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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

JP Accuses His Critics of Rumour-Mongering… Izzat So?

“This IS relevant to the investigation… we DO need to know who’s telling the truth here…”


I’m not going to bore you with a long and repetitious list of Fathausen’s nefarious doings. Let’s concentrate on two main items. I’d say to the magistrate in Winnipeg, “Press Paffhausen to the mat on these… he did make public statements concerning them. They’ll tell you the character of his trustworthiness”. In 2009, JP gave a speech at St Tikhon’s Humanitarian University (PSTGU) in Moscow. Firstly, he boasted about how the OCA was going to bring in a group in Guatemala. I’d advise the Winnipeg magistrate to interrogate JP on this. You see, the reception of this group fell through. It failed because Benjamin Peterson demanded that the group sign over its property to the OCA. In fact, Your Worship, you could ask him about the Orthodox Catholic Church of Guatemala… you’d find that he would probably lie to you and not tell you about Peterson’s involvement. By the way, this group DOESN’T have a half-million members… it’s closer to 50,000. Besides that, there’s been no appreciable coverage of this group in the general religious press. Much of Orthodoxy is a mere internet will o’ the wisp.

Secondly, JP made another claim at PSTGU… that the only people left at Syosset from the administration of Herman Swaiko were some clerical staff and a house-cleaner. This was a total and absolute lie. You see, standing next to him, was Fr Leonid Kishkovsky, who’d been the head of the OCA Department of External Church Relations for over thirty years (he’s responsible for the “foreign policy” of the OCA). Besides this, JP also brought back many figures from Herman’s junta. John Matusiak returned as head of communications, Valerie Ringa, a long-time SVS apparatchik became treasurer (after a supposed “national” search), and Alexander Garklavs, another old hand from Herman’s time, was chancellor. This isn’t to mention such shady figures as Alexei Karlgut and Igor Burdikoff. Your Worship, talk to Cappy and Mel about these stalwarts… I guarantee that the story they’ll tell you is neither boring nor idle (no doubt, they’ve filled you in, already… but if they haven’t…). Oh, yes… do ask JP about Robert Kondratick, and do ask him why he didn’t press charges against RSK for credit card fraud and extortion. Do press JP about Ray Velencia… he was the centrepiece in a court-case concerning the spilling of pastoral confidences… it ended in a “confidential settlement”. Soon, Velencia is going to be assigned to the OCA Cathedral in Washington DC, with no disciplinary action taken against him whatsoever. Fathausen did claim at PSTGU that the OCA was going to bring in a group in Guatemala. He also claimed that he did a thorough house-cleaning and booted out all of Herman’s people. Neither of these items are “rumour”. If they’re proven false, then, JP’s whole edifice collapses. I think that we can see that Paffhausen’s situation is not only shaky; it’s untenable.

Two last items… do ask Paffhausen about the 250K payoff to Kondratick… and do ask Kondratick’s defender James Silver what monastery he’s affiliated with… you see, he claims to be a monk, and Orthodox practise demands that monks and nuns live in monasteries. I think you’ll find his story “interesting”. I don’t know what to say after viewing that mendacious little video on Seraphim Storheim… one of my friends, a priest abroad, said:

What utter propaganda! They must be desperate! It’s almost like a confession of guilt.

That’s a good place to end this. Don’t get angry… don’t get violent. Simply don’t send them any money… that’ll hasten their end. In the meantime, we’re in for some “memorable times” (look for Lebedeff and Gan to attempt to funnel ROCOR money to their OCA buddies)… God, do help us.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 22 December 2010

Albany NY


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