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Saturday, 12 February 2011

12 February 2011. Let’s Go to the Movies! Выкрутасы (Misfits)

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In this romantic comedy with a sport subplot, Slava Kolotilov, a Russian language teacher from a small town, and Nadia, a chic and successful Muscovite, bumped into one another by chance in the capital, and, after a week of joint adventures, fell in love so much that they decided to get married as soon as possible. Later on, Slava rushed to catch the train that was supposed to take him to his wedding in Moscow, but right at the station, a high official took away his passport and forcibly appointed him the coach of the youth football team and told him that he couldn’t leave town.

Without his documents, the groom couldn’t leave, and he has only one chance to escape… to do everything to ensure that the newly formed team lost its games and dropped out of the struggle for a place in the final. Whilst Slava was doing this, Nadia’s ex-boyfriend, the successful and cocky Muscovite Dania, was doing everything he could to completely upset the planned wedding. Will Slava win through to victory, will Nadia wait for him, or will her ex-fiancé take his seat at the wedding reception?

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