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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin Proposed an all-Russian Standard for Decent Attire for Both Men and Women

Some people think that “modest” is a synonym for “frumpy” and “dowdy”… I do beg your pardon! Here’s a snap of Svetlana Medvedeva (1965- ), the wife of President Medvedev, with the late Lyudmilla Zykina (1929-2009), the famous singer. Svetlana Vladimirovna is many things, but she’s no frump!


“How people behave in public places, at school, and on the job isn’t just their own private business…”

According to Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the MP Synodal Department for Church and Society, we must restore a sense of order to Russian standards of acceptable attire. “It’s a good thing that companies, universities, and schools have introduced dress codes. It would be good if we could implement an all-Russian standard of decent attire (we shouldn’t put up with standards that come from strip joints and cat houses)”, Fr Vsevolod wrote in a reply to an open letter to Patriarch Kirill posted on the Internet, which was signed by over 700 people. The authors of the petition, amongst other things cited recent remarks about women that Fr Vsevolod spoke at a roundtable on ethnic relations. At that time, he said, “If a woman wears a short miniskirt, it not only fires up Caucasians, but Russians too. If she’s drunk at the same time, it’s even more provocative. If she actively encourages men to come forward, she shouldn’t wonder why such an encounter ended in rape… that’s not right”.

The petition claimed that Fr Vsevolod tried to “switch the public discussion on violence against women to a discussion on their attire”. The authors of the petition stated that one’s choice of dress is a person’s personal decision, and everyone has the right to sexual integrity, regardless of attire, social circle, etc. They called on the Patriarch to condemn the “discriminatory and offensive remarks against women made by some representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church”. Meanwhile, Fr Vsevolod pointed up, “Under most circumstances, a person’s personal appearance isn’t always considered a 100 percent private matter. How women behave in public places, at school, and on the job isn’t just their own private business. By the way, men aren’t in the least exempt from this, too. You see guys in our big cities dressed in shorts and T-shirts, or sweats and sneakers; they don’t have respect for themselves. They make themselves look like pathetic ne’er-do-wells”, he said in a reply published Tuesday on the Interfax-Religion website. He thinks that the time was coming “when indecently dressed people running about in sweats would try to crash civilised places. Decent self-respecting people would rise up and drive them out. Do you think that’s utopia? No… it’s something that we may have to do”.

He expressed satisfaction that his proposal to discuss the personal attire of Russian women and girls aroused interest, but he was astonished that the authors of the petition concluded that he thought that indecent attire justified rape and indecent solicitation. “That wasn’t my idea at all. There’s no justification for such actions. Incidentally, the problem still haunts us. Not so much for me… but there are guys who confuse the scene on the street with a strip club… (chuckle) well, when winter’s over, that’ll happen again”, Fr Vsevolod said. In his view, “A woman, who dresses and paints herself up like a clown, a woman who looks for encounters on the street, the metro, or in gin mills, runs not only the risk of running into a drunken idiot, she’ll also certainly find herself in the company of men who won’t even have the least trace of good sense and self-esteem. She might find herself a sober simpleton… but is such a man what she’s really looking for?” Fr Vsevolod went on to say, “At all times, amongst all peoples, women became respected  and cherished life companions, if they showed modesty, if the men knew they were a bit more serious than someone they’d meet on the streets or in a gin mill. Wayward appearance and behaviour is a straight road to disaster. It leads to empty ‘one night stands’. It leads to short-lived marriages, immediately followed by casual divorces. It leads to children with shattered lives. It leads to loneliness and mental illness… it all ends in catastrophe”, he warned.

18 January 2011



Editor’s Note:

The Western press is having a field day with mistranslations of Fr Vsevolod. Here’s a clear translation. It’s nothing that we haven’t heard over the years in many forms and in many variations. Lighten up… it’s nothing but a standard talk on morality. Here’s a URL to one of the Western pieces bashing Fr Vsevolod… it’s chock fulla beans… but it’s what they’re writing:


Absolute flapdoodle… I don’t know who are worse… multi-culti creepozoids, or, unibrow gun nutters. Mike Royko, where art thou?



18 January 2011. More Detail on Paffhausen’s Junket… and Some Questions I’d Ask His Holiness

Epiphany Cathedral in Yelekhovo in the Basmanny Raion of the City of the Moscow (eastern outskirts of the centre city). It’s outside the Ring Line… the closest metro station is Baumanskaya, the last station before the Moskva River. JP is scheduled to celebrate here tomorrow… thank God, it’s not Christ the Saviour, at least.


By now, those of you interested have checked out the links that I made available earlier. This is the extent of coverage on major websites… anything on minor websites doesn’t count… that is to say, this is the extent of the coverage on the main official websites of the OCA and the MP.

Let me give you some more detail on this interesting little junket. Firstly, Fathausen has met with neither President Medvedev nor Prime Minister Putin. The customary protocol is for a visiting First Hierarch to pay a call at the President’s chambers at the State Kremlin Palace… Bart Archontonis did so when he visited last year. JP hasn’t done so, and President Medvedev and his wife left for an official visit to Jordan on the 17th, where there’ll visit some of the Christian holy sites and do an Epiphany dip tomorrow. Is that so that Dmitri Anatolyevich wouldn’t have to jump into Bottomless Lake in sub-zero temps with Vladimir Volfovich (V V Zhirinovsky is known for his penchant of wearing ridiculous trunks when he does his Epiphany dip)? Perspirin’ minds wanna know! Prime Minister Putin’s in town, but he’s refused to meet with JP, up to this point. That’s unimportant, as he didn’t meet with Bart either… he’s the head of government, not the head of state (that’s the way things are handled in normal parliamentary democracies… the PM runs the country whilst the President/King/Governor General kisses the babies). JP struck out with Mayor Sobyanin too. Sergei Semyonovich is lying doggo, nowhere to be found near JP & Co. He recently met with the Georgian opposition leader Nino Burdzhanadze and gave her a cordial welcome. JP is a lickspittle for the US State Department and brown-noses the Saakashvili junta, so, maybe Sergei Semyonovich doesn’t want to meet with him.

Hell, nobody of any importance in the Church or state has openly met with JP. Amongst secular bigwigs, Sergei Lavrov, the Old Master, is conspicuous by his absence. He’s met no major siloviki minister of state such as Ruslan Nurgaliev… he’s not even met Gennady Andreyevich Zyuganov, the leader of the KPRF and the head of the “loyal opposition” in the RF Gosduma. Hey, Gennady Andreyevich is an Orthodox believer… or doesn’t JP recognise him (JP DOES recognise the First Profit of the Mormons, dontcha know). The list could go on… he hasn’t met Lyubov Sliska or Nikolai Burlyaev either. Another facet of a normal First Hierarch visitation that’s missing is that JP hasn’t met with the US Ambassador to Russia, John Beyrle. When Bart was at the Centre, he split the ticket, which is normal for an Ecumenical Patriarch; he visited both the Greek and Turkish Ambassadors.

He struck out on the church score too. He didn’t speak at the MDA or PSTGU (did they remember his boasts about Guatemala at the latter?). Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov, KMG’s Vicar for the Moscow Diocese and general unsinkable satrap is MIA. JP hasn’t met with such connected people as Fr Dmitri Smirnov or Archbishop Mark Golovkov… let alone His Nibs’ Éminence Grise, Fr Vsevolod Chaplin (if you don’t know that he’s KMG’s closest confidant, you know nothing). JP’s met with the Wonder and the Wonder’s underlings mostly… and the Wonder is one of the most hated clergymen in Russia (he’s an ambitious little weasel with ghostwritten books and music to show for it). Don’t forget… if you read the MP Official Report on the Sourozh mess, it’s clear that the Wonder screwed up badly and Fr Mikhail Dudko had to retrieve the situation.

JP has been in Moscow for five days and five nights. He’s got precious little to show for it. Again… First Hierarchs don’t make “unofficial visits”… it’s simply not done. The last time he lied and said that he was in Moscow to go “vestment shopping” (I kid you not). I wonder what excuse he’ll put out of the hat this time. I think that it’s time for His Holiness to put the screws to JP.

I would say to His Holiness… “Ask JP about his pretty-boy deacon who’s known as ‘Veronica Lake’. Ask JP about his coddling of Raymond Velencia… why, JP refuses to censure him for his contumacious attack on Kristi Koumentakos. Ask JP about Gregory Jensen… the creep lacks both an MDiv and a graduate degree in psychology, and JP allows him to play God with clergy candidates. Ask JP about his protection of Joseph Fester and Bobby Kondratick… he stuck in his thumb, and pulled out some plums… you get the message, sir. Ask JP about how he and Benjamin Peterson concelebrated with a suspended cleric, Isidore Brittain. Ask JP about New Skete and their Orthodox Feast of St Francis of Assisi. Most of all, ask JP about Eric Iliff, and ask JP why he continues to cover up the sexual assault that occurred at SVS (ask him why he and Herman protected Timothy Blumentritt). John and Monica Iliff left the Church because of clerical shenanigans tolerated by both Herman and JP. If you concelebrate with this sorry excuse for an Orthodox hierarch, sir, you dishonour the memory of Eric Iliff… you stomp on Kristi Koumentakos and her family, and you aim your boot squarely at the heads of many innocent ordinary folks victimised by clerical wolves”.

Shall he listen? Only time will reveal to us the full story. I fully expect there to be full coverage of the Epiphany services tomorrow. Shall His Holiness disgrace himself by concelebrating with such a hierarch? Sadly, I believe that the answer is “yes”. JP is an expert at telling people what they wish to hear. Shall he succeed yet again?

We shall have to wait for the morning to find out… do expect to be disappointed. If JP gets one high-res image… it’ll rally his supporters and lengthen our Golgotha. Dear Lord, how much longer?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Albany NY

18 January 2011. No News of Fathausen on patriarchia.ru or Any Other Recognised Russian Website… “Transparency” in Action!

I looked at patriarchia.ru moments ago, and there was NO news whatsoever of JP and his entourage. There’s an eight-hour difference between EST and MSK, so, 13.30 EST was 21.30 MSK. Reflect on this… there was no news on any major Russian website on Paffhausen’s whereabouts and doings… there’s also been no postings on the homepage of oca.org on his trip since the original posting on 15 January. There is a word for this… SECRECY. JP has contempt for all of you.

“Unofficial” trip… I think not! You just can’t flit off to Russia… visas have to be arranged, for one thing. Yes… on-the-spot visas are available, but they’re expensive and require MID approval before arrival. He has been there since 14 January, arriving at an unspecified hour, the patriarchia.ru posting was at 12.25 MSK, so, one assumes it was in the morning. A Delta flight from JFK to Sheremetyevo departs at 16.20 EST from NYC and arrives in Moscow at 10.10 MSK the next day (probable flight based on posting time). Garklavs knew of his departure on Thursday afternoon… so, why wasn’t it posted then? Why did he wait until Saturday, and JP had been in Moscow for a full day, and had departed NYC two days earlier? This isn’t cloak n’ dagger. Here’s another interesting wrinkle… Melchisedek Pleska suddenly pops up in a patriarchia.ru posting of 18.30 MSK 17 January {actually 16 January, misstrike on my part-editor}. Was he present with JP from the beginning? Did he arrive later? He isn’t mentioned in the original oca.org post of 15 January. Again, note the unnecessary secrecy over innocuous detail.

Fathausen has been in Moscow for five days now (he arrived Friday morning MSK, and its Tuesday evening MSK now)… and there has been no news posted of his junket on the homepage of oca.org save the original announcement. If Herman Swaiko had done this, Mark Stokoe would’ve had a hissy fit that you could’ve heard all the way in Timbuktu. He’s keeping you utterly in the dark. He’s telling you nothing. The only scant news available is the niggardly amount posted on patriarchia.ru. There’s been no news on this from the Russian secular media at all… and, trust me, the secular media covers the Orthodox beat. For those of you who wish it, here are the URLs for everything to date posted on the MP official website, meagre as it is:






The only OCA publicity on this remains the original 15 January post on oca.org:


There are only four low-res images associated with the patriarchia.ru posts. It’s interesting, the image for the latest post was changed. The original lacked the Wonder… the new one has the Wonder in it.

Here’s the image posted yesterday:

Here’s the image posted today:

One wonders why the legerdemain with the images, no?


Here are the other two images posted of the trip in their original resolution:



Things are getting curiouser and curiouser, aren’t they? Stay tuned… same bat time, same bat channel… it’s a kaleidoscopic farce of the first water. God do help us all.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Albany NY

This is Despicable… Where is His Most Catholic Majesty King Juan Carlos When We Need Him?

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¡¿Por qué no te callas?!

Why don’t you just shut up!?

His Most Catholic Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain

Read this:


Let’s keep this VERY short. Sarah Palin put Gabrielle Giffords in the crosshairs. She’s unrepentant. In fact, she’s acting like an indulged adolescent, and she’s throwing a tantrum and hissy fit. Ms Palin owes the people of Arizona an apology… “I’m sorry for having contributed to the overheated atmosphere that led to Congresswoman Gifford’s shooting”. That’s all… if she had said that, and no more, that would be of presidential calibre. Instead, she’s acting like her spoilt daughter on that lowbrow TV show.

I know that it does take all kinds… but this disgusts me to no end. What’s even more disgusting is that there are people claiming to be “Orthodox” who have links to this hatemonger’s websites. No… I’m not going to say anything. I’m going to have to (figuratively) walk away from such… such… there are NO polite terms for these poseurs.

I translated His Holiness’ words earlier today. Compare what he says with what this power-hungry self-centred and arrogant jackanapes says. I rest my case…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Albany NY

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