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Sunday, 26 December 2010

It’s NOT Nice in Nice…

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St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice, France… it has been locked up since the Parisians lost legal control of the property earlier this year. If I were the magistrate in Winnipeg, I’d be wary of that OCA lot… they’re known for legal legerdemain, and they’re cut from the same bolt of nasty cloth as the Parisian lot is… after all, Schmemann and Meyendorff came out of that bunch, didn’t they?


I got this news from a source in France close to the situation… the Russophobe priest in charge of St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Nice refused to give up the keys of the Nice Cathedral to the MP. The new court case is coming up in February. This means that the Cathedral has been locked up for nearly a year, as the priest effectually closed down the parish! I’m told that Archbishop Gabriel is ill, he seems to have lost control of the situation in Paris, and he’s truly out of the loop. Nobody obeys him, anyway. Rue Daru is dissolving at the same rate as the OCA is.

This parish is where the Parisian Renovationists persecuted Lydia Plas… don’t forget that His Holiness Patriarch Kirill remembered her at her passing, and he stood for her good name and reputation. It’s too much of a muchness, isn’t it? Don’t forget to pray for the Departed Handmaiden of God Lydia, she suffered much at the hands of the St Sergius gang. Reflect on the fact that the filthy crews at SVS, New Skete, Syosset, and Jordanville were silent whilst she hung on the cross… Vassa Larina, John Behr, Andrei Psaryov, and Chad Hatfield were silent… none of them were Good Samaritans. They all kept their mouths shut… the Parisians are such good friends of their Uniate bosom buddies.

Whilst I’m at it, the OCA Diocese of the South is having an orgasm over the fact that the Boy Blunder is coming to Dallas in February 2011. I think that His Nibs is sending him on a fact-finding mission. It’s nothing to get excited about. Firstly, his music is second-rate, and it hasn’t attracted much notice outside of ecumenicist Anglican and RC circles… and it hasn’t attracted many hits on You Tube either. Secondly, the konvertsy are so shallow and ignorant that they don’t understand that the Wonder lost two-thirds of the old DECR (these parts are now independent bodies headed by Archbishop Mark Golovkov and Fr Vsevolod Chaplin, both of whom are closer confidants to His Nibs than the Wonder is). Here’s the URL for those who want to check me out (scroll down to 16 December):


This has been a busy weekend… there’s more to come, no doubt! Pull on your wellies, it’s gonna get DEEP. Remember… send them no money… starve them out. They’ll understand that.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 26 December 2010

Albany NY


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