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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin Urged Youth to Become a Generation of Heroes, To Fight the Evils of Modern Society

Russian soldiers at a wreath-laying ceremony at the Kremlin wall honouring the 68th anniversary of the victory at Stalingrad… calling to mind the virtues of loyalty, sacrifice, service, and patriotism… virtues well-embodied in the victorious soldiers of the Red Army of the Great Patriotic War. These virtues can be embodied in Russia again only after the total rejection of so-called American “freedoms”… that’s why these virtues are lacking in contemporary American society. Think hard on it… how can “greed is good” be good?


Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the MP Synodal Department for Church and Society, appealed to contemporary youth to face existing social problems with heroic resistance. “When kiosks sell alcohol until late in the evening, when heavy drug use is considered normal, when we tolerate abortion, whilst illegal gambling clubs operate at all hours, as long as kickbacks and extortion strangle our economy, our society will remain a charade, intent upon its own suicide”, Fr Vsevolod said Thursday at a parliamentary hearing on the formation of family values amongst young people. Fr Vsevolod urged young people to fight evil influences in society. “If young people can put an end to at least one of these phenomena in a given place, the generation coming of age in the 2010s has a chance to go down in history as a generation of heroes, they could put the country back onto its feet after its tragic downfall in the nineties, back onto a solid moral foundation”, he said.

Fr Vsevolod stressed the importance of values in society’s life and for individual people. In his view, “A lack of character or moral values in a society means that it will lack success in all spheres, economic, political, and intellectual, but to avoid both personal and national failures, young people need to become masters of their own destiny and that of their motherland, by affirming the moral law in their lives”. In doing so, he believed, they should not only fight negativity, they must affirm the values of love, loyalty, sacrifice, and service. “Without them, and without building a proper family, people will never be happy. We need to speak this truth through our culture, media, and advertising… not through abstract moralising, but by showing actual examples of happy and unhappy people. I’d encourage young people to formulate a moral agenda, to present it to the older generation, the authorities, and the business tycoons”. This was in the context of legislative hearings focused on the theme, “Legal Aspects of Building Family Values amongst Young People”. The participants included, amongst others, clergy and representatives of Orthodox public associations.

10 February 2011



Editor’s Note:

Fr Vsevolod rightly decries the American-inspired breakdown in morals in post-Soviet society in the ‘90s. In short, he’s condemning the “Free Market”, “democracy”, and “freedom”… all of which zealous American “missionaries”… both Sectarian and economic… rammed down a weakened Russia’s throat during the years of Yeltsin’s misrule. Now, Russia rejects everything that the Republican Party stands for… it rejects privatisation… it rejects the “Free Market”… it rejects globalisation… resulting in a Russian economy that’s stronger than its American equivalent (it affirms the Social Market… it REFUSES to shred the safety net… it STRENGTHENS it, instead).

It’s time to bury “the invisible hand of the market” and “greed is good”… they brought nothing but suffering to Russia (besides being objectively evil in the spiritual sense). Come to think of it… they haven’t done much good for us either. Shall we follow the Russians’ lead? God willing, we shall…



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