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Thursday, 6 January 2011

OCA Orders Parish to Cease Funding Appeal for Archbishop Seraphim Storheim, Who’s Charged with Sex Abuse

Archbishop Seraphim Storheim (1946- )… he’s accused of paedophilia, the konvertsy are circling the wagons around him… isn’t it interesting how Rod Dreher made a huge fuss over sexual abuse by RC priests, but keeps his silence on this situation? I think that he’s a lying hypocrite… and I say so openly. He sold out for “power” and “influence”… and the konvertsy drool all over him!


The Orthodox Church in America ordered a Vancouver parish to delete from its website an appeal for funding to defend a disgraced former Winnipeg cleric facing sexual abuse charges. “We’d sent out the instruction in English before, and this parish hadn’t complied”, Chancellor Dennis Alexander Pihach said Thursday. “That’s because the parish isn’t English. It’s an immigrant community and it probably wasn’t cognizant of our instruction”. The Vancouver parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in America had posted three messages of support for Archbishop Seraphim Storheim, including one with an address in Edmonton to send funds for his defence. The appeal angered a victims’ group. “It’s terribly inappropriate and intimidating when parishioners publicly help an alleged child molester, especially through a church website”, said Melanie Jula Sakoda of the Chicago-based Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. Storheim’s first court date in Winnipeg is set for 10 January, but he isn’t expected to attend in person. He was the highest-ranking official in the Russian Orthodox Church in Canada (sic) until officials suspended him in November, days after Winnipeg police laid charges against him. Police conducted a lengthy investigation last year into allegations Storheim sexually abused two teenage boys while he was a priest in Winnipeg 30 years ago. The archbishop’s criminal lawyer, Jeff Gindin in Winnipeg, said his client adamantly denies the charges.

6 January 2011

Winnipeg Free Press

As quoted in Canada.com


Editor’s Note:

Last year, Fathausen claimed, in a letter on official OCA stationery (I’ve seen it… it comes from a reliable and verifiable source… the magistrate in Winnipeg should be aware that they have it in their possession already), that the OCA was conducting an internal investigation. Of course, that was “a lie three ways” (and about as palatable as an MRE, too). This is self-serving rubbish… the corner that JP is painting himself into is getting smaller and smaller. Remember… it takes a long time for an institution to rot from the inside out… the OCA and ROCOR have been rotting away internally in a silent and insidious manner since 1965, after the deaths of Metropolitans Leonty Turkevich and Anastassy Gribanovsky (their passings allowed full play to the machinations of Grabbe and Schmemann)… is their fall coming shortly? Don’t ask me… my crystal ball’s in the shop… your guess is as good as mine is. However, we ARE in the final act of the play… what scene is it? Again, I don’t know. It’s certainly NOT boring…

The pro-Seraphim vid is still up here (making the OCA lying fabricators… but you knew that):


The OrthoWiki post is a whitewash (it’s not a serious source, it’s full of konvertsy BS… but, hey, it’s what they’re saying), it’s here:


The OCA issued its usual lawyerly denial here:


I’ll say this… Judas Quisling Pilatus (JD) of Pilatus, Blumentritt, Green, and l’Huillier, PC, LLC (Shysters-at-Law, Ambulance Chasers, and Small Print Fabricators) would be proud of the OCA’s legal legerdemain and statutory parsing! Oh, by the way… Mark Stokoe hasn’t commented at all on this… no doubt, he’d claim the Masonic “secret oath” of the OCA Metropolitan Council “ties his hands”. I’d love to see the guys at KP and MK (two well-known Moscow tabloids) chase after Fathausen and Stokoe… they wouldn’t know what hit ’em (perhaps, the Der Spiegel guys who reamed a new one for Hilarion Alfeyev in the course of their interview could join in the fun)! The lot at KP and MK kept up the pressure during the recent child abuse scandal in Vladimir… that led to new laws being passed by the RF Gosduma and to the bishop in Vladimir booting out the miscreants and changing the rules so it wouldn’t happen again. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Fathausen to “do the right thing”… it’s not only unhealthy, it makes one an object of fun for both young and old. I know the world is crank… pass me the jug… I need it… so do you.



Video. Let’s Have Some Good Clean Secular Fun This Christmas Eve… Oksana Fyodorova and Nikolai Baskov Sing Italian Duet “Felicità”


Christmas isn’t all incense and candles… it isn’t long faces, constipated religiosity, and no fun. For me… I embrace the earthly part of the festival, as well as its spiritual aspects. Here’s one of my fave Russian pop singers, Nikolai Baskov, teamed with Oksana Fyodorova (a popular TV presenter)… this is a fun song… ANYONE can enjoy it. Not only believers are welcome in our home this evening, but ALL are welcome… there’s something for everyone!

Let the Light of the Nativity illumine ALL hearts… pull a chair up to the table and ENJOY!


Gennady Zyuganov: To the Feast of the Nativity of Christ… One of the Most Beloved Holidays of Our People

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Greetings to Our Compatriots on the Feast of the Nativity!

My countrymen, my dear friends:

Once again, the great joy of the holiday of the Nativity of Christ Christmas comes to Russia, to our Russian homeland. I greet you upon this day, one of the most beloved holidays of our people; it gives us hope for spiritual renewal, the elimination of injustice, the healing of our ills, and a belief in a better life. Without a doubt, Orthodoxy has always been the spiritual foundation of our age-old Russian culture; it’s been the core of our national identity for over a millennium. Throughout history, it’s been the moral foundation of the Russian character. I wish happiness, health, peace, and love to all of your families; on this day, I want all of us to remember with particular intensity those who are having hard times. This holiday, these people lack heat and light, they live in poverty and insecurity. Such ills in our contemporary Russian society are the result of an unjust socio-economic policy, of a split society; it’s a sign of its moral ill-health. Despite all of that, I hope and believe that our great country and its hardworking people will overcome all the adversity now facing us. The Nativity has shown to the world the light of wisdom, it’s  another reminder of the evangelical admonition that we all need to work together. If we draw upon the ancient traditions of our people, it would help us to build up the ideals of labour, social justice, and brotherhood; it would help us to achieve a decent life, peace, and happiness for each and every one of us.

С Рождеством Христовым! To the Feast of the Nativity of Christ!

Gennady Zyuganov

Head of the Communist Faction in the RF Gosduma

Chairman of the KPRF Central Committee

7 January 2011 (MSK)

Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF) (official website)


Editor’s Note:

Don’t listen to rightwing American konvertsy… the KPRF is no longer a militantly atheist organisation. Most of its members are believers; indeed, Gennady Andreyevich is a believer himself. The KPRF is FAR closer to the social teaching of the Church than the Republican Party of the USA is… in fact, everything the GOP stands for is condemned by the social teaching of not every Local Orthodox Church, but by virtually all legitimate Christian bodies, as well (Sectarians are anti-Christian theomachists, they don’t count). Don’t forget… being anti-abortion doesn’t mean that someone is pro-life. Do look carefully… you may find out something that shows you their true colours. Don’t forget Our Lord’s words in the 25th chapter of the Gospel of St Matthew… “When you’ve done it unto the least of these, my brethren, you’ve done it unto me”. We’ve seen the GOP’s recent assault on the unemployed and their crackbrained attempt to wrest healthcare from the working poor (all in the name of lunatic tax cuts for the plutocrats)… one can see the true face of the Tea Party/GOP… and it’s not pretty in the least, is it? I stand tall alongside Gennady Andreyevich; I refuse to acknowledge the likes of John Boehner and Rush Limbaugh. What about you?


Zounds! GOP Attempt to Torpedo Healthcare Reform More Expensive than the Reform!

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This is the religiosity of Boeher, McConnell, Limbaugh, Palin, et al… MONEY is their god… their latest stance on healthcare proves it…


Read this:


Note this:

In a preliminary estimate, the CBO said repealing the healthcare overhaul would increase the federal budget deficit by roughly 145 billion USD (4.47 trillion Roubles 111.5 billion Euros 93.8 billion UK Pounds) by 2019. That figure would rise to about 230 billion USD (7.09 trillion Roubles 176.9 billion Euros 148.8 billion UK Pounds) by 2021, the CBO said.

Boehner and McConnell are nothing but handsomely-paid shills for the HMOs… that’s the only reason that they’re introducing “repeal”. They don’t give a rat’s ass for anyone but themselves, as the CBO figures reveal. It has NOTHING to do with the deficit… it has everything to do with maintaining the obscene profits of the HMOs, insurance companies, and ambulance-chasing lawyers. Ask most doctors or most hospital administrators, and you’ll find that they support single-payer healthcare and caps on punitive damages. After all, the EU spends 8 percent of its combined GDP on healthcare and covers everyone… the USA spends 17 percent, and the working poor receive no coverage at all. Looks like there’s a whole lot of profit-taking going on… we’re paying double what we should so that HMO execs and investors can golf in Palm Springs in December.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are unpatriotic SOBs who only care for the profits of the oligarch class… if there were justice in this world, the ordinary Joes and Janes of America would impale them on the White House fence (I’m NOT threatening… I’m describing… quite a different animal). There’s a good side to all of this… their oligarchic backers will jazz the GOP into taking such extremist positions that the Senate will checkmate them and President Obama will veto them, if he must. It’ll reveal these godless grasping bastards in all their “glory”… it’ll serve a good purpose.

Anthony Nelson and John Whiteford are shills for the extremist right. So are Jonas Paffhausen, Rod Dreher, and Terrence Mattingly. In Russia, His Nibs would smack them down for besmirching the Church by their dalliance with such extremist money-worshipping wingnuts. The Church doesn’t support Neoliberalism (“conservatism”), no, not in the least. Now, these figures show that the GOP was lying all along about deficit reduction… all they really care about is HMO profits.

You know what to do… there’s an election in 2012, isn’t there?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 6 January 2011

Albany NY

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