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Monday, 7 February 2011

A Concerned Reader Send Me the Following on Nikolai, Fathausen, and Storheim…

Editor’s Foreword:

The following was sent to me by a source that wishes to be anonymous. I’ve copied the originals and you can see that JP and Nikolai Soraich are VERY close indeed. After all, didn’t Benjamin Peterson and El Gordo concelebrate with Nikolai’s reputed homosexual lover, Isidore Brittain, even though Mr Brittain was supposedly suspended from serving as clergy?





Editor’s Afterword:

Firstly, I would say to the good native people of Alaska, “How can you trust a ‘Metropolitan’ who keeps in secret contact with a disgraced bishop and who openly concelebrates with that disgraced bishop’s reputed homosexual lover?”

I would say to the Winnipeg magistrate, “There’s a source of good repute that you should listen to… you know who I’m talking about. They know FAR more than the little I do… trust me, you’re in contact with them now. Everything that they say is righteous… they bear the scars of nasty and unsparing attacks from the Syosset, SVS, Orthodox Forum, and konvertsy fanatics. Note well that Mark Stokoe not only covers this up… the good word has it that he did so for Feodosy Lazor, as well”.

I would say to Mark Stokoe, “You posturing and hypocritical POS… you covered up for Feodosy Lazor… you covered up for Pierre l’Huillier… you covered up for JP when he concelebrated with Nikolai’s reputed homosexual lover. You covered up JP’s intimate relationship with the deposed sodomite Podmoshensky. It makes me believe the rumours that circulate about you. I’m not perfect… not by a long shot. I’ve never held myself out as an exemplar. You’re a drooling autocepahlist fanatic… unfit for the company of decent folk. Oh… one last thing… you covered up for Benjamin Peterson after BP soiled himself in a black n’ white after the cops nicked him for DUI. Great standards your OCA has for bishops…”

If this doesn’t prove to you that it’s time to get out the humane killer and that it’s time to put down the unthrifty beast known as the OCA… nothing will.

God have mercy on us all.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 7 February 2011

Albany NY


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