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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

1 February 2011. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… “Will No One Rid Me of this Pestilent Priest?”


Every month, and at the end of the year, there’s a photo roundup of the major doings of His Nibs on patriarchia.ru. As everyone knows, Fathausen (or, should I emulate Stokoe and the HOOMie crowd and write it +FATHAUSEN?) gallivanted off on an “unofficial” junket to Moscow in January. He served with Nibs on Orthodox Epiphany at the Yelokhovsky Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow. This is the only photo in the current spread showing any of the American hierarchs. Note that El Gordo is MIA. He’s not to be seen… NADA… NICHEVO… NO WAY, JOSÉ.

As of 18.00 EST 1 February, Fathausen was in NONE of the photos… all of the snaps featuring His Nibs at the service didn’t have JP in ’em. This is the OFFICIAL website of the Patriarchate… yes, the Wonder does sneak things on, that’s true… however, this feature is put this is put together by Vlad Legoida’s crew (Vladimir Romanovich, no doubt, vets and approves what his people post). That is to say, it’s a “Lenin’s Tomb” moment. Doesn’t this remind you of the retouched photos of the Politburo put out by the OGPU/NKVD in the Purges of the ’30s? That is to say, Fathausen is an “unperson”… only, in this case, he wasn’t retouched out of the picture… a picture was chosen where he was hidden (that was difficult, given El Gordo’s BULK… kudos to the photographer… he has Mel Pleska hiding the creepo supremo completely).

The meaning of this is clear… His Nibs wants Fathausen gone… and quickly. He’s telling the OCA Holy Synod… “Get rid of this creepozoid… the sooner, the better. My man is Mel Pleska”. Indeed, from the above pic, it does look as though Mel Pleska was the visiting Metropolitan of all America and Canada. Shall the OCA Holy Synod take the hint?

Note well that Stokoe is so ignorant and clueless that he doesn’t give you items like this one. Stokoe is a phoney… he cleaned up after Feodosy’s Lone Ranger episodes in the Village and the Castro, don’t forget that. Despite all his noise, Stokoe is an opportunistic poseur who approved of the payoff to Bobby K, approves of New Skete’s heresies, and covers up JP’s too close ties with Gleb Podmoshensky (do recall that JP went to Russia under GP’s aegis AFTER the latter’s defrocking, not before)… don’t forget how Stokoe used the Koumentakos and Patico families in his bid for power.

If you wish to see the gallery for yourself, the URL is:


It’s NEVER boring in Orthodoxy in America… do pass me the jug, I need a DOUBLE… as do you. Bozhe moi!



Two Years at the Head of the Church

The Church marked the second anniversary of the formal installation of His Holiness Kirill Gundyaev as Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias…

Even before the election of Kirill Gundyaev as First Hierarch of the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias, many associated his accession with changes in the life of the Church. That’s why many paid very close attention to the activities of Patriarch Kirill over the past two years. Aleksei Yudin, a professor and religious scholar at the Russian State Humanities University (RGGU), told us, “This is a difficult, but very exciting, time. The course taken today in the Russian Church organically combines both our conservative doctrine and the new trends needed to face contemporary problems. Church unity has always been an important factor, and it remains such to this day. We must handle situations in such a way that we maintain consensus, so that people of radically differing temperaments could   coexist peacefully in the Church… those who are open to change… and those who don’t want any change whatsoever. In this sense, Patriarch Kirill managed to harmonise the Tradition of the Church with the new developments of today. Of course, a lot has changed. Today, the church is more visible in the public square, especially as far as media exposure is concerned. For instance, Patriarch Kirill was the first patriarch to speak to a crowd of young people gathered in a sport stadium. This wasn’t done before his time. The Church must go to the people, not only within the walls of the church building, but also outside it. Therefore, he started an interesting, and sometimes problematical, discussion on the values that the Church offers to society, its attitude to the realities of everyday life. All these discussions highlighted different, and sometimes controversial, points of view, but more importantly, modern society saw and heard the message of the Church”.

Now, according to polls, more than half of all Russians are inclined to listen to the Church. Moreover, many of the initiatives proposed by Patriarch Kirill, not only took root in society, but also received wide support. For example, take the introduction into the schools of the course Fundamentals of Religious Culture and Secular Ethics. A year ago, this proposal touched off a flurry of disputes… many doubted the necessity of introducing such a course. Now, more and more parents would like to see this subject taught in the schools. Another one of his programmes caught fire and became very popular with the people, “A Church Within Walking Distance”.

Igumen Pyotr Yeremeyev, the Rector of St John the Theologian Orthodox University (PUIB), summed up the last two years of the Patriarch Kirill’s leadership, saying, “The Patriarch, by definition, is the spiritual guide for his flock, and his service is of paramount importance for the country. During the last two years, Patriarch Kirill penetrated to the essence of the most important processes of life in our Russian society. He combined this with a focus on civil liberties, inter-ethnic concord, and social justice, trying to bring about unity on the former Soviet space around the common ideal of a Russian cultural world”.

A commemorative service in honour of the second anniversary of the installation of Patriarch Kirill was held at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. His Holiness himself led it. Congratulatory messages for him have come from all over the world.

31 January 2011

Milena Faustova

Voice of Russia World Service


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