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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

This is Utter and Unmitigated BS… It’s an Attempt to Lie to His Holiness Regarding Seraphim Storheim

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Editor’s Foreword:

The video that originally went with this post was withdrawn, then reposted on You Tube again. It’s posted in another location on this site now. Here’s the new URL for the pro-Seraphim vid (they didn’t change it in the least, they just took it down, and, then, reposted it… strange, no?):




I have never seen such a document that was more crowded with infamous falsehood and distortion. Scoundrels and piss-ants.

Cordell Hull (1871-1955)

US Secretary of State (1933-44)


I’ll be writing a longer piece later, but I think that you must be aware of the lengths that Paffhausen’s power-hungry eunuchs are going to in order to preserve their tattered power. This video is utter and absolute mendacity from end to end. You have noted Paffhausen’s bleat that anyone who criticises him is a “rumourmonger”… I would say in reply, “Very well… then, prove that you had NO relationship with Gleb Podmoshensky after his defrocking or that you fired Eric Tosi after he said, ‘The records simply don’t exist'”. As JP can’t prove either stipulation… what is said of him is not rumour… it’s fact.

We’re in for the worst stretch, I fear. Nevertheless, take heart… it’s not like the 70s and 80s… then, the apparat had an exclusive stranglehold on informational media and anyone who dissented was labelled “mentally ill” and marginalised. Note well that they tried using the latter tactic on Tikhon Fitzgerald. One needn’t agree with him to understand that Syosset’s attempts to paint him as mad were ludicrous, to say the least. It shall NOT be pleasant in the short term… shall you take my hand?



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