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Sunday, 13 February 2011

13 February 2011. Only in Russia… Calling Dr Obama!

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This is not Barack Obama playing a doctor; this is Zaur Akhmedov, a paediatrician from Samara. However, people often call him Dr Obama. No wonder, he looks like a ringer for the American president. Some people, who see him casually walking without bodyguards are taken aback, but his little patients are used to him and are always ready to show their tongues. He’s always in good mood, smiling and talkative. Children like him, as do their parents, they often say, “We’re going to see our dear Obama”, “Now, Mr President will examine you”, and when he is asked for his autograph, he writes, “Akhmedov (Obama)”.

In his native city, Zaur is a local attraction. When he smiles, he really resembles Barack Obama. Nevertheless, the doctor himself doesn’t see such a striking likeness. When he looks in a mirror, he tells himself he looks different, but when he sees the real Obama on TV, it seems to him that he’s near the White House talking before the cameras. In his blood, Obama has genes of Scot, English, Indian, and Kenyan ancestors … Zaur’s family is rather more simple… his mom is Russian, his dad is Azerbaijani. However, they both have something in common… they’re both left-handed and Barack Obama’s father is rumoured to have been a healer in some tribe. Zaur’s dream is to meet his American twin, but he’s a busy man and doesn’t think that this dream will ever come true. He still hasn’t found his “Michelle”, his work takes up too much time… he often sees over 30 patients a day.

12 February 2011

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