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Sunday, 6 February 2011

6 February 2011. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… Who’s What, Where…

Here’s Frs Vsevolod Chaplin and Nikolai Balashov at the Archpastoral Council. Balashov is an official at the DECR… why wasn’t the Blunder in any of the snaps from this sobor… at least, not recognisably? Could it be that he’s less of a figure than what the papists and Renovationists claim that he is? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


Here’s a snap from His Nibs’ second anniversary reception on 1 February… do note that the Blunder isn’t at his immediate side (Yuvenaly Poyarkov is, and he’s flanked by Varsonofy Sudakov). There are four white hats on the dais (Poyarkov, Sudakov, Alfeyev, and Sabodan). Three of ’em look like a championship tag team that’s just won a Royal Rumble. The Blunder looks out of sorts… like he’s just been taken out to the woodshed by KMG. This was his last public outing publicised on patriarchia.ru with a high res image. Boy, oh boy, does the Wonder look hangdog or what?


Editor’s Postscript:

A waggish MP priest-friend wrote me:

The Blunder looks as though he’s texting someone under the table!

After I peeled myself off the wall for laughing so hard, you know, he may well be right! Certainly, he’s not his usual conniving self… could we but hope?



Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev Makes a Trip to the USA

Here’s the image for the post in its original resolution…


At 00.00 5 February 2011, Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, the Chairman of the MP DECR, with the blessing of Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias, arrived in New York City at the invitation of Metropolitan Jonas Paffhausen of All America and Canada. At the airport, he was met by Archbishop Yustinian Ovchinnikov of Naro-Fominsk, the Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA, Archpriest Igor Vyzhanov, the Representative of the World Russian People’s Council (VRNS) at the UN, Archpriest Andrei Sommer, the Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department for Youth of the ROCR, Fr John Behr, Rector of St Vladimir Theological Seminary,  Archpriest Chad Hatfield,  Vice-rector  of SVS (both from the OCA), and A K Yushmanov Consul General of the Russian Federation in New York. The itinerary of Metropolitan Hilarion includes visits to New York, Washington DC, and Dallas. During his trip, Metropolitan Hilarion will deliver the annual Schmemann lecture at St Vladimir Seminary (OCA), serve at St Nicholas Cathedral in New York, meet with religious and political leaders, representing American political and intellectual circles, will deliver a keynote address at Catholic University of America (Washington DC) and Dallas Theological Seminary. Fr Igor Yakimchuk, assistant chairman of the DECR Hierodeacon Ivan Kopeikin, and lay people were also part of the delegation. The trip will last until 13 February 2011.

5 February 2011


Official MP Website


Editor’s Note:

Firstly, the above post didn’t come from the official patriarchal information service under Vlad Legoida; it came out of the Wonder’s propaganda mill. Here’s the only information available from Slacker Matusiak; it dates from 18 January:


If the lecture was at 15.30 on 5 February, and the Wonder arrived at 00.00, after a 10-hour flight… YOWZA! Did you get a load of the image? You couldn’t get more low res if you tried. Did you also see how Slowpoke Rodríguez John Matusiak didn’t give you the full context of the trip? What else do you expect from a lying apparatchik who didn’t tell you about the 50G prize that Behr won last year in conjunction with his medal from His Nibs… that was SLIGHTLY important. One wonders where the money went… where was Mark Stokoe when that happened? He was cleaning up after El Gordo… the same as he cleaned up after Feodosy Lazor, that’s why (just as he approved of the payoff to Bobby through his silence). One wonders about the Three Caballeros (Paffhausen, Brum, and Eliel… all BTU classmates)… why is Stokoe so LENIENT towards them?

Well… one wonders if oca.org will have a snap of JP and the Blunder kissing the collective bums of the CUA crowd? Will El Gordo go down to Texas with the Blunder to schmooze with his Sectarian teabag buddies (he can introduce the Wonder to all of his rightwing Episkie pals (don’t forget… the MP has broken off dialogue with them))? As I say, friends in Moscow tell me that most of his stuff (both written and musical) is ghostwritten. Reflect on how badly he failed in the UK during the Osborne Affair. He managed to royally brown off both sides in the dispute and he proved an utter disaster (the Centre had to pull him out to prevent him from doing even more damage). He’s been MIA since 1 February; the last published recognisable image of him was at the reception for His Nibs’ second anniversary. He wasn’t in any of the images from the Archpastoral Council at all, indeed, the three most visible figures (after His Nibs) were Metropolitans Varsonofy Sudakov, Vladimir Sabodan, and Yuvenaly Poyarkov (all of whom are ignored by the loudmouth konvertsy).

Expect the usual non-coverage from Matusiak… and the usual postings on patriarchia.ru with miserable images. JP is definitely in KMG’s doghouse… is the Blunder in there with him? Remember, the Blunder isn’t part of Kirill’s inner sanctum… he’s only the leader of the rather small Renovationist faction at the Centre (thankfully, it’s outflanked by people like Vsevolod Chaplin and Dmitri Smirnov). Yet… he seems to serve a purpose… for the time being. Don’t forget, His Nibs took most of the DECR away from him… the SVS people didn’t tell you that, did they?

Caveat lector, as always…


7 February 2011. Just How Cold IS It?

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Irving TX USA


Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL USA


Zao Onsen, Japan (Honshu)


Cohassett MA USA


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Kremlin in Moscow RF


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