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Friday, 14 January 2011

Vlad Chagin Opens Up His Lead in the Truck Division of the 2011 Dakar Rally… Mighty KAMAZ is Doing It Again!

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Vlad Chagin’s crew from the KAMAZ-Master Team strengthened its leading position in the standings in the truck division at the Dakar-2011 Rally. Today, Chagin won the 11th stage of the race, increasing his lead over the rest of the pack. Originally, the 11th stage was intended to be 622 kilometres (386 miles) in length, but it was reduced, due to the fact that rains washed away part of the route. About 100 kilometres (62 miles) were “cut” from its middle portion; the racers went “on road” for this portion, it wasn’t considered part of the formal race. Chagin covered the official 530 kilometres (330 miles) in 5 hours 12 minutes. Firdaus Kabirov, his teammate and closest rival in the fight for overall victory, showed the third-best time of the day, trailing Chagin by 13 minutes. Pepe Villa Rosa of the Spanish Iveco team was 2 minutes faster than Kabirov for this stage length of the race. In the overall standings, Chagin increased his lead over Kabirov to 30 minutes.

Standings in the 11th Stage, Truck Division:

  1. Chagin (Russia, KAMAZ-Master) 5:12:02
  2. Rosa (Spain, Iveco) +11:04
  3. Kabirov (Russia, KAMAZ-Master) +13:04

Overall Standings, Truck Division:

  1. Chagin (Russia, KAMAZ-Master) – 44:08:40
  2. Kabirov (Russia, KAMAZ-Master) +30:31
  3. Nikolaev (Russia, KAMAZ-Master) + 2:58:43

14 January 2011

Voice of Russia World Service



Jews will Light Candles in Moscow to Commemorate the Victims of the Holocaust

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Without Mummy: Such Tragedy Must Never Recur

Anna Blokhina (aged 14)



On 27 January, the Moscow Jewish Community Centre will hold a ceremony where people will light candles in memory of Holocaust victims. Rav Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia, and Aleksandr Boroda, the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FEOR), will attend the event, along with representatives of foreign embassies and international organisations, the press service of the FEOR told Interfax-Religion on Friday. “The annual commemoration of the Holocaust is designed to preserve the historical memory of the destruction of millions of human lives during the Second World War, to condemn Nazism in all of its manifestations, so as to never again allow a repetition of this tragic genocide”, our informant told us. According to a resolution of the UN General Assembly of 1 November 2005, 27 January is celebrated worldwide as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This date was chosen as it was the day that the Red Army liberated Auschwitz… the largest “death factory” ever constructed by man… where millions of people suffered and died.

14 January 2011



Край мой необъятный… The Edge of My Immensity… A Poem by Yuri Berlov

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The mighty Yenisei River near Krasnoyarsk…


Край мой необъятный

У северной кромки земли,

Где белые чайки купаются,

Наш край Красноярский опять,

Оттуда теперь начинается.

А южная точка его —

Почти у российской границы.

Такой он большой, край родной,

Не всякий теперь с ним сравнится.

Я горд был всегда, и теперь

Горжусь, что родился в Сибири!

Что край мой огромный такой,

И нет ему равного в мире!

Пришлось побывать мне везде —

Военная служба такая.

Я видел Норильск и Талнах,

Пил в юрте я чай с Кандакаем.

И вспомнил я мудрый рассказ,

Что веник сломать невозможно.

Так, стало быть, вместе нам быть!

Теперь это стало возможно.


The edge of my immensity

At the northern edge of the earth,

Where the white gulls bathe,

That’s where our Krasnoyarsk Territory

Begins its earthly limits.

And the southernmost point of it…

Almost at the Russian border.

This is our great Motherland,

Few can be compared with it.

I was always proud of her,

I am proud that I’m Siberian-born!

The borders of that immensity

Have no equal in the world!

I went here and I went there

In the time of my military service.

I saw Norilsk and Talnakh,

I drank tea in a yurt with Kandaka.

And I remembered a wise tale

That it’s impossible to break a broom.

So, therefore, we should be united!

Now… it’s possible.


Yuri Berlov



Oh, My Warmhearted Rus, How Beautiful You Are!

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Editor’s Foreword:

This was from a collection of thoughts for the New Year from a Russian website. Thoughtful, no?



  • To be conscious of what is good is sufficient reward in life. Learn to delight in doing good. Do your good deeds discreetly, without fanfare, and don’t let anyone else know of them.
  • A lack of respect in one’s self springs from the same evil source as excessive hubris does.
  • It’s no offence to love more than once in one’s life, and there’s no merit in loving only once… to reproach oneself for the first is excessive, and to brag about the second is ridiculous.
  • The angels call it Heavenly Joy… the devils call it Hellish Torment… people call it Love.


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