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Friday, 14 January 2011

Vlad Chagin Opens Up His Lead in the Truck Division of the 2011 Dakar Rally… Mighty KAMAZ is Doing It Again!

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Vlad Chagin’s crew from the KAMAZ-Master Team strengthened its leading position in the standings in the truck division at the Dakar-2011 Rally. Today, Chagin won the 11th stage of the race, increasing his lead over the rest of the pack. Originally, the 11th stage was intended to be 622 kilometres (386 miles) in length, but it was reduced, due to the fact that rains washed away part of the route. About 100 kilometres (62 miles) were “cut” from its middle portion; the racers went “on road” for this portion, it wasn’t considered part of the formal race. Chagin covered the official 530 kilometres (330 miles) in 5 hours 12 minutes. Firdaus Kabirov, his teammate and closest rival in the fight for overall victory, showed the third-best time of the day, trailing Chagin by 13 minutes. Pepe Villa Rosa of the Spanish Iveco team was 2 minutes faster than Kabirov for this stage length of the race. In the overall standings, Chagin increased his lead over Kabirov to 30 minutes.

Standings in the 11th Stage, Truck Division:

  1. Chagin (Russia, KAMAZ-Master) 5:12:02
  2. Rosa (Spain, Iveco) +11:04
  3. Kabirov (Russia, KAMAZ-Master) +13:04

Overall Standings, Truck Division:

  1. Chagin (Russia, KAMAZ-Master) – 44:08:40
  2. Kabirov (Russia, KAMAZ-Master) +30:31
  3. Nikolaev (Russia, KAMAZ-Master) + 2:58:43

14 January 2011

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