise, you’re Sarah’s little boy toy and you deserve nothing but derisive contempt, and you’re a disgrace to the uniform that you once wore. Sarah Palin Twitters “man-up”… well, Mr Miller, show her how a true man deals with defeat… or have you bought into her trite little song n’ dance? We’ll see Mr Miller’s true worth, won’t we?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Albany NY


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