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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Back Off, Mr Whiteford…

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I have had some trouble lately emanating from John Whiteford. It started when I received an unsolicited e-mail from him. I didn’t give my address to him… nor had I left any comments on his site to leave any cybernetic “trail”. No doubt, one of the moderators on the Orthodox Forum gave it to him… some years ago, I was a member, but dropped it, as so many do. By the way, I believe that Bill Samsonoff and Michael Regan are innocent. I would warn anyone of ever logging on to this site with your main e-mail account. I can’t just dump the address that Harry Coin got his hands on… it’s the one that I use for employment purposes.

To make a long story short… he’s very tiresome. Mr Whiteford tried browbeating me to agree to his rightwing fantasies, so I spammed him. Well, that’s the end of it, I thought. I won’t bother him, and he can’t bother me. He continued to send harassing e-mails. Each time, I didn’t reply, I simply spammed him. Mr Whiteford believes that he has the right to publicise my personal life on the web. Most certainly, I gave him no permission to do so, nor has Mr Whiteford had access to my personal records (under the PHI provisions of HIPAA Title II, that requires my direct authorisation, which I haven’t given him).

Therefore, I checked out my legal rights… Mr Whiteford, if you send me another e-mail, it’s grounds for legal action. I shall exercise such without hesitation, sir… I wish you to leave me alone, and I shall leave you alone. I did not initiate contact, sir, and I am publicly and officially informing you that I wish no further contact of any kind from you. Again, I warn you, I shall exercise my legal rights in this matter.

The fact that Mr Whiteford is a priest daunts me not in the least. There are standards, and he has transgressed them. Even though Mr Whiteford uses ad hominem tactics, I shall not. Leave me alone, sir, or face the consequences. Truly… we shouldn’t be silent in the face of clerical malfeasance. The only way to end such is to SPEAK OUT. God shall NOT punish you if you oppose a crank priest.

If this doesn’t convince you that our Church has deteriorated since the days of Antony Bartoshevich, Leonty Turkevich, Anastassy Gribanovsky, and Kyprian Borisevich, nothing will, I fear. Shenanigans such as this point up the need for the union of Russian Orthodox people in the USA and Canada. The present structures have regressed… the OCA and ROCOR are relics… priests are out of control… Raymond Velencia proves that… John Whiteford proves that. We’ve got a job to do…

Deus videte et iudicare.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 27 January 2011

Albany NY


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