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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev met with So-called “Religious Leaders” in the USA

Here’s the image posted in all of its original low-res glory… note well that the Centre hasn’t given the Blunder’s junket a high-res photoalbum…


Editor’s Foreword:

In meeting with these neoliberal “conservatives”, the Blunder pissed on Russia, the Church itself (all of these rightwing creepozoids support proselytisation by Proddie punks in Russia and support American aggression against Russia and its allies), and on the TRUE social teachings of the Church. The Church has nothing in common with the godless filth spewed by the Republican Party, its relentlessly nihilistic consumerist/oligarchic platform, or its Sectarian nutter supporters. His Holiness considers the Free Market a fraud, supports the lifting of the Cuban embargo (he warmly met Presidents Chávez and Lula, too… oh, the humanity!), and blesses the Russian state in its social initiatives (especially in the strengthening of the Russian single-payer state healthcare system).

This is reprehensible and beneath all contempt. “Your Holiness… take this unrepentant little turncoat to the woodshed after his return. He’s shamed the Church by his open and contumacious stroking of the Church’s enemies, both political and religious. I bow low before all comers and ask your forgiveness for the misimpression left by the Blunder’s lies and actions. They were his own… they weren’t in harmony with the Church. We aren’t “going Catholic” (certainly, we’ve not changed our view of Galician Uniate thugs), and we don’t support the Republican Party (nor do we subscribe to its “Christian Atheist” (God bless the Russian bishop who came up with that one) neoliberal credo). I’m sorry that the Blunder gave the opposite impression.

Hold your nose and read this swill from the Blunder’s dezinformatsiya mill (it didn’t come from the main patriarchal news service)… you need to be informed.



On 10 February 2010, in Washington DC, Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, the head of the MP Department for External Church Relations, met with leaders (sic) of several American Evangelical (sic) Protestant and organisations. The meeting was attended by Galen Carey, Director of Government Relations of the National Association of Evangelicals, Richard Sizikov, Director of Social Programmes and Development of the Trinity Forum and Executive Director of the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, Michael Cromartie, Vice-President of the Center for Ethics and Public Policy, Janet Kraus, Director of the Concerned Women of America, Douglas Holladay, CEO Bakestone Enterprises, Larry Jacobs, Vice President of the World Congress of Families, Richard Land, President of the Commission on the Ethics and Religious Liberty of the Southern Baptist Convention, , Luis Lugo, of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life; Paul Marshall, Hudson Institute Senior Fellow, Bradley Daniel Schmidt, Vice President of Program Fund, Timothy Shah, of the Centre for Religion, Peace, and International Relations, Berkeley, CA and President of Evangelicals for Social Action, Professor Ronald Sider, of Eastern University and Palmer Seminary, James Skillen, Honorary Executive Director of the Center for Public Justice, Mark Tooley, President of the Institute for Religion and Democracy, John Bernbaum, President of the Russian-American Christian Institute, Richard Dean, from the law firm Baker & McKenzie, and others attended the meeting. Archpriest Igor Vyzhanov, MP DECR secretary for Inter-Orthodox Relations and Representative of the World Russian People’s Council (VRNS) at the UN, Fr Igor Yakimchuk, Assistant Chairman of the DECR, and Hierodeacon Ivan Kopeikin, represented the MP, along with Orthodox lay people accompanying Metropolitan Hilarion on his tour of the USA.

Responding to numerous questions from his interlocutors, Rev Alfeyev spoke in detail about the current situation of the Russian Orthodox Church, the development of church life in recent decades in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and in other places that are within the canonical territory of the MP, and the status of church and state relations and interfaith dialogue in these countries. American religious leaders representing Protestant conservative (sic) groups were especially interested in how the Orthodox Church works with young people in schools and the army, and how it interacts with the media in the defence of traditional moral values. The meeting participants noted that both sides have identical or similar views on many important topics, such as the place of religion in public life, the preservation of traditional ideas about the institution of the family, demographic issues, opposition to abortion, and attitudes toward euthanasia {this is a whopper… these Republican slugs have NOTHING in common with us at all… they want to rip up the social safety net… the Church wants to EXTEND it. Any questions?: editor}. The parties agreed that the similarity of their positions on these issues opens up prospects for cooperation in the protection and promotion of these values. In conclusion, Metropolitan Hilarion gave the members of his audience icons of the Saviour.

12 February 2011


Official MP website



Editor’s Afterword:

This isn’t an endorsement from the Centre of the Wonder’s actions and statements. There’s a hint to it at the bottom of the post. You’ll see the following by-line:

Служба коммуникации ОВЦС/Патриархия.ru

DECR Communications Service/Patriarchia.ru

That means that the Blunder’s Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment cooked up the post involved, it didn’t come from Vlad Romanovich’s official patriarchal press service. Also note that they delayed posting this for two days… it’s an old journalistic dodge. If you post something on a weekend (or on a Friday), it tends to be buried. That is, the Blunder himself knew that this was a questionable affair from the start.

In addition, none of the figures at this meeting was of any stature… they were all dweebs… not a major figure amongst ‘em. The Wonder is certainly batting 1.000! He’s striking out at every opportunity. He’s no Mighty Casey, and Mudville should go looking for a new batter! If he were meeting with Franklin Graham… THAT would be newsworthy. These are nothing but lowlife Beltway flotsam, you could collect a similar assemblage at a moment’s notice in the District… it’s full of such overinflated and full-of-themselves Grand Fenwickian sorts. Betcha any money that these are all pals of Dreher, Matthewes-Green, and Mattingly (who were probably present, looking for a photo op, but they were SKUNKED).

We have NOTHING in common with Sectarian poseurs. NOTHING. They aren’t Christians; their near-universal belief in predestination tells one that from the top. Dontcha know, the more prosperous one is, the more one is certain that the person involved is one of the “elect” (isn’t that term redolent of Satan and Anti-Christ?). These people are aggressive and pushy… we should keep them well at arm’s length. Where was El Gordo? This is the sort of pointless blather that he, Jensen, Peterson, and Fester LOVE. Is he too radioactive even for the Blunder? Perspirin’ minds wanna know!



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