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Friday, 7 January 2011

Jensen Opens Mouth… Inserts Foot…

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Gregory Jensen’s gotta stop leaving his “calling cards” all over the place!


Listen to this gobbledygook from Gregory Jensen:

While there may be victims who are… for any number of reasons… are “long past being ministered to in any credible fashion”, there are others who the Church might be able to help. From my point of view, the challenge is that abuse committed by clergy tends to foster in victims distrust of the Church. This distrust is certainly understandably. At times, the local bishop or denominational official mishandles the allegations and this often pushes the victim away. But even when things are handled well, overcoming the lack of trust is difficult if not impossible. One way around this is for different Christian traditions and secular professionals to partner together to help victims of clergy misconduct. For example, I’m on the list for a Roman Catholic group that offers pastoral care to members of that Church who’ve been victimised by Catholic priests. I’ve also worked with Protestant clergy offenders who themselves don’t trust their own denominational officials. Again, my own concern for due process is not about protecting perpetrators from the consequence of their malfeasance; much less is this about ignoring the needs of victims. Rather it is about working to restore the lost sense of trust that misconduct causes.

This is utter and impenetrable BS. Mr Jensen lacks the requisite academic background to call himself a psychologist… he doesn’t have a graduate degree in Psychology and/or a field clinical internship. Interestingly, he also lacks an MDiv, which is considered the basic professional degree for all clergy. On top of that, the MDiv is about 90 credit-hours of study, compared to the 36-48 put in by Jensen. His post-grad work is in “Theology”, which is NOT the same as an MDiv… it lacks the pastoral and professional courses mandated in any institution offering the MDiv. His dissertation is in “Spirituality”… whatever that means… it’s not an STD, or an STB, or an STL… it’s not “professional” in the least, look at the title of his dissertation, An Empirical-Experiential Study of Being-in-Communion. What in blue blazes is that? It reminds me of a quote from the late, great, and much-missed William F Buckley, “The academic community has in it the biggest concentration of alarmists, cranks, and extremists this side of the giggle house”. Hmm… a real psychologist out there should turn this crankish impostor into the APA… he’s making y’all look like Jethro Bodine… no, I take that back, Jethro wouldn’t have inflicted An Empirical-Experiential Study of Being-in-Communion on the world, do give him credit.

Let’s speak bluntly, a priest who is “in the know” told a friend that he once asked a bishop, who was terribly concerned about false allegations against priests, “How many [such unfounded allegations] have there been over the years, exactly?” The bishop refused to give a substantive answer, he just expressed his “concern” that they might occur. I agree that one should show balance and protect the rights of anyone accused of a crime, but how often do you hear anyone raise the same question in regard to arson, robbery, or assault? It seems to be primarily abusers (and rapists, of course) that are “wrongly accused”, if you are to believe certain uncredentialised parties. If Gregory Jensen has evidence that the charges against Seraphim Storheim are false, he should make that information available to the magistrate in Winnipeg; no doubt, they’d be VERY interested in such a turn of events. Don’t hold your breath… Mr Jensen doesn’t have such information. Indeed, there are very few documented and substantiated cases of “false accusation”… what about Isidore Brittain or Sam Greene or Pierre l’Huillier or Gleb Podmoshensky, Mr Jensen? It’s all “false accusations?” I think NOT. Tell that to the State of Texas, sir.

I think Jensen’s theory about victim distrust is nasty and putrid. The first move of most abuse survivors is to go to the Church, thinking that they’ll get help there. Their trust begins to erode when ecclesial apparatchiki like Jensen and Lebedeff treat them like shit. People hang on for years, thinking that if they could just find the right words to explain the problem, the Church would respond appropriately. For some, it takes years before they finally realise that the bishops knew what their problem was, but that they wouldn’t deal with it, because if they did something about it, then, THEIR secrets might come out! For instance, why is JP so adamant on refusing to be honest regarding his relationship with and to Gleb Podmoshensky? Don’t forget… James Paffhausen associated with him knowing that the ROCOR Holy Synod had defrocked him for good and sufficient reason. He wasn’t brain-dead and he wasn’t Aaron Slick from Pumpkin Crick… he KNEW that GP was “spoilt goods”. After all, JP went to Russian under GP’s auspices. It’s like a fish, kids… it rots from the head down.

In related news, Jensen is “attached” to St Nicholas Cathedral in Washington DC… but he lives in Wisconsin! Huh… that’s a new one on me… does he live in Wisconsin, or, does he live in Maryland? I guess, he’s “attached” to the cathedral the same way that Raymond Velencia is… it’s a way for JP to protect his butt. Let’s see… JP protects Velencia and refuses to punish him for his attack on Kristi Koumentakos, and Jensen gets to play about as a “psychologist” without the proper academic and professional credentials. On top of that, Joseph Fester of Diocese of the South fame (Bobby K’s protector) is supposed to be coming to DC, too, if my information is correct. If “like calls unto like”, what does that tell us about JP? To substantiate what I’ve just said, look at this clergy listing for St Nicholas Cathedral:

  1. Most Blessed  JONAH , [Bishop]
    PO Box 675
    Syosset, NY 11791
    Office: 516-922-0550
  2. V Rev  Constantine White, Dean
    13957 Saddleview Dr
    Gaithersburg, MD 20878
  3. Rev  Valery Shemchuk, Associate Priest
    46174 Chester Terr
    Sterling, VA 20165
  4. V Rev  Denis Bradley, Attached
    1718 Hoban Rd NW
    Washington, DC 20007
  5. Rev  Gregory Jensen, Attached
    2302 Crest Line Dr
    Madison, WI 53704
    Home: 608-520-0856
  6. Rev  Maximus R Urbanowicz, Attached
  7. Rev  Michael Popkhadze, Attached
    23219 Murdock Ridge Way
    Clarksburg, MD 20871
  8. V Rev  Raymond Velencia, Attached
    10771 Bridlerein Terr
    Columbia, MD 21044
    Home: 410-992-0608 Email: FrRay@StMatthewOCA.org
  9. V Rev  George Kokhno, Attached
    2530 Chain Bridge Rd #203
    Vienna, VA 22181
  10. V Rev  Vladimir Danylevich, Attached
    10920 Bangor Pl
    North Bethesda, MD 20895
  11. V Rev  Daniel Hubiak, Retired, Attached
    16 Wharf Ct
    Ocean Pines, MD 21811
    Home: 410-641-7323 Email: d.hubiak@mchsi.com

Wow! Ten priests (one of them retired)… and the cathedral parish isn’t overly large by Catholic or Anglican standards… talk abut a Ruritanian organisation. Did you note that JP refuses to list his DC address and phone number… that’s secret! “Everything’s changed”… it sure has, JP… everything’s TWICE as secret as compared to Herman’s days. After all, we have to keep up the payments on Bishop Tikhon Mollard’s Cadillac Escalade SUV… can’t have the clergy inconvenienced, can we?

The more things change… the more they stay the same. That’s the old wisdom… is it any different if the hand fishing in the till is a convert’s rather than that of a Russian-American? I think not… I know that the world’s crank and unjust… but how much longer will it be, Lord?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 7 January 2011

Albany NY


7 January 2011. Now, For Something Entirely Different…





Here are two nuns at the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation, which is near Avignon (France). They’ve snagged a recording contract, so, look out for their renditions of Gregorian Chant. Let’s have more Gregorian… it’s my “Christmas Present” to my Catholic friends. DO come in… the door’s open… the table’s laden… don’t wait… if you don’t step lively, the day will flash by! Never forget… the stranger is twice as welcome as family and friends at table… God said so… “A guest in the house is God in the house”… that does wrap it up neatly, doesn’t it?

I give the joy of Orthodox Christmas to all my readers… believers or unbelievers… Orthodox or heterodox… known or unknown… of whatever faith or of no faith at all… without exception, one and all!



Editor’s Postscript:

I couldn’t resist adding another vid by the good sisters and one by a group of French Benedictine monks:



Lastly, a vid by one of my fave Early Music ensembles, Anonymous Four:


Some Thoughts on Jensen the Expedient and Alexander the Two-Faced…

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This is such an important topic that I’m taking a minute or two after midnight to speak of it… even though it’s Orthodox Christmas.

Back in 2001, the late Metropolitan Anthony of the GOA hated Platina and HOOM/CSB, so, to curry favour, at that time, Jensen attacked Platina. Then, Jensen was removed from the Redding parish by the GOA, and he never received another parish assignment. Why? Did something come out about his actual relation to the dippy lot at Platina (konvertsy seem to be mesmerised by this pack of poseurs)? What happened to Jensen since 2003? Was he charmed by Paffhausen’s “happy talk”? Is he a victim of HOOM/CSB brainwashing?” Or, is he simply a man who switched sides when it’s in his best interest to do so? I would say that it’s the last option… much like Alexander Lebedeff and Piggy Iggy Burdikoff, no?

He was forced to work at a real job for a while, then, Paffhausen gave him another chance, so, now, he’s on JP’s side. After Jensen came into the OCA, he attacked someone on the Orthodox Forum who brought up Paffhausen’s ties to Platina. It was quite disconcerting when it occurred, but one has to see Jensen as a totally political animal, the worst kind of man to have in a position of power in the Church. Here’s an interesting sidelight… people such as Jensen, Burdikoff, and Lebedeff lack scruples… if they thought that JP was threatening their little Grand Fenwickian fiefs, they’d dispose of him without a second thought (“It ain’t personal; it’s business, ya unnerstand”). Don’t forget how the ROCOR apparatchiki disposed of Ustinov without a single qualm of conscience… lightning CAN strike twice, kiddies… I’ve seen it happen.

In related news, here’s an e-mail from Alexander Pihach (I got it from a reliable source). There’s not an idle word in it, and it reveals Mr Pihach to be a conniving liar and fabricator. Take a look and decide for yourself:

On Wed, 27 Oct 2010 at 19.54, Fr Alexander wrote:

Dear Rev Fathers and Members of Archdiocesan Council:

Many have asked me to convey greetings to His Eminence, and others have
offered  financial support in covering legal fees. I would  like to encourage you to write yourself words of encouragement to Archbishop

by email:


or mail to:

Spencerville, ON
K0E 1X0

Any financial gifts to defray legal costs can be sent Tkachuk & Patterson

Archbishop Seraphim Trust Acct.
#590 10621 100 Ave.
Edmonton, AB
T5J -0B3

Checks made out to

Tkachuk and Patterson
noted Trust Acct  Archbishop Seraphim

Please feel free to pass this information on to those that may be interested

Fr Alexander Pihach

I certainly wouldn’t want this expedient and pliable POS covering my back! I’d be dead in a heartbeat! This proves that he flopped on Seraphim once… shall he do it again? No doubt, if he’s ordered to by the Surfer Dude, he’ll roll over and play dead on command.

It’s a hell of a way to spend part of the holiday… but time waits for no one… and the Truth must be told, no matter what hour or day it is.

Nonetheless, this does make me wish to hurl…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 7 January 2011

Albany NY

Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović of Serbia Accuses West of Complicity in Organ Trafficking by UÇK

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His Holiness Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović (1930- ), Archbishop of Peć, Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovci, First Hierarch of the Local Church of Serbia


Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, accused former UN and NATO administrators of turning a blind eye to organ trafficking in Kosovo during the 1998-99 war. In his annual Orthodox Christmas message, Patriarch Irinej said that the “complicit silence of the international community” aided this “terrible crime”, and that foreign officials “certainly knew what was happening in the field”. Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty released a report last month that alleged that kidneys and other organs were removed from Serb prisoners held by members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (Ushtria Çlirimtare e Kosovës (UÇK)) and sold on to Western customers. As a leader of the UÇK, Kosovo’s current prime minister, Hashim Thaçi, was implicated in the trafficking. He’s categorically denied any involvement. Kosovo came under UN and NATO control in 1999 after a crackdown on ethnic Albanians led by Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic. In 2008, Kosovo [unilaterally] declared independence from Serbia, although Serbia didn’t recognise this action. The influential Serbian Orthodox Church considers Kosovo as the cradle of the Serbian state and has its headquarters there.

6 January 2011



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