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Monday, 31 January 2011

31 January 2011. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… Here’s How REAL Orthodox Behave…

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In this snap, Romanian Orthodox faithful line up to venerate the relics of St Dimitrie the New of Bucharest. Despite what you might hear from the gibbering “scholarly” Renovationists at SVS or St Sergius, REAL Orthodox Christians still venerate the relics of the saints. Aleksandr Schmemann hated the veneration of relics as much as he hated the Holy Mountain, and his academic successors have carried on his doleful tradition… so much so that the SVS crowd laughed at the Holy Mount in company with “Archimandrite” Robert Taft, a Jesuit Uniate imposter… I’m told that Vassa Larina was present, and didn’t protest this charade (the laughter was caught on a podcast from “Ancient Faith Radio”).

Don’t argue with the SVS sorts, the New Skete crowd, HOOMie cultists, or konvertsy in general. Yes… I know, they’re exasperating… I know, they’re mud ignorant… but don’t argue with them, and don’t get involved with crank websites such as the Orthodox Forum or Stokoe’s… all it will do is brown you off royally for no good reason. Every time you hear one of these fools spout off… remember this picture. Remember that there’s a REAL Church out there that these posturing children have no idea of. Most of all, remember the saints… they gave their blood for Christ… that’s why we kiss their relics… that’s the REAL DEAL.

You can have the blood of the Holy Saints or you can have the empty verbiage of the pseudo-intellectuals and konvertsy… I choose the former… and I believe that I’m NOT alone.


Editor’s Postscript:

Here is what a Romanian friend wrote to me:

The photo gives only a pale reflection of the reality. At the feast of Sfântul Cuvios Dimitrie cel Nou (Basarabov), people queue for hours on the Dealul Mitropoliei (the Metropolia Hill, where the Patriarchal Cathedral stands). Practically all the population of Bucharest goes there on the occasion. For the feast of St Paraskeva in Iaşi, a million people came every year from all corners of the country to venerate her relics.

That requires no commentary, does it?



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