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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Chieftain of the so-called “Patriarchate of Kiev” isn’t Averse to a Switch to the Catholic Calendar

Christmas/New Year’s Tree in Kiev


Philaret Denisenko, the chieftain of the self-proclaimed “Kiev Patriarchate”, isn’t against abandoning the Orthodox calendar [for the celebration of fixed feasts] in favour of the Catholic one, according to art critic Dmitri Stepovik, citing his recent conversation with Mr Denisenko. “I said, ‘Is our Church (the UOC (KP)), with its 14.5 million faithful (sic) {of the roughly 32 million Orthodox in the Ukraine (80 percent of the population), only some 15 percent (ca. 4.8 million) are in the UOC (KP)… 14.5 million is a CIA lie: editor}, ready to switch to the New Calendar?’ In reply, he said, ‘I’m ready to do it today. However, for us to do it unilaterally would be wrong. We need to coordinate such a move with the Local Orthodox Churches that adhere to the old style’”, Mr Stepovik said. The Local Churches of Moscow, Serbia, Jerusalem, and the Georgia still use the traditional Orthodox calendar today. In passing, Mr Stepovik spoke critically of Patriarch Kirill’s position on a possible change to using the Catholic calendar [for the fixed feasts of the Church]. The newspaper Левый берег (Left Bank), quoted him as saying, “With such a man as Patriarch Kirill at the head of things, we’ll never change to the new calendar”.

8 January 2011



Editor’s Note:

Do note this snippet from Denisenko:

However, for us to do it unilaterally would be wrong. We need to coordinate such a move with the Local Orthodox Churches that adhere to the old style.

Well, well, well… does that mean that the OCA switch to the use of the Catholic calendar for fixed feasts is “wrong” because it was “unilateral?” It certainly wasn’t “coordinated” with the legitimate Local Churches that still adhere to the Orthodox Calendar! To have plunged the Church here into needless controversy and upset because of the Renovationist fantasies of Schmemann and his dupes was utterly wrong… it was worthy of Satan, for it put a fanciful pseudo-intellectual notion in the place of the Wisdom of the Church (by their fruits ye shall know them… do say a prayer for the comfort of John and Monica Iliff (their son Eric was sexually assaulted at SVS)… the SVS trash harried them out of the Church). We’re paying for Schmemann’s hubris today… not only Schmemann’s cacodoxy… from Aleksandr Men to Vassa Larina, unchurchly voices arise in the Church now and again. However, I’m happy to report that most Russian dioceses ban the books of Schmemann and Men, especially in the Ukraine, led by the Monastery of Pochaev, which is a particularly staunch citadel of traditional Orthodoxy. One easily sees that the faithful who confess traditional Orthodox Truth are hurt less by secularist atheist babbling, besides that, they’ve acquired an immunity to Renovationist lies within the Church. Raise a glass and cheer… the worst of the Renovationist heresy is over. Don’t drop your guard, though… although they’re mortally wounded, the obnovlentsy still have power in some quarters here… they still have the power to wound and hurt you until they are put down definitively.



Video. You Liked the Schnittke… Here’s Some More… Can You See Why He’s One of My Faves?

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The Schnittke I posted last night was well received… so, here’s some more. He’s considered one of the most seminal composers in the Russian religious revival of the 90s… although much of his work was done prior to the beginning of the new era in 1985. The contemporary idiom needn’t be dissonant and bereft of melody… as Schnittke’s music proves abundantly.


Video. Good Stuff from Armenia… Three Choral Pieces


Where are you my most sweet mother? Your motherly love do I seek fervently.

My eyes are full of bitter tears, I have nobody to wipe them off.

I asked for a drink of water, but the wicked gave me vinegar instead.



A friend sent these links on to me… it’s good stuff and the real deal. Armenians and Russians have always stood together… we’ve always defended our Christian brothers. Don’t lecture me about how Armenians and Orthodox aren’t in communion… I’m well aware of that. History shows us that Russians have always stood tall and defended Armenians despite that. There’s a VERY long history of friendship between the Russian Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic Churches… and His Holiness visited Armenia last year, and received a warm and hospitable reception. The Armenian people are “blood of our blood”… and I’m proud to say that. Say a prayer for a courageous and upright Christian nation…


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