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Saturday, 5 February 2011

RIA-Novosti on the Porous US-Mexican Border

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Each year, thousands of illegal Mexican migrants flow across the US border. The protective barrier erected on the border between the two countries doesn’t protect the United States from them; they continue to overcome new obstacles in search of a better life. The US-Mexican border spans more than 3,000 kilometres (1,864 miles) of mountains, deserts, and tunnels. Over recent years, protective barriers reinforced some stretches of the border. The authorities built a wall in order to reduce the flow of drug trafficking and illegal migrants into the USA. However, it’s no hindrance for the Mexicans. In search of a better life, they use ladders to negotiate these new obstacles. The border guards admit that they don’t have enough resources to combat illegal migration; the barrier is easy to climb, and officers are unable to cope with large groups of migrants. When patrols call for reinforcements, migrants frequently escape. The sea border between Tijuana and California is even easier to cross; border guards report that it’s common for migrants to swim around the fence to the other side or paddle surfboards loaded with drugs to US territory.

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5 February 2011



Editor’s Note:

It’s HARDER to cross the US-Canadian border than it is to cross the one with Mexico. The reason is simple… Republican businessmen want poor Mexicans to flood into the USA to depress the labour market, to drive down the pay packets of all working Americans (and increase the profits of already rich fatcats). Interestingly enough, this is boomeranging on the GOP. Greedy business owners, in general, maltreat undocumented labourers, pay them niggardly wages, ignore existing labour laws, and expose them to dangerous working conditions. When the migrant becomes a citizen (which happens more often than not), he remembers this nasty and foul treatment. Ergo, the new citizen refuses to vote for Republicans, as they supported his maltreatment. Most of the growth in the US population has been in an increase in the Mexican minority. That’s why the present Tea Party is so desperate. They fear the day when all the Mexicans in the US vote… the GOP will be a permanent “minority party”… if it doesn’t go the way of the Whigs!

I’m putting together two posts, one is how GOP-run states suck the hardest on the federal tit, the two states with the highest return from DC both have GOP governors, New Mexico (2.03 for every dollar sent to Washington) and Mississippi (2.02 for every dollar). It gives a new spin to GOP screams about “shrinking government” and “rugged individualism”, no? I shall entitle the second, Arizona: The BasKKKet case of the USA. Joe Arpaio is from Arizona, need I say any more?

Today, it’s important for all Americans to stand up and oppose the objectively evil nihilistic agenda of the Republican Party with everything that they have. It’s why I’ve written on it extensively. It’s nothing but an ideology of crass and unbridled consumerism… this crank notion is CONDEMNED by all major Christian leaders, including His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and Benedict the Pope of Rome (don’t trot out such Sectarian scummers as Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, and the First Profit of the Mormons as “Christian leaders”… they’re not).

You CANNOT serve both God and Mammon (the “Free” Market)…



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